Maha Daan of Kalyuga – 7 Great Donations According To Hindu Scriptures | Biggest Charity | Benefits of Donation

Maha Daan of Kalyuga – 7 Great Donations According To Hindu Scriptures | Biggest Charity

You must have seen your parents donating many times but have you ever wondered what charity is? What is the biggest donation? When should one donate? What is secret donation? There are many such questions which often come in the minds of people following Hindu religion.

Donating is considered a very virtuous act in Hindu religion. According to Hindu scriptures, a person who does charity gets happiness and prosperity throughout his life and salvation after life. That means charity will improve not only your world but also the next world.

अल्पमपि क्षितौ क्षिप्तं वटबीजं प्रवर्धते ।
जलयोगात् यथा दानात् पुण्यवृक्षोऽपि वर्धते ॥

Alpamapi Kshitau Kshiptan Vatabeejan Pravardhate.
Jalayogaat Yatha Daanaat Punyavrkshopi Vardhate..

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The meaning of this verse is that just as the seed of a banyan tree sown in the earth grows when it comes in contact with water, similarly the tree of virtue also grows by doing charity.

Regarding charity, some people think that only helping someone with money is charity but it is not so. Charity is not only about money but also of many other types, about which very few people are aware. Although 5 great donations like cow donation, girl donation, land donation, education donation and food donation are considered the best, but apart from this there are many donations like metal donation, forgiveness donation, fearlessness donation, clothes donation etc. After hearing the names of so many donations, this question must have come in your mind that out of all these donations, what is the biggest donation? Let us know.

What is the meaning of Charity or Donation?

You must have heard from your elders at one time or the other that everyone should donate, then this question must have come in your mind that what is charity? What is the true meaning of charity? And what is the biggest donation?

Charity means ‘action of giving’ i.e. helping a needy and distressed person in some way or the other. After donating anything, the person giving it does not have any right on it.

In Sanatan Dharma, charity has been considered an important and necessary act of life for centuries. When someone is helped in any way without any intention, without any selfishness, without naming oneself, then it is called charity. Donating, especially secret donation, which is, done without anyone knowing anything, is considered beneficial. It is believed that those who donate, their sins committed by mistake are destroyed and their virtuous deeds increase.

Some people think that by giving the useless things of the house to a poor person, they are donating it, but it is not so. Giving something that is no longer usable is not considered a donation. Donations made in this manner are not valid. Donation of body, mind and wealth can be done in any form at any time.

As stated in this verse:

स्वधर्मे स्थिरता स्थैर्यं धैर्यमिन्द्रियनिग्रहः ।
स्नानं मनोमलत्यागो दानं वै भूतरक्षणम् ।।

Svadharme Sthirata Sthiran Dhairyamindriyanigrahah.
Snaanan Manomaalatyaago Daanan Vai Bhootarakshanam..

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According to the verse, a person’s steadfastness in his religion is stability, keeping all his senses under his control is patience, protecting his mind from bad thoughts is bathing and protecting all living beings is charity.

If this verse is understood deeply then donation should be as per the occasion i.e. time. If you want to donate a blanket to someone during the winter season, then give a blanket. If a poor farmer is distressed due to lack of money then he should donate money i.e. help him with money. That means charity is that which can relieve the problems of a needy person.

When a person understands the importance of charity, he starts wondering what should be donated and what is the biggest donation?

You are going to get the answer to all your questions in this post, so stay tuned till the end of the post.

Maha Daan of Kalyuga - 7 Great Donations

What are the 7 Great Donations in Kalyuga or Kali Yuga? | Maha Daan of Kalyuga or Kali Yuga

According to the scriptures, charity is a virtuous act to attain God and keep His blessings on oneself. By doing this deed there is always happiness, peace and blessings in the house. It is the supreme duty of every person born on this earth to take out some time in his busy life to help the needy people.

What is the biggest donation? These questions arise in the minds of many people, they will also arise in your mind. According to me, every donation is the biggest. Everyone has their own importance and every donation brings virtue, but yes, there are some donations which are considered special and great.

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Today we are going to tell you some special types of donations and what is the biggest donation among them.

Land Donation (Bhoomi Daan)

The importance of donating land has been going on since ancient times. In earlier times, King Maharaja used to donate land to the best and virtuous people of his kingdom and to Brahmins. Today that time is no more but even today a person can donate land. People can donate their land as per their capacity for school, college, garden, Dharamshala, Cowshala, Ashram etc.

These donations are best because this kind of donation is beneficial not just for one person but for thousands of people. For some people the answer to what is the greatest donation is land donation.

Cow Donation (Gau Daan)

Cow donation is considered one of the best donations in Hindu religion. According to the scriptures, donating a cow once in a lifetime brings improvement to a person in both this world and the next world and he gets freedom from the cycle of life and death. According to Rigveda, a person who donates a cow does not face any difficulty in crossing the Vaitarani after death and he gets a very good and high place in heaven.

It is also believed that by donating this our ancestors also get salvation. Shri Krishna had made his glory clear by serving Mother Cow in his incarnation life. In this Kaliyuga, cow donation is considered the best and most beneficial. It can be said that the answer to what is the biggest donation is cow donation.

Donate Food (Ann Daan)

For some people, the answer to what is the greatest donation is to feed the hungry. This is a charity in which even a small donation can save a person’s life. The little food you give will satisfy a hungry person. Today’s youth understand this importance very well, that is why they provide food to the needy from time to time. Many temples and gurudwaras have been performing this ritual for years. The answer to what is the biggest donation for poor and needy people is donating food because it will fill their stomach.

Donate Daughter During Marriage (Kanya Daan)

Kanya Daan is the biggest donation in the world for the parents of a daughter. Donating a girl child is the best in Sanatan Dharma. This donation is made by the parents at the time of their daughter’s marriage when they give their daughter’s hand to the groom and give all their responsibilities towards the daughter to the groom. This donation could be an answer to what is the biggest donation.

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Donate Education (Vidya Daan)

For centuries, the tradition of Guru and disciple has been considered superior in Hindu religion. All the Maharajas in ancient times, even Shri Ram and his brothers, had acquired knowledge by staying in the ashrams of Gurus. Shri Ram himself proved how important education is by acquiring it. This donation is the greatest need of today’s time. Donating knowledge to someone means improving his future.

If one person takes up the burden of educating even one poor child, the future will be glorious and prosperous for the country. As everyone knows, this is charity which increases by sharing. It can be said that according to today’s situation, the answer to what is the biggest donation is Vidya Daan. Vidya Daan is for those children who want to get education but are not able to go to school due to lack of money.

Donating Clothes (Vastra Daan)

Donating clothes to any need is also considered a great donation. The needy should occasionally get donations of blankets, clothing, slippers, and other items. Although this donation can be done anytime, but donating clothes on Tuesday is very auspicious. It is believed that donating clothes always keeps the financial condition good.

If you donate clothes, donate good clothes and of the same quality as you wear yourself. Waste, torn and damaged clothes should never be donated. What is the biggest donation for those who do not have a blanket to cover themselves in the cold? The answer to this question would be donating clothes because the blanket will protect them from the cold.

Metal Donation (Dhatu Daan)

Donate metal to someone who will use it, rather than taking it from you and leaving it lying idle in the garbage, and it is considered best to donate this metal only in special circumstances. It is believed that those who donate gold have the possibility of getting a state post. If a person donates silver, his health remains good. Donating iron removes job related obstacles. For those engaged in devotion, donating metal to temples is the answer to what is the greatest donation.

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Maha Daan of Kalyuga - Donations

Why Should One Donate? | Benefits of Donation

Not only is this the question of what is the biggest donation, this question also arises in everyone’s mind as to why donation should be made. In simple words, charity is the best and easiest way to attain virtue in the present Kaliyuga and to attain salvation after death.

  • By donating, especially cow, a person does not have to face difficulties in crossing the Vaitarani to reach heaven after death.
  • Donation brings happiness and prosperity
  • Happiness and peace comes to the house
  • One gets freedom from the sins committed by mistake
  • One gets freedom from worldly attachments
  • A person gets relief from the pain caused by the planets.

Cooperation means help can be given without any selfishness, but help can also be given with some intention and after the work is completed, that thing can also be taken back.

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Hopefully, after reading this post you would have got the answer to what is the biggest donation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Maha Daan of Kalyuga

Question 1: When should one donate?

Donation can be made at any time but donating without expecting any reward is most beneficial. If donated for bathing in the morning then it is fruitful. It is also beneficial if food is donated at noon. It can be said that donation should be done as per the circumstances.

Question 2: What is secret donation? What is the importance of secret donation?

Secret donation means that donation which no one knows about and which is not mentioned anywhere is called secret donation. It is believed that by this donation a person gets freedom from sins.

Question 3: What is the difference between donation and cooperation?

Donation is something that is done selflessly and once donated, the person does not have any right over it. Cooperation is also another word for help, but in cooperation it is not necessary that something be given to the other person.

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