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Fruit of Wisdom – Akbar and Birbal – Inspirational Story

Once upon a time, a king of Lanka’s emperor visited Emperor Akbar’s court. He proposed a new type of request to Emperor Akbar, saying – “It’s Alampana! In your court, there are several wise, wise, and valiant courts. To bring you enlightenment, our cook has handed me a vessel full of pottery. Our Maharaja has complete faith in you to make arrangements in some form or another as quickly as possible.”

Emperor Akbar was perplexed when he heard this.


Inspirational Story - Fruit of Wisdom


“What a comical request, how can the AI be run with a full pitcher?” he realised. It looks that the ruler of Lanka wishes to make fun of us, and if he succeeds…?

The king then came to Birbal’s attention, and he began to wonder that perhaps this task was not under Birbal’s supervision, but what damage could it do to notify him?

When Birbal learned why the emperor was being summoned, he smiled and replied, “Alampanah!” Don’t worry; the intellect will calm down eventually, but it may take a few weeks.”

Despite Emperor Akbar’s pronouncement on Birbal, Birbal was granted time to request his face.

In the evening of the same day, Birbal gave one of his special subordinates the order, “Arrange some earthenware with little mouth.”

Birbal’s servant quickly obeyed him.

Birbal and his servant went to a pumpkin vine as soon as the pitcher came. He took a pot from the servant, hanged it upside down on a pumpkin flower, and then told the servant to do the same with all the other pots on the pumpkin flower.

After finishing this task, Birbal instructed the servant to look after the pots and then left.

When the Royal commander Akbar inquired about it after a few days, Birbal replied, “Alampanah! Comprehend that this work is accomplished, it will only take two weeks, after which the entire container will be occupied with wisdom.”

After fifteen days, Birbal returned to the pitcher’s location and discovered that the pumpkin fruit had grown to be as large as the pitcher, complementing the servant and saying, “You have performed your duties with dexterity, for which we will recompense you.”

After then, Birbal summoned the Lankan messenger to Emperor Akbar’s court and informed him that the pot of knowledge was nearly complete. And Birbal clapped, and when he heard the clapping, Birbal’s servant, holding a vessel on a large plate, entered the court with great pride.

“Here, sir, you should deliver it to your king,” Birbal remarked, handing the container over to the Srilankan official. “However, one thing must be kept in mind: this valuable pot will be given back to us when it is vacant.” Only when there is no harm to this character will the fruit of the intellect in it be useful.

The messenger responded by saying – “Huzzah! Is it possible for me to see the fruit of this knowledge as well?”

“Yeah… sure,” says the narrator. With a shake of his head, Birbal expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation.

When the messenger saw the pitcher, he thought to himself, “We’ve all been killed.” What do we know, Birbal doesn’t have an answer…. How did I come up with such an idea?

Emperor Akbar also expressed a desire to inspect the pot as soon as the messenger arrived. Birbal also placed an order for a matka.

He laughed as he peered into the pitcher. “I agree brother!” he clapped Birbal on the back and said. It appears that the monarch of Lanka will grow astute quickly after receiving the wonderful fruit of wisdom that you have bestowed.

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