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10 Shocking Facts About Aliens

The hunt for life on Earth has been a difficult effort for science, and scientists on other worlds may be doing the same thing. It is unsurprising that they would go to the earth with any of their paan in such a predicament. Mars, the moon planet, has been reached by us as well. On Saturn, we’ve also dispatched a vehicle. Humans will one day dare to sit in such songs as well.

It’s tough to comprehend the vastness of the universe. Just keep in mind that our planet is not even comparable to a grain of sand in the universe. In our cosmos, there are millions of planets many times larger than our own. The most important fact is that our cosmos contains millions of galaxies. ‘Galaxy’ is the name of the galaxy. Our galaxy, which contains Earth, our solar system, and millions of stars, is known in English as Milkyway and in Hindi as Kshirmarg and Mandakini.

Scientists believe that if there are millions of planets like Earth in our galaxy, life will inevitably exist on at least some of them. The same organisms, including humans, animals, and birds, must have lived there as well. Some of them may be weaker than our thinking, while others may be many times cleverer and technologically advanced than humans; these beings are referred to as ‘aliens.’ ‘Alien’ refers to a person who is from another world or lives there.

The American space organisation NASA launched the Kepler Mission-10 scan of our galaxy in 2009, with the goal of finding planets with water that could support life. This space observatory has a powerful telescope that is looking for planets that are similar in size and attributes to Earth. There are other efforts on to determine how many planets in our galaxy of 400 billion stars and the same number of planets are capable of supporting life. According to a study, our galaxy contains 160 billion worlds where aliens could exist. Allow me to share some fascinating facts about him with you.

10 Shocking Facts about Aliens
Shocking Facts about Aliens

Fact One (Shocking Facts about Aliens)

Years of scientific research showed that aliens came on Earth in 10000 BC, initially imparting wisdom to human tribe chieftains, and then appointing kings as their messengers. They became the gods of the earth, or angels, at various times, and founded various traditions and communities. They aided the development of Egypt (Egypt), Mesopotamia, Sumerian, Inca, Babylonia, Indus Valley, Maya, Mohenjodaro, and all other world civilizations. In China, India, Egypt, Israel, America, and Russia, he erected such monuments, places of worship, and miracles, which do not appear to be a matter of human beings.

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According to a History Channel documentary, acclaimed author Eric von Deniken’s book ‘Chariots of Gods,’ which investigated ancient civilizations’ monuments, has impacted the world’s perspective. He claims that ancient Egyptians lacked the technological know-how to construct the Giza Pyramids. The Egyptians lacked the necessary equipment and knowledge to construct the Giza Pyramids. They must have been created by aliens in this manner. If we consider India, there are numerous such temples that are impossible to construct even with modern human technology.

Fact Two (Shocking Facts about Aliens)

After years of research, scientists determined that the constellation ‘Orion’ has a strong relationship to our planet. In mythology and carved stone art, the Indian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Maya, Greek, and Inca civilizations all share surprisingly similar information concerning this ‘constellation.’ Our forebears, or the individuals who gave us directions, are said to have come from the constellation ‘Orion,’ according to scientists. The constellation Orion is known in India as Kalapurush Nakshatra, which sounds close to Mrigashira.

There are dozens of stars in the ‘Orion’ constellation, which is 1,500 light-years from Earth, but only seven big stars. Three fast-brightening stars in a straight line in this constellation are known as ‘hunter ka kamarband’ (Orion’s belt). Adra (Beetlejuice), Rajanya (Rizzle), Bellatrix, Mintak, Epsilon Orionis, Zeta Orionis, and Kapa Orionis are the seven major stars. The brightest and most massive stars are Adra, Rajanya, and Balatrix, which can be seen well from Earth.

Fact Three (Shocking Facts about Aliens)

In 2010, it was alleged that aliens from outer space have hovered multiple times over nuclear missile sites in the United States and the United Kingdom since 1948. Former US Air Force personnel claim to have landed at the Suffolk nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom. These policemen had also stated that they would make public their encounters with mysterious flying saucers (UFOs). We’re talking about unidentified flying saucers, according to Captain Robert Salas, a retired US Air Force officer. They’re commonly referred to as UFOs.

According to the ‘Daily Mail,’ he claims that the US Air Force is lying about strange flying saucers hovering above nuclear sites and the national security implications, but that he can prove it. These episodes initially occurred on March 16, 1967, at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, according to one retired officer.

I was on duty, he continued, when an object came over the site and began hovering. The rockets malfunctioned, and another nuclear site suffered the same fate a week later. Colonel Charles Halt, another officer, claimed to have observed a UFO at RAF Bentwaters, near Ipswich. It is one of the few nuclear weapons installations in the United Kingdom.

According to a NASA expert, aliens may have visited Earth but humans were unaware of it. In a research report, NASA computer scientist and professor Silvano P. Colombo claims that aliens’ structures may not be based on the usual carbon structure, thus humans won’t be able to detect them. According to Silvano, the aliens may have appeared in an entirely different form than mankind thought.

Shocking Facts about Aliens with Proof

Fact Four (Shocking Facts about Aliens)

Rock drawings dating back 10,000 years have been discovered in a cave in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar district. The existence of aliens in India has been proved by this NASA and Indian Archaeological discovery. A flying saucer, as well as a picture of aliens coming out of this saucer, can be plainly seen in the rock drawings found here, giving orders to the common human with a weird stick. This alien is also wearing a helmet-like device on its head, complete with antennas.

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Scientists claim that these images from 10,000 years ago prove that aliens visited Earth and are at least 10,000 years ahead of us in terms of technology. Such images can also be discovered in ancient civilizations’ paintings, in which a bizarre individual is represented with a spaceship.

Fact Five (Shocking Facts about Aliens)

It is written in the tax of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Sumer, Inca, Babylonian, Indus Valley, Maya, Mohenjodaro, and all world civilizations that our ‘Akashdev’ will return shortly and will once again be the ruler of the earth. The Egyptians and Mayas thought that our cosmic founders would return at a specific point in the future. The Egyptian god Osaishir will be back shortly to pick us up. So, do we qualify as a “star product”? Is it because their ‘Akashdev’ would transport them into space and bring them back to life that the Giza people mummified themselves after death?

Fact Six (Shocking Facts about Aliens)

Scientists all throughout the world think that extraterrestrials from other worlds reside in secret on Earth. The Himalayas are one, the sea tunnels and caves are another, and the jungles, where man has never gone, could be the third. Finally, they live among us as human beings in the fourth place. In newspapers and literature, we read about sightings of aliens or UFOs all over the world.

In the Himalayas, on February 15, at around 2.18 p.m., a small area about 0.25 km from the Indo-China border saw a bright white light about 500 metres above the ground and eight Indian commandos, one dog, three mountain goats, and one snow leopard vanished before the heavy clouds could be carried away.

Although some say she will not be able to carry it. Six commandos were later rescued from a swimming pool in Goa, according to reports. Two people are missing. The remainder of the folks have forgotten about the tragedy. A nearby farmer who was grazing sheep along the boundary line witnessed the incident. Hundreds more stories like this are published in newspapers across the country and around the world on a regular basis.

Shocking Facts about Aliens

Fact Seven (Shocking Facts about Aliens)

Aliens are believed to exist on a planet other than Earth, according to space scientists. Aliens are technologically advanced far ahead of us, and they are watching our every move. In their research, a group of space scientists from Spain’s Institut Estófisica del Canarias and the University of Florida came to this conclusion. They believe that aliens from other planets are undoubtedly curious about how people use technology established on Earth.

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Ms Sarah Seagate, a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was reported in the Australian newspaper ‘Daily Telegraph’ as suggesting that’someone may be observing us even now and has complete information about the rotation speed of the Earth and day and night.’

Fact Eight (Shocking Facts about Aliens)

According to a poll, 20% of the world’s population believes that aliens disguised as humans inhabit the earth. A survey was done by the news agency Reuters, which polled 23 thousand people from 22 nations. More than 40% of people in India and China think that aliens disguised as humans wander the earth. The majority of people in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Belgium, on the other hand, do not believe this. Only 8% of the population believes in the presence of extraterrestrials. Eighty percent of people polled believe aliens do not live among us.

Fact Nine (Shocking Facts about Aliens)

In America, some women have claimed to have had intercourse with aliens. These women also allege that the alien who fathered their children is the same as the alien who fathered them. After having sex with an alien, women have declared it was the best experience they’ve ever had. Nielsen and Eluna, two of the women, said they have a total of 13 children from aliens.

Fact Ten (Shocking Facts about Aliens)

While current science considers them aliens, they are referred to in the Bible as ‘Nephilim,’ who were cast out of heaven and did not belong on Earth. These were angels’ offspring. Satan was one of them. Angels were created by God to live in heaven rather than on earth, yet they all ended up here.

On Earth, he began to be drawn to men’s women, and eventually he began to live with the ladies of his choice. Then they produced offspring, and their kingdom began to extend over the globe. Ordinary people refer to them as angels or demons. As a result, a new period began on Earth, as well as a new sort of conflict, with aliens becoming an empire on both sides. People began to place a premium on blood purity.

They were of various types, according to Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Mexican, Sumeru, Babylonian, and Maya civilizations, including half human and half animal. He was slim in human shape, with a head that was longer than his back. They were between 8 and 10 feet tall. He resembled a serpent, Garuda, and Vanara in his semi-human form. You’ve probably seen the image of Vishnu’s car. Who hasn’t heard of Nagdevta? Others were demons, who were extremely dangerous and tall.

Some of them resembled birds, while others resembled apes. Some of them had the ability to fly and walk on the ocean floor. Their heads were visible above the sea when they strolled beneath it. He has abilities that ordinary humans lacked, such as walking on water, flying, and disappearing. Some of the remaining ‘aliens,’ according to researchers, are still on the planet today. They are invisible to humans because they either live in remote Himalayan locations or in Hades’ underground passageways.

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These women reported that their contact with the aliens was incredible and impossible to put into words, and that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience full of thrills. Brigitte Nielsen is from Arizona and Aluna Versus Los Angeles in the United States, and both are part of the hybrid baby community. Both of them believe that their children live in spaceships with aliens because they are members of this community!

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