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Aloe vera is a 5,000 year old panacea. Its botanical name is Dhritakumari or Ghritkumari or Guarpatha. It is also called Sanjivani plant. It has about 250 subspecies, some of which are full of medicinal properties. One of the few species that is most influential is Barbadensis miller. Our body needs 21 amino acids out of which 18 amino acids are found only in aloe vera.

Please find below many uses and benefits of aloe vera that you may hardly know:

  1. Aloe vera contains 18 metals, 15 amino acids and 12 vitamins, which cure anemia and boost immunity.
  2. Aloe vera juice contains mineral salts like Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Potassium, Chromium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper and Zinc.
  3. Aloe vera juice has the ability to remove natural toxins to help maintain proper digestion
  4. Mix two to four teaspoons of aloe vera juice or pulp in a glass of cold coconut water and drink it to cool the body.
  5. Very beneficial in piles.
  6. It also protects the skin from mosquitoes.
  7. Wounds, scratches, sunburn and itching, also helps in reducing (prevention) itching.
  8. Controls diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels
  9. Very nutritious.
  10. Eliminates wrinkles.
  11. Aloevera juice cures uterine diseases and stomach disorders.
  12. Aloevera enhances the ability of fibroblasts. It works like an ointment in minor burns and internal injuries
  13. Aloe vera also works like a panacea in asthma problem.
  14. A great hair conditioner
  15. Daily use of aloe vera juice keeps the body fit and healthy.
  16. Daily intake of vitamins Aloe vera contains vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C and folic acid and niacin which strengthen the body’s immune system.
  17. Eliminates the problem of baldness.
  18. Eliminates the problem of ulcers
  19. Works as a good medicine in minor vaginal infections
  20. It can be used as an antidote in any reaction on the skin.
  21. Works like a panacea in joint pain.
  22. Drinking aloe vera juice made from pure aloe vera daily keeps the intestines healthy, increases protein absorption and reduces harmful bacteria.
  23. Aloe vera pulp mixed with multani soil or sandalwood powder cures skin pimples.
  24. Boils due to heat, humidity and rain.
  25. Applying its juice on pimples also gives relief and by applying it three or four times, it also gets cured.
  26. To make the skin of the body smooth, take a slice of aloe vera and rub it lightly on the body and then take a shower. The skin will become very smooth
  27. Daily use of aloe vera juice made from pure aloe vera gel makes skin glow
  28. Makes hair thick, black and strong.
  29. Protects against heart diseases.
  30. Controls cholesterol levels.
  31. Drinking aloe vera juice made from pure aloe gel daily gives a feeling of full well-being from within, gives high energy level and keeps the body fit.
  32. Getting up in the morning on an empty stomach and consuming the juice of aloe vera leaves relieves constipation
  33. Mixing aloe vera juice in rose water and applying it on the skin retains moisture in the skin and returns lost moisture.
  34. Mixing aloe vera juice with mehndi and applying it in the hair keeps the hair shiny and healthy.
  35. Aloe vera juice and pulp are also very beneficial for physical energy, digestion and skin reconstruction.
  36. Effective medicine in eczema.
  37. Erases scar marks and stretch marks
  38. Applying aloe vera juice gives relief from burns or injuries anywhere.
  39. 13 13 natural ingredients of aloe vera that prevent irritation and swelling without any side effects.
  40. Healthy and clean teeth Aloe vera is very beneficial for your mouth and gums.


Uses & Benefits of Aloe Vera - Knowledge Showledge Main Hindu Religion Devotional Blog
Uses & Benefits of Aloe Vera – Knowledge Showledge 


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