10 Brilliant Tips for Plant Growth | Tips to Grow the Plant Quickly

10 Brilliant Tips for Plant Growth

Many times it happens that we plant trees with fruits, vegetables, herbs and even if the plants grow very slowly, even after proper care, the lack of proper growth of the plants disappoints us somewhere. And the thought comes in our mind that, what are the things needed to grow the plants? What to do to make the plant grow quickly? Ways to grow plants quickly and how to make them grow quickly? To get answers to all these questions, read this article of www.knowledgeshowledge.com carefully till the end.

Follow These Miraculous Measures for Plant Growth

If your plant is not growing and you want to know what to do for plant growth? And what is needed to grow plants? So ahead, you have been told some easy measures, by adopting which you can make better development of the plants planted in your garden or pot soil. Let us know about the tips to grow the plant quickly.

  1. Choose good quality plants.
  2. Select the appropriate place according to the plant.
  3. Plant the seed or plant in the right way.
  4. Give water to the plants properly.
  5. Prune the plants from time to time.
  6. Providing right climate and support to the plants.
  7. Mulching and weed control will increase the plant.
  8. Fertilize the plants planted in pots or grow bags on time.
  9. Use the right size pot.
  10. Pest and disease control.

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Choose Good Quality Plants for Fast Growth

If you want to plant all fruit flowers, vegetables, herb trees in your home garden or terrace garden, then you have to choose good quality seeds or small plants. The meaning of choosing a good variety of plants is to choose plant varieties suited to the environment, soil and temperature around you so that it can tolerate the environment around you and grow easily.

Where to Plant Plants for Quick Plant Growth

You must be thinking, why is it necessary to choose the right place for the plants? So let us tell you that this is an important factor to increase the growth of plants, therefore, you should plant plants in your home or garden in such a place where they can get sunlight as per their requirement. Some plants require about 6-8 hours of sunlight to grow whereas, some plants prefer 2-4 hours of sunlight to grow. The amount of sunlight required by the plant you choose depends on its nature. Therefore, for the rapid growth of plants planted in pot or grow bag soil, plant them at such a place, where they can get sufficient amount of sunlight.

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Plant Growth
10 Brilliant Tips for Plant Growth | Tips to Grow the Plant Quickly

Seed Planting Method for Plant Growth

Not planting the seed at the proper depth can slow down the growth of the plant, while planting too deep will destroy the seed and you won’t get plants. Most of the seeds germinate within 7 to 14 days when soil temperature and environment are favorable. To grow any plant from seed, the method of planting seeds in the soil should be as follows.

  • Plant the seed at its specified depth in the soil of the pot or garden.
  • Apply a thin layer of soil over the seed.
  • Now water the soil of the pot with the seeds so that the soil remains moist.
  • Maintain soil moisture during seed germination.

Note – Any seed should be planted at twice the depth of its size according to its diameter.

Correct Method of Planting – The plant purchased from the nursery should be planted at a suitable depth in a fertile soil with good fertility so that the roots of the plant are well covered with soil, immediately after planting the plant in the soil of the planted pot Give water so that the plant can be well established in the soil. Keep watering the plant regularly and do not let the soil of the grow bag with the plant dry out.

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Water to Increase Plant Growth

Regular watering of plants is necessary for better growth and development but, according to the size and nature of the plant, they require different amounts of water. Apart from this, it is also necessary to take care of the weather while giving water to the plants. In summer, plants need to be watered regularly and twice a day during high heat, while watering plants in rainy season is optional and in winter, plants need to be watered every other day according to their needs. it occurs. Along with this, the right time is also fixed for watering the plants. Let us know when to water the plants.

You can water the plants in the morning or evening during summer, while the best time to water the plants in winter is considered to be afternoon. You can use a watering can to water the plants evenly.

Note – Water the plants planted in pot or grow bag soil from time to time as per the need.

Pruning Increases the Growth of Plants

Pruning is essential for healthy growth and good yield. Regular care and periodic pruning can protect the plant from pests and diseases, therefore, it is helpful for plant growth. If you find any diseased branch or leaves of the plant, cut them off immediately. By doing this you protect the rest of your plants from getting sick as well. You can use a hand pruner or gardening tools to prune the plants.

Apart from this, many people have a question that, when should the cutting of trees and plants be done? So let us tell them that, if you see damaged parts in the plant, then you can do the cutting of the plant in the garden at any time.

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Providing the Right Climate and Support to Plants

The soil used by you to plant plants, the surrounding environment and temperature have a direct effect on their growth, therefore, it is very important to get the right environment according to the requirement for the growth of plants planted in garden or pot soil. A fertile loam (sandy) soil rich in nutrients is best for most plants.

Apart from this, vine plants and more fruit-bearing plants often need support so that the fruit yield can be good in them and the surrounding soil can be kept safe from pests. So you can use wood or creeper net to grow vines.

Mulching and Weed Control for Plant Growth
Mulching and Weed Control for Plant Growth

Mulching and Weed Control for Plant Growth

Mulching is covering the soil planted with plants with a layer (hay/dry leaves/wood chips etc.) to protect the plants from extreme heat, extreme cold, water evaporation, and weeds. Generally in home garden it is advisable to use wood chips, dry grass and leaves etc. which gradually decompose into organic matter and provide nutrients to plant roots for rapid growth and development of plants. We do.

Note – Do the work of checking and removing weeds once a week.

Fertilizer for Plant Growth

Application of manures and fertilizers is the most important process in the entire growth phase of the plants engaged in the home garden or terrace garden, which provide essential nutrients for the better growth of the plant. Many gardeners wonder, what is the best fertilizer for plants? So let us tell you that plants require many types of nutrients to grow, such as micronutrients, micronutrients and trace elements, etc. It happens. For this, you can add organic fertilizers like vermicomposting, old cow dung manure, neem cake, mustard cake and rock phosphate etc. to the soil.

Apart from this, if the leaves of your plant turn yellow or start falling, then you need to give nitrogenous fertilizers to your plants. And phosphorus and potassium are used to strengthen the roots of plants and increase the production of fruits. You can prepare home compost for plants from kitchen waste.

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Use the Right Size Container

According to the size of the plants and the expansion of their roots, plants should be planted in pots of appropriate size so that they can develop their roots well and grow rapidly. If you plant a plant with a large root system in a small and shallow pot or grow bag, then the development of your plant may be stunted and as a result, your plant will not be able to grow fully. On the contrary, if you plant a small plant in a big pot or grow bag, it will unnecessarily occupy more space, so while planting the plant, choose the right size pot or grow bag to increase the growth of the plant.

Pest and Disease Control for Plant Growth

It is a common thing to attack trees and plants in your garden by insects, but it also causes a lot of damage to your plants and sometimes the growth of your plant also stops. Many people have a question, which is the best insecticide to protect plants? So let us tell you that, you can spray neem oil or any other suitable insecticide on the plants to protect them from insects. In addition, you can also remove insects by using a strong stream of water on the plant.


In this article, you have come to know that, what are the ways and tips to increase the quick growth of plants, by adopting which you can make the plants in your garden grow faster. Hope you enjoy this article. Visit www.knowledgeshowledge.com to read more of our useful posts. If you have any suggestions or questions related to this article, then definitely tell in the comment.

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