Shocking Bhavishya Malika Predictions about End of Kaliyuga by Achyutananda Das Ji | Kalki Avatar 2020-2025

Bhavishya Malika Predictions

We are all thrilled about the future since we don’t know what it holds in store for us and we always hope that it will be better. This concept gives us hope and motivates us to move forward in life.

From time to time, in our country and in other countries, some exceptional great men are born who, via divine vision, foresee future events hundreds of years in advance and reveal them for the general good. The time specified in these prophesies is frequently in the form of secret signals, so that the general population is not overly concerned, and only those who are interested in occult sciences or their particular followers comprehend them and carry out the work of guiding on time.

There have been many Saints from various origins all over the world who have prophesied many future events that are relevant to a certain location or the world in general. Achyutananda Das, a Vaishnava Saint from the 16th century, lived in the state of Odisha. Achyutananda Das was said to possess the Divya Drishti, which allows him to see into the future.

Shri. Achyutananda Das was a Vaishnava Saint and poet who translated many Sanskrit works into Odia. He was one of the legendary five friends known as the ‘Panchasakhas.’ Many prophecies regarding Odisha and the globe at large can be found in his famous work ‘Malika.’

He scribbled all of his prophecies and future occurrences on palm leaves, which have been kept to this day. These prophecies were penned over 500 years ago and have shown to be extremely accurate. His writings can be found in every region of Odisha, but due to the scarcity of Hindi and English translations, this knowledge is restricted to Odisha. Malika (name of a book) is the collective name for the knowledge inscribed on palm leaves. Achyutananda was likewise self-realized, and all of his prophecies were highly correct.

Who was Saint Achyutananda Das ji?

The famous saint Achyutananda das is thought to have been born in the 16th century (January 10, 1510, Magha Shukla Paksha Ekadashi). Achyutananda ji (Achyutananda das) was a famous devotee, poet, seer, and Vaishnava saint of Lord Jagannath, according to legend. Scholars place his time period between 1480 and 1505. He was born in Tilokna/Tilkana, a hamlet in Mahanadi’s irrigated land (Chitotpala). Padmavati was his mother’s name, and Dinabandhu Khuntia was his father’s. Gopinath Mohanty, his grandpa, worked as a scribe at the Jagannath temple, Odissa.

What is Bhavishya Malika?

The prophecies in Saint Achyutananda Maharaj’s book ‘Bhavishya Malika,’ published 500 years ago near Jagannath in Orissa, are going viral. Achyutananda ji is revered in Orissa as a famous yogi and saint blessed with heavenly abilities. These prophesies were written on palm leaves by him. People say he wrote all of his novels using his yogic abilities. In Orissa, it is estimated that there are one lakh owner’s books. However, only a few persons have access to information regarding hundreds of volumes at this moment. Despite the fact that the Mahants of Jagannath Puri own all of these texts.

Who were Panchsakhas?

When Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was propagating the Mandakini of Bhakti in Bengal, the Panchasakha sect was born. The Panchasakha sect counts ‘Balramdas,’ ‘Jagannathdas,’ ‘Achyutanandadas,’ ‘Yashovantadas,’ and ‘Anantadas.’ He was a proponent of Raganuraga Bhakti and a yoga practitioner.

These five were also influenced by Buddhism. They venerated Shri Krishna, but they also saw him as a symbol for Nirguna and formlessness. He has also revered Saguna Brahma’s varied pastimes. As a result, some of this sect’s poets can be classified as pure devotion poets, while others can be classified as devotion poets.

Bhavishya Malika Prophecy by Achyutananda Das Ji

Malika, an ancient text, may be found in various monasteries near Jagannath Puri in the Orissa area. It dates back over 500 years and is written on palm leaves. It is estimated that there are one lakh owner’s books in Orissa, however the number of books that are currently known to the public is in the hundreds. All of this is in the Mahants’ hands. They make every effort to ensure that these publications are seen by a specific person.

Malika was written during the period of Sri Chetanya Mahaprabhu, a well-known Bengali Bhagavad devotee. Shri Achyutananda Das, who is revered as a famous Yogi and Mahatma in Orissa, was one of his buddies. People also claim that Achutananda Das used the power of yoga to write all of his works. Many births of Achyutananda from Satyug to Kaliyug have also been recounted in one of these writings. Achutananda Das’ prophecies are well regarded in Orissa, and the people hold him in high regard. His forecasts are quite specific, and even a large book cannot adequately convey them. However, a brief description of their findings is provided below.

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Famines and diseases, earthquakes and explosions are all unavoidable catastrophes in this era. Almost all of Europe’s population will be wiped off, and America will be immersed in water after a period of time; in the end, Russia will triumph. In the next incarnation, the victorious will conquer Russia. Nilachal (also known as Jagannath Puri) in India will merge into the ocean. It has been customary to submerge a portion of India at the conclusion of each period. Lanka was flooded at the end of Treta, and Dwarka was drowned at the end of Dwapar. And now, towards the end of the Kali Yuga, Hinduism’s principal pilgrimage place, Jagannathpuri, will vanish.

Bhavishya Malika Predictions
Bhavishya Malika Predictions | Prophecies End of Kaliyuga

India’s and the World’s Prophecies for 2020-2025 | End of Kaliyuga

We’ve compiled a list of some of these forecasts for the readers’ consideration.

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Let’s take a look at a few of the forecasts.

1. Meteoroid showers are expected in the state of Odisha.

2. According to Achyutananda Das, a stone will fall from the Shri Jagannath temple in Puri.

3. According to Achyutananda, the water level will rise to the 22nd step of Lord Jagatnath temple in Puri. Puri is a well-known tourist destination in Odisha. Lord Jagatnath has a magnificent temple (Lord Vishnu). The main temple, which houses the idols of the three gods (Kalla, Balia, and Subhdra), has 22 massive steps leading up to it. So, according to Achyutananda, the water level will rise to the 22nd step, which is pretty terrifying. He predicted that water will rise to the 22nd step of the Puri temple, forcing Lord Jagannath and his siblings to relocate to a new location known as Chhatia Batt.

4. A massive tsunami will strike the state, causing extensive devastation.

5. Only a few people, according to the saints’ prophesies, will be able to survive the tragedy.

6. Saint foresaw that the dead will rise from their graves.

7. He foretold that the Kaliyuga’s final fight would take place at a fort in Cuttack.

8. In the middle of the night, a final trumpet will sound, followed by darkness.

9. For 7 days and 7 nights, the sun will not rise, and wild creatures will roam the streets, posing a hazard to humans.

10. There will be a scarcity of food and water during this time, and dark entities such as witches, ghosts, and others will become even more powerful.

11. Saint anticipated that a new world order would emerge after all the damage.

12. He predicted that six districts in Odisha state would be drowned in the sea by 2023. This prediction is the idea for the film “Kalira Atita.”

13. The saint foretold that the Hirakud Dam would fail.

Russia will become a Hindu country, according to Saint Achyutananda Malika.

He predicted that the United States of America will sink in the ocean.

16. According to the Great Saint, Muslims and Chinese will get together to invade India.

17. According to his predictions, India will be attacked in 2022 and a long war will ensue.

18. According to saints’ predictions, a major disaster would occur in the year 2024, killing countless people.

Lord Baladeva will rule novel Hastinapur, now known as Delhi, in the year 2024, according to Achyutananda Das Malika.

20. A new international order is established.

The fundamental goal of predictions, according to Saint Achyutananda Das, is not to scare people, but to serve as a warning to those who are on the wrong path, so that they can change before it’s too late and commit to the path of righteousness.

Bhavishya Malika Predictions about End of Kaliyuga by Achyutananda Das Ji
Bhavishya Malika Predictions about End of Kaliyuga by Saint Achyutananda Das Ji

Other Experts Predictions

At the time of writing, Shero Sahib’s name was among the many astrologers in Europe and America. He authored a large book of prophecy in 1925, in which he discussed the divine occurrences and new transformations taking place over the earth. His prediction is based on the idea that the Earth’s orbital axis moves steadily away from its original position.

As a result of all of this, the sun appears to be moving away from its original position. The earth moves in such a way that the Sun appears in each of the twelve signs one by one. It takes 2150 years to go from one zodiac to the next, and 25800 years to go from one sign to the next.

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The Sun was in Pisces at the time of Christ. Since 1762, it has been in the sign of Aquarius. When the Sun entered the Pisces sign, the sea races advanced as a result of its fruit. Aquarius now has a particularly strong influence on countries such as Russia, China, and India. And these are the countries that will make the most development in this era.

Russia, according to ancient astrological books, belongs to the sign of Aquarius, and its lord is Saturn; it is seen as a major weight in terms of human destiny. Shani has been given the shape of a deity who concurrently consumes his children in the ancient Puranas of Poona. It’s soon discovered in the Not Avautile in Thes category. It has always devoured its own offspring.

There have always been numerous individuals killed in revolutions and revolutions in Russia, from the time of the old emperors to now, fifty years ago, during the reign of the Czar. Even in the days of the Boroviks, there were several assassinations of opponents. But there will come a day when these people’s blood, which has been shed like water for a long time, will give birth to a new class and a new earth.

The movement of the world is greatly affected by changes in the Earth’s orbit. The shifting of the poles causes large earthquakes. The depth of the oceans differs; water becomes land instead of land, and water becomes land instead of water. Within fifty years, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, as well as the northern sections of England, France, Germany, and Russia, will be so frigid that living there will be difficult.

As a result, China, India, Egypt, Palestine, and other countries that are still regarded hot will become individuals with strong feelings. This will result in significant improvement for these countries, as well as a significant growth in their global relevance. The Sahara (desert) of Africa will become a sea again with the birth of a new island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, changing the body of that country and transforming it into a major centre of future civilisation.

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The socioeconomic state of the globe will change dramatically as long as the Sun remains in Aquarius, which is around two thousand years from now. Women and labourers will be the majority in this era. Due to the downfall of other religions, communism will spread over the world. Strange theories will be spread around the world, and people will believe them.

People who are wealthy will gladly give up their fortune and become destitute. The emperors will eat bread with the people, and the workers will dictate to the wealthy. Great people’s sons and daughters will become communists and distribute their forefathers’ land and property to the poor. Christianity will also undergo significant changes, with new doctrines being introduced.

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