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Tantra Mantra Science – Knowledge Showledge 


Useful Information on Tantra Mantra Science

  • Whatever a person says, when his voice or sound and word are included, then a special wave is generated from it, the creation of this wave becomes the form of a mantra.
  • Mantra Jap means – Repeatedly! Repeated repetition is done so that man can get the inherent power for use in practice.
  • Roots of Mantra are their sound as mantras are meditative in origin. The effect of chanting mantras is not the words but its sound.
  • Mantra Siddhi means to make the mantra strong and awake. According to Prantoshni, whatever the mantra seeker wants, he definitely gets it.
  • According to Mantra Shashtra, at the beginning of the creation, Shiva and Shakti danced, due to which many types of sounds were produced, these sounds are the basic basis of mantras.
  • The spiritual practice that our ancestors did to reveal the atomic energy contained in words is a meaningful result of that practice.
  • To reveal the immense power of the word, we need to understand the root of the word. One has to know the form. Mantra Science tells us through which stages the word has to erupt before it leaves the gut. Before speaking, action takes place in the soul and the word invites the intellect and the mind. Mantras are composed by those words.
  • Mantras have been said to be a set of brilliant power, its seed letters are considered to be powerful.
  • The words pronounced Mantra are seeds which are sown by the mental power of meditation.
  • According to ancient Indian sages, mantras have great importance in the fulfillment of our life. Even those who lack in life can be fulfilled by Mantra Sadhna.
  • Just as the knower of Ayurveda knows that there is a law to cook a metal a hundred times, in order to make an ashes, that action has to be repeated again and again. Such is the process of Mantra Sadhana, to make it siddhi, it has to go through a complex and laborious process and for different Mantras there is a law of chanting in different numbers.
  • In medical science, as research, carving, cooking and other chemical activities are performed, in the same way the mantra is also modified, through Havan etc., its power reaches the perfect state.
  • Science is not the ultimate truth, along with divine and spiritual powers, some phantom powers also roam in the infinite sky. You yourself can understand that even after all the effort, a work is not done and then suddenly without any special effort, even the biggest task becomes a big task.
  • Tantra Mantra Science / Tantra Mantra Vidya is prevalent everywhere; From the life of man to the fine arts. Even the pen of the writer, the lines of the painter and the way of thinking of the person can be influenced by this art.
  • Scientists say on the one hand that sadhaks and tantriks resort to night because they have to cover up their truthfulness, on the other hand science is also resorting to Tantra Mantra. Is. The usefulness of sorcery and mantras is now being accepted in the western countries to cure mental illness.
  • Some people have made Tantra Mantra a business and they have started misusing Siddhi. By attaining siddhis, their utilization is in the interest of the society; Sadhaks who do this are beneficial but when Siddhi is used in selfish works like unnecessary vashikaran and killing then it is objectionable and harmful.


Mantra Tantra - Knowledge Showledge
Useful Information About Mantra Tantra Science – Knowledge Showledge 


Some Rules for Tantrik & Tantra Siddhi


  • Hard practice is necessary for Tantrik.
  • One cannot easily become a tantric.
  • 33 years is necessary for complete sadhna.
  • Tantrik should not be selfish.
  • A flame is lit and then one is seated for sadhana.


If you have any question related to the use of Tantra Mantra Science / Tantra Mantra Vidya, then write in the comment section or you can also email us. God! Wish you and your family a happy and prosperous life.

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