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Ram Darshan by the Grace of Lord Hanuman, (Stories of Lord Hanuman)

The instructive story is that Tulsi’s mind was so engrossed in Rama that he had forgotten all his sorrows and pains. Now he had no complaints even about the insults made by his wife. He said that it was he who had inspired him to escape from the pit of indulgences. Those who closed their doors to them by saying ‘Apashkun’ instead of giving them a dutkaara or a piece of bread, now they seemed to be their most beloved. If not, they, like others, wander to find love for themselves No wonder all these poor people are dreaming of making each other rich and the others also do not get tired of blindly making khayali pulao. Interestingly, both of them know the reality of each other, yet such dramas are being done, which is not going to help anything.
Day and night the same desire used to rage in the mind of Tulsi that those who had read so much about Shri Ram, whose influence she had seen in her life, should have visions of him. But how? There seemed to be no way that an extraordinary event would happen one day. At this time he lived at ‘Asi Ghat’ in Kashi. As soon as he poured the remaining water into the root of the acacia tree after defecation, someone’s voice came, “You have been satisfying me with water for many days, I am very pleased with you. Ask me! Whatever you need? “He looked around, but saw no one. Thinking, ‘Do not be confused,’ when Tulsi started walking, then someone stopped, “Ask! I’m happy I want to give you something. You have filled me with water left over from the toilet!”He paused. He said, “I don’t know who you are, nor have I given you anything out of any desire. It all happened by chance. So how can I take the fruits of what I have not done? This is against religion. And then you don’t come to me. If he asks, he goes to the one who wants to come and give something!”By religious arguments you have compelled me not to let you go empty-handed. I’m not going to do that to you. This is likely to alleviate some of the pain. The company of saintly men is always sad like the shadow of sandalwood.

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“It’s impossible for me to do that. No sinner can dare to come near a devotee who always remembers and meditates on the name of Rama. Then you know that every time the sinner receives a wandering spirit.”Hearing the words of the ghost, Tulsi began to ask something. He said, “If that is so, forgive me. I am unable to fulfil your wishes. I have no desire other than the darshan of Shri Ram. I have seen all the pleasures of the world very closely, I have known their reality.”After completing the sentence, Tulsi left the place. The demon stopped, “Stop! If I can’t do something, I’ll tell you how to do it. In the morning at the Sankatmochan temple, where you do the story, a leper comes as the first listener and goes later. His body smells bad, so he sits far away from the audience, in a place where everyone takes off their shoes and slippers. You just have to catch him. He will show you how to get your wish fulfilled. That is the only sure way to reach your goal. Your wish will get fulfilled!”Saying this, the sage remained silent.
“I’ll make an effort to get rid of you if that is the case.”After persuading the ghost, Tulsi approached her hut.”
Thoroughly drenched in the spirit of Ram-darshan, Tulsi could not sleep at night. After retiring from his daily duties early in the morning, Tulsi reached the Sankat Mochan temple built near the Vishwanath temple. God was just being made. After the shringar and aarti, the preparation of Shriram Katha began. Tulsi stood outside and waited for the arrival of the leprosy patient. He came and sat down in his own place. Tulsi Acharya went to the back. They were thinking that if it got up in the middle and went away, then… Picking up in the middle of the story is immoderate and also an insult to the ideal form of the story. It is conduct contrary to both ethos and theology, which can never be pleasant and beneficial. And then the speaker of the story must keep the honor and dignity of the Acharya Peeth.
The audience and the servitors and priests of the temple felt that Tulsi ‘s mind was somewhere confused. The restlessness was clearly visible in his words, expressions and fun. In a way, the story suffered. Aarti was performed. Prasadam was distributed. All the audience went their separate ways. The leper was not taking the name of getting up and walking. Tulsi stood at the gate outside the temple, waiting for him to arrive. The wait ended. Tulsi started walking behind the leper. Sometimes it’s very fast, sometimes it’s very slow. Tulsi was also following him by keeping a little distance. The border of the city was closed. Dense gardens have come up. The leper took the path of a trail. Seeing the solitude, Tulsi increased her speed and stopped the leper’s path and lay down at his feet. When the leper started to escape, Tulsi caught hold of his feet and said, “I will not let you go. Can you tell me what your true nature is? Who you are”

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Story of Ram Darshan by the Grace of Lord Hanuman

The leper tried hard to hide his appearance from Tulsi. He also gave various temptations, but they had no effect on Tulsi. The devotee, entangled in the affairs of the world, asks God for wealth, etc., he does not want God. Tulsi had investigated this very well in her life. So they stuck to their point. The leper had to defeat and finally reveal himself in his true form. Seeing Ramdoot Shri Hanuman standing in front of him, Tulsi seemed to have lost her sanity for some time. Tears flowed from their eyes. They wanted to open their eyes, but the tears that did not stop forced them to remain blind. His ears heard a sweet voice, “Vatsa, I know what you want. Although Sri Rama is pervaded in every particle of this world, it is only after having a true darshan that the devotees experience the omnipresent and omnipresent Rama. On the coming day of the holy festival of Ram Navami, which is also the Tuesday of the advent of the Lord, the surrendered Vatsal Shriram will have to bathe at the confluence of the Mandakini and Payaswini Ganges revealed by Anasuya at Ramghat in Chitrakoot. He will be accompanied by his younger brother Shri Lakshman ji. In appearance they will be like ordinary royal men, but they will be easily recognized by their auspicious features. There you can see what you want. If you have any other wish, tell me. I will complete it.”Hearing these words of Shri Hanuman, in which Ramdarshan was assured, Tulsi’s mind became thoughtless and stunned. He opened his eyes with difficulty. But now there was no one there – neither the leper nor the Rambhakt Hanuman!
Tulsi reached her hut, picked up the things and started towards Chitrakoot. Ram Navami has arrived. Go to Ramghat of Chitrakoot with Tulsi puja-stuff made of panda. Tilak etc would do whatever came, but the eyes were looking for someone else. That is why they did not pay attention to whatever someone put in front of them in the form of Dakshina. All of a sudden, two men seemed in front of me. His appearance was striking. But due to bathing, the tilak was washed, so Tulsi could not identify him. That is Maya. The eyes cannot perceive the form. External signs are often a hindrance to appearance.
When the illusion of Tulsi was not broken even after applying tilak to him, one devotee sitting on the branch of a nearby tree as a shuk warned the other devotee. Hanuman said –

Chitrakoot Ke Ghaat Par Bhaie Santan Kee Bheer.
Tulasidaas Chandan Ghisain Tilak Det Raghubeer..

Tulsi was shocked. He took hold of the feet of the kings standing in front of him. He was none other than Shri Rama and Lakshmana. With Ishta’s vision and touch, Tulsi’s life became fruitful. Tulsi has not considered Hanuman as such a Sadhguru. He is the true god of Kali Yuga, the giver of strength, wisdom and learning.
When Tulsi composed his world famous composition ‘Ramcharitmanas’, he first liberated the ghost by narrating its path. This gratitude was to him who showed him the way to meet the devotee of Rama, Hanuman, and who then had darshan of Rama.

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After this, Shriram started living with the body of Saint Tulsi. Incidentally, after the composition of Ramcharitmanas, many Sanskrit scholars objected to this text written in Awadhi language and sent two persons to the hut of Tulsi to destroy Tulsi and his work. When they reached there in deep darkness, they saw two royal men with bows and arrows guarding the place. This happened many times. He was none other than Shriram with his younger brother. Whose protector is Shri Ram-Lakshman, no one can untie his hair. Today this place is famous among the devotees by the name of ‘Ramanuja Koota’. When the time came Lord Vishwanath had confirmed ‘Ramcharitmanas’ as the best creation. Here we should not forget that Hanuman ji is also an incarnation of Lord Shiva – that is, the eleventh Rudra.

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