Most Important Rules of Effective Studying as per Shrimad Bhagavad Gita? | How to Study?

Rules of Effective Studying as per Bhagavad Gita?

Today, through this article, let us tell you the important facts of the study. In this you will find how you can be successful by studying as well as what is the right way to study.

In the formula of study, you will find how by studying you can be successful.

Day by day, in the increasing competition and the competition to move forward, we work hard to get success. But when failure strikes, the mind becomes disheartened. Whereas study never disappoints a person, whether successful or unsuccessful.

In this article, the chapters of Shrimad Bhagawad Gita have been given the types of study based on the three qualities of nature. I am telling some study tips, by adopting which you can definitely score the best marks.

Types of Study

It is said in Shrimad Bhagawad Gita that all human actions are based on the three gunas of nature. Therefore, our study is also based on these qualities. This quality is Rajoguna and Guna

Satoguni Study or Virtuous Education

• It takes a lot of interest to study in Satoguni study. Whatever you read, you can understand.

• It is fun to fall.

• No obstacles arise and even if there are obstacles, it is very good to read.

• There is a lot of happiness even after reading.

• There is no ear and boredom at all.

Rajoguni study or Senescence Education

• All the tasks are remembered while studying in Rajoguni study

• All the previous things are remembered.

• Who said what? Who did what?

• What should I do? All four start to remember. There is a desire to go to the market immediately to buy pen, copy, book etc.

• Suddenly some very important work gets forgotten.

• In this way the mind keeps wandering.

Tamoguni Study

• The biggest symptom in the study of Tamoguni is that as soon as you sit down to study, you start falling asleep. The person is unable to read and falls asleep.

• No matter how active you are before sitting in studies, you will start yawning as soon as you sit down to study. And then read tomorrow, thinking of it immediately falls asleep.

Most Important Rules of Effective Studying as per Shrimad Bhagavad Gita? | How to Study?
Rules of Effective Studying as per Shrimad Bhagavad Gita? | How to Study? | Types of Study

Know How to Study

Check Yourself

• Now check yourself that which category is your study.

• Now also choose which category you want to study.

• Certainly you would like to study Satoguni.

• Study is always in the mode of virtue.

• There can never be study in Rajoguna and Tamoguna.

• Therefore, the first choice should be made of the study of virtue.

• Now follow the following methods to study Satoguna.

Become Satoguni or Virtuous

Also know that all the three gunas of nature are found in every person. Sometimes Satoguna is above. Sometimes Rajoguna is above and sometimes Tamagun is above.

How to Recognize It?

So when you are alone you are in your original nature. So what do you do:-

• A person of Tamoguni spends time in laziness, ecstasy, and sleep.

• Rajoguni merriment, wastes time in negative entertainment.

• Satoguni spends time in positive work like study etc.

Therefore, by recognizing your nature, try to make it Satoguni.

Most Important Rules of Effective Studying as per Shrimad Bhagavad Gita? | How to Study?
Most Important Rules of Effective Studying | How to Study? | Rules of Study

When and How You Should Study

Determine the Reason for the Study

Of course, why do you want to study? The stronger this reason is, the stronger will be your study. So why search for this.

Make Rules for How to Study

It is very important to have rules and discipline in study. Even if the mind is not there, but you have made the rule. So study to follow that rule. This rule will gradually become a habit. And like a sacrament, you will get success in your goal.

Make Study a Priority

You must have noticed that the tasks that you give priority to, get completed first. Whatever the circumstances, keep study at the top of your list of all tasks.

Set Hours for Study

Aim for studies by chapter or page. Rather read by the hour. Read as much as you can but set aside time.

Use a Table Lamp to Read

Use table temp for reading. In this way, due to darkness all around, external obstacles do not affect and the mind gets engaged in studies. For example, in a cinema hall, for three hours, we watch a film with great concentration, but the time is not known. Use this technique to increase your concentration.

Avoid the Internet Trap

At present, all the studies are being done online, so smart phone is a must. But do not keep Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube etc. in it. Use the internet for studies only and use only for making essential calls. Phone, TV, social media are the biggest enemies of all students. They destroy important time of life like termites. So give them medicine. ,

Always Study Slowly

Do not be in any hurry while studying. This ability is found in every human being that the things which he sees, hears and understands very carefully, remembers those things throughout his life. Therefore, understanding the study with great concentration, do it with full concentration. This way it will be stored in your brain for a lifetime. In this way you have learned a lot about how to study.

Make Sure To Revise

Whatever you read every day. Make sure to repeat it at least 2 times. Before closing it, do revision from back to front (from 10 to 1) and from front to back (from 1 to 10). When any work is done again and again, that action takes the form of sacrament. Similarly, the more you repeat the study, the deeper its hold will become in the mind. Studying without revision becomes useless. It takes as much effort each time to memorize it as it does the first time to read.


Well, the biggest friend of student life is books. But still, if you have to do external company, then do the company of the student who is studying. You too will be inspired by their methods. Your morale will increase. Stay away from negative people.

Share the Study

Explain what you study to others. If there is none, explain yourself by sitting in front of Anna. Because in this way you remember this thing very well.

Be Sure To Make Notes

Writing once is equal to reading 10 times. It also has the advantage that when there is less time at the time of examination. At that time one can take advantage of the complete reading by reading the prepared notes instead of reading the whole book.

Use Highlighter

Highlight what is important with a colour pen or highlighter.

Understand By Making Graphics

Those things which you do not understand, understand them by making maps, charts etc. Things are remembered better through pictures.

Use Inspirational Slogans

Wherever you spend time at home, write inspirational slogans there. This will facilitate re-concentration of the mind.

Most Important Rules of Effective Studying as per Shrimad Bhagavad Gita? | How to Study?
How to Study? Rules of Study | Types of Study

What Is The Reading Time?

Morning time is more suitable for reading. In this time, the efficiency or ability to receive is high and there are no disturbances. Therefore, morning time is very favorable for study.

Don’t Read Till Late At Night

There is darkness during the night, which itself reflects negativity. Our body and mind get energy from the sun. At night we do not get energy from anywhere. In such a situation, any work done cannot be done efficiently. Studying late at night, being unfavorable to nature, also creates distortions in the body and in the mind.

Thus, keeping the above things in mind, the study done is fully capable of getting you the best position and making you a topper.

If you like the information related to the type of study and how to study according to Shrimad Bhagawad Gita, then tell it to other students also.

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