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Know the Worship Method, Significance and Benefits of Sunderkand

The great deeds of Hanuman ji have been described very beautifully in Sunderkand Path. Originally Sunderkand is an important part of Ramayana composed by Valmiki, but Sunderkand has also found a place in the creations of Lord Rama composed by many other authors including Tulsidas. Although Sunderkand composed by Tulsidas is considered the most popular.

According to Hindu beliefs, whoever recites Sundar Kand gets the blessings of not only Hanuman ji but also Lord Rama. Why do people of Hindu religion consider Sundar Kand so important? How does a person get the fruits of Sundar Kand? Today in this article we will discuss what is the correct method of doing this lesson?

शान्तं शाश्वतमप्रमेयनघं निर्वाणशान्तिप्रदं
ब्रह्माशम्भुफणीन्द्रसेव्यमनिशं वेदान्तवेद्यं विभुम्।
रामाख्यं जगदीश्वरं सुरगुरुं मायामनुष्यं हरिं
वन्देहं करुणाकरं रघुवरं भूपालचूडामणिम्।।1।।

Shaantan Dharataamaprameyaanghan Nirvaanashaantipradan
Brahmaashambhuphaneendrasevyamanishan Vedaantavedyan Vibhum.
Raamaakhyan Jagadeeshvaran Suragurun Maayaamanushyan Harin
Vandehan Karunaakaran Raghuvaran Bhoopaalachoodaamanim..1..

Sunderkand composed by Talsidas begins with the above verse. Lord Ram has been worshiped in the verse and his glory has been praised. He has been described as the destroyer of all sorrows. After this, the incidents of Hanuman ji going to Lanka are mentioned in Sunderkand, his meeting with Vibhishan after reaching Lanka and finally his dialogue with Mother Sita are also found in Sunderkand.

Overall, Sunderkand is that chapter of Ramcharitmanas in which Hanuman ji executes many great works on the strength of his strength and intelligence. This is the reason why the people of Hindu religion consider the recitation of Sunderkand very important.

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Significance of Sunderkand

Ram devotees are considered to be the ones who provide strength, wisdom and devotion to Hanuman ji. Whether it is Hanuman Chalisa or Sundarkand, by reciting both of these, a person gets to see many positive effects in life. The person who recites Sunderkand daily, his concentration increases and he is filled with confidence. Just as Hanuman ji accomplished big tasks easily by remembering his powers, in the same way by reciting Sunderkand, people come to know their real powers.

Knowing one’s true powers, one overcomes many obstacles. Reciting Sunderkand makes a person mentally strong and defeats the opponents. Not only this, Sunderkand also creates positive feelings within the person and reciting it also motivates the person to do good work for the society. This is the reason why pundits and astrologers also advise people to recite Sundar Kand.

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Significance of Sunderkand

Sunderkand Recitation Calms the Malefic Planets of the Horoscope

Recitation of Sunder kand also reduces the effect of bad planets present in the horoscope. By reciting Sundar Kand on Tuesday and Saturday, the planets Mars and Saturn become pacified. By reciting Sundar Kand, you can avoid many problems even during Shani’s Dhaiya and Sade Sati. Along with this, Sundarkand can also be recited to remove the side effects of bad planets like Rahu-Ketu.

Deliverance from Negative Forces

Regular recitation of Sunderkand removes the negative forces inside you. By doing this lesson, there is no obstacle related to ghosts in your house. Reciting Sunder kand proves beneficial not only for you but for all the members living in your house. Even if you are not able to recite Sunder kand regularly, you must do it once a week.

Method of Reciting Sunderkand

There is no special method to recite Sunder kand, if you have faith in your mind, you can recite it with a pure heart in the morning and evening. However, if you are reciting Sundar Kand to get some special benefit, then you should recite Sundar Kand according to the method given below.

• If you are reciting Sunderkand to get any special fruit, then start from Tuesday or Saturday.

• Before starting Sunderkand, take bath, meditate and wear clean clothes.

• After this, install the idol of Hanuman ji in a temple or at the place of worship at home.

• Along with Hanumanji, you can also install the idol or picture of Lord Rama and Mother Sita in the temple.

• After this offer flowers, fruits etc. to Hanuman ji.

• Worship Lord Ganesha before starting Sundar Kand.

• Recite Sunderkand while wishing for the purpose for which you are reciting Sunderkand.

• Don’t let your mind wander while reciting Sunder kand.

• On the day you recite Sunderkand, don’t let lustful thoughts enter your mind and don’t do any work by being influenced by lust.

• Along with this, the person who recites Sunderkand should not consume intoxicants like meat-alcohol.

How Did Sundarkand Get Its Name?

As there is mention of Lord Hanuman ji going to Lanka in Sunder kand. Lanka was settled between three mountains Subail, Neel and Sundar Mountains. These three mountains are also called Trikutatal Mountain. Of these three, the most popular mountain was the beautiful mountain because Ashok Vatika was located here. When Hanumanji reached Lanka, he met Mother Sita in this garden that is why this whole incident has been named Sunder kand.

Sunderkand Recitation Brings Auspiciousness

You would often get advice from astrologers to recite Sunderkand. The reason for this is that by doing Sunderkand, many obstacles in a person’s life are removed, not only this, the confidence of the person also increases. If you do this lesson continuously at home, then there will be happiness and prosperity in your home. Hanuman ji had found the address of Mother Sita on the strength of his intelligence and strength.

That’s why the person who recites Sunder kand, his intelligence also develops. With the grace of Lord Hanuman ji, your brightness increases and your speech also shines. By doing this lesson, there is no confusion in your mind and you can clearly think about your life.

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Sunderkand Benefits

Brief Description of Sunderkand

Sunder kand begins with the departure of Hanuman ji to Lanka. After his departure, the Gods, Gandharva and Maharishi pray to Nagamata Sursa to test him to test Hanuman ji to know whether he will be able to complete Ram ji’s work successfully or not.

After this Nag Mata Sursa takes the test of Hanuman ji in which he is successful. Even after this, many obstacles come in the way of Hanuman ji, crossing which Pawansut moves towards Lanka. In Lanka, Hanuman ji meets Ravana’s brother Vibhishana who is a devotee of Shri Ram. In Shriramcharitmanas, Tulsidas has described this meeting in a very emotional way. When Hanuman ji sees Vibhishan’s house, how he feels, you will know from the couplet written below.

रामायुध अंकित गृह सोभा बरनि न जाइ।
नव तुलसिका बृंद तहँं देखि हरष कपिराई।।

Raamaayudh Ankit Grh Sobha Barani Na Jai.
Nav Tulasika Brnd Tahan Dekhi Harash Kapiraee..

That is, Vibhishan’s palace was marked with symbols of Ramji’s weapon (bow and arrow) and its beauty cannot be told. Hanuman ji was very happy to see new basil trees there.

Hanuman ji meets mother Sita in Ashok Vatika. He is very sad to see the condition of the mother. Where Hanuman ji gives the message of Ram ji to mother Sita by showing Ram ji’s ring.

After this Hanuman ji starts eating fruits in Ashokavatika where he has a war with many demons and he defeats all the demons with his muscle power. At last Lankapati Ravana sends his son Meghnad to fight with Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji puts Meghnad in doubt with his prowess, after which Meghnad has to use Brahmastra after getting tired. Keeping the respect of Brahmastra, Hanuman ji surrenders, after which Meghnad takes him captive and takes him to Ravana’s court.

In Ravana’s court, on the strength of his intelligence, Hanuman ji gives logical answers to Ravana’s questions and praises Lord Rama in front of Ravana. Along with this, he tells Ravana to leave his pride and leave Mother Sita and take refuge in Lord Rama.

जाकें-डर-अति-काल-डेराई। जो-सुर-असुर-चराचर-खाई।।
तासों-बयरु-कबहुँ-नहिं-कीजै। मोरे-कहें-जानकी-दीजै।।

Jaaken Dar Ati Kaal Deraee. Jo Sur Asur Charaachar Be..
Taason Baru Kabahun Nahin Keejai. Adhik Kahen Jaanakee Deejai..

Ravana is not affected by any lesson given by Hanuman ji and he gets angry. Ravana’s ego is so high that he cannot tolerate that an ordinary creature should preach to him. After this, in order to take revenge from Hanuman ji, Ravana says that monkeys love their tail very much, so set fire to this monkey’s tail. Hanuman ji’s tail is set on fire in Ravana’s court itself, after which Hanuman ji burns Ravana’s entire Lanka with the fire on his tail. Seeing the burning Lanka, even the demons of Lanka get scared and they get distraught. After this, extinguishing the tail fire and resting for a while, Hanuman ji plans to leave Lanka.

Before leaving Lanka, Hanuman ji bids farewell to Mother Sita. During this, Mother Sita gives Chudamani to Hanuman ji as her sign. After this Hanuman ji returns back to Ram ji. Overall speaking, Sunderkand is that chapter of Ramayana whose main character is Hanuman ji and that is why it is said that by reciting Sundarkand, blessings of Hanuman ji are received.

Reciting Sunderkand is Most Beneficial In Kalyug

It is believed that Hanuman, the son of wind, is the only one among all the deities who roams the earth even today. That’s why Hanuman ji is definitely happy by reciting Sunder kand. It is believed that whoever recites Sunder kand with devotion continuously for forty weeks, many positive changes come in his life. The desires of the mind of such a person are fulfilled. It would not be wrong to say that reciting Sunder kand is very good even in Kalyug. The person whose shadow stops being visible, his end time is also near.

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Brief Description of Sunderkand

Countless Benefits of Sunderkand Lesson

Recitation of Sundarkand

It is believed that any mantra or recitation related to Hanuman ji is more powerful than any other mantra. Hanuman ji gives strength and power to his devotees as a result of their worship.

Benefits of Sunderkand

But today, we’ll focus specifically on the significance of the advantages offered by the Sunderkand text. To appease Hanuman Ji, worshippers typically recite the Hanuman Chalisa. Both adults and toddlers can recall the Hanuman Chalisa with ease.

Hanuman Chalisa

But in addition to Hanuman Chalisa, reciting Sunderkand regularly would appeal to you if you are aware of its advantages. A well-known Hindu myth states that a devotee who recites Sunder kand would soon have their desires granted.

Sundarkand Chapter

Sunderkand is the fifth of Goswami Tulsidas’s seven chapters that make up the Ramcharitmanas. All of Ramcharit Manas’ chapters are dedicated to worshipping God, but Sunderkand’s significance has been emphasised more.

Importance of Sunderkand Lesson

While the entirety of the Ramcharitmanas tells the majesty of God and his attributes, the narrative of Sunderkand is distinct from the rest of the Ramcharitmanas. It is not about Lord Rama’s virtues in this case; rather, it is about his devotee and his success.

Benefits of Hanuman Path

The devotee who chants Sunder kand get power from Hanuman ji. Negative power is gained by that devotee; it cannot even stray near him. According to another popular belief, repeating Sunderkand causes all work to begin being done automatically when a devotee’s confidence is low or there is no work being done in their lives.

Classical Beliefs

Science has also clarified the significance of the lesson from Sundarkand, in addition to conventional wisdom. According to a number of psychologists, reciting Sunder kand gives the devotee more self-assurance and willpower.

Meaning of Sundarkand Text

The message behind each and every syllable in this literature encourages the devotee to never give up in life. Psychologists advise reciting Sunderkand before any significant exams if you want to do well on them.

Importance of Sundarkand Text

If possible, students should recite Sunder kand. This lesson will instill confidence in them and take them closer to success.

Formula for Success

You might not be aware of it, but if you are familiar with the meaning of Sunder kand’s sentences, you will be aware that the text also contains advice on how to succeed in life.

Successful Life Mantra

Nobody can stop someone from succeeding if they follow this method in their lives. Because of this, it is suggested that Sundarkand be repeated at the very least if Ramcharitmanas cannot be performed in its entirety.

Recite Sundarkand at This Time

It’s even been reported that when the Ramayana is recited at home, just one member of the household should recite Sunder kand. This energises the home positively.

Benefits of Astrology

Astrologically speaking, this lesson removes the unfavourable planets that were looming over every member of the house. If you are unable to recite this lesson personally, then at the very least, everyone in the home has to hear it. Reciting the Sunderkand might help you get rid of bad planetary omens.

Purification of Soul

Reciting Sunderkand gives spiritual benefits. The soul becomes pure. By reciting Sunderkand, the soul gets ready to meet the Supreme Soul. Man does what he has come to do in this world of life. And reciting Sundar Kand purifies the soul.

Drive Away Diseases

The lesson of Sunderkand is the name of hitting many targets with one arrow. Recitation keeps diseases away. This ends your poverty.

Mental Happiness

If a person recites Sunderkand continuously, he gets many benefits. By continuously reciting Sunderkand, one gets mental happiness and peace.

Clear Up the Mess

If you live in a place which is deserted. And you are always in fear of something untoward happening. So you recite Sunderkand. This keeps every problem coming to you away.

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Worship method of Sunderkand

Sunderkand Lesson If Children Do Not Respect

If your children do not listen to you and do not respect elders, then you can motivate your children to recite Sunderkand. If they have forgotten their values, then you can get the children to recite Sunderkand to the children.

Debt Relief

If you have got a lot of debt then you should recite Sunderkand. The lesson of Sunderkand gives freedom from debt.

Freedom from Fear

You should recite Sunderkand if you have nightmares and fear at night. The way the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa gives freedom from the fear of the mind. In the same way, by reciting Sunderkand, one gets freedom from the fear of the mind.

Grace of Hanuman

Hanuman’s grace remains by reciting Sunderkand. Not only Hanuman but also Lord Ram’s grace remains. If both of you want to get the grace of God, then recite Sunderkand.

Get Rid Of Home Distress

By reciting Sunderkand, one gets relief from domestic distress. Reciting this brings positive energy to the house. Due to which the negative forces born in the house get rid of.

Beneficial For Students

If students recite Sunderkand then they get success in their student life. He is interested in studies. And get good marks in the exam. That’s why students must read Sunderkand.

Residence of Positive Forces in the House

It is believed that by reciting Sunderkand, the atmosphere in the house remains positive and loving. If Sunderkand is recited by a member of the house, then it is even more beneficial.

Remove Malefic Planets

By reciting Sunderkand, the condition of inauspicious planets can be made auspicious. That’s why Sundarkand should be recited regularly.

Never Give Up

There are many stages in life when we lose our strength. The mind becomes sad. So in such a situation you should not give up. Because the lesson of Sunderkand gives you the power to never give up.

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