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Best Lakme Eyeliners in the Market

Lakme is a well-known cosmetics brand in India. Lakme is a French name that signifies Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty and riches, which is something few people know about this well-known brand. For a long time, this indigenous brand has been producing skin care and beauty items. Lakme’s eye makeup products, like any other product, are highly popular. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest Lakme eyeliners in this Stylecrase article. Because eyeliner is such an important component of eye makeup, women do not want to skimp on its quality. That is why we will discuss 7 of the best Lakme eyeliners in this article.

Tell us which Lakme eyeliners you think belong on this list of the top Lakme eyeliners.

Best Lakme Eyeliners Based on Customer Experiences

This article’s content is based on real-life client experiences. Along with user feedback, the company’s claims have been included in the Lakme product description. Let us now see which Lakme eyeliners are featured in the greatest Lakme eyeliners list:-

Absolute Shine Line Liquid Eye Liner By Lakme

Lakme says that this liquid eyeliner delivers strong colour that lasts for hours in a single stroke. Its vibrant colours can give the eyes a beautiful appearance. Come learn about its benefits and drawbacks.


• This is the greatest long-lasting Lakme eyeliner, and it’s made with a water-based formula.

• It can give the eyes a lustrous appearance.

• It has a decent eyeliner brush.

• Comes in four vibrant colours: black, brown, red, and green.

• This Lakme eyeliner dries rapidly and gives a wonderful matte look to the under eye lids.

• It’s water-resistant and travel-friendly, with decent packing.


• Excessive application may result in cracks after drying.

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Kajal Pencil Eye Liner By Lakme

This kajal pencil can be used as the best Lakme eyeliner for daily use. This classic kajal pencil can offer coolness and comfort to the eyes in addition to brightening them. Camphor and castor oil characteristics are present.


This eyeliner has the following advantages:

• It has a strong black colour and does not spread when applied.

• Can give the eyes a dramatic appearance.

• It has the ability to produce an ultra-soft finish.

• It can be used as equally a kajal & eye liner.

• It has a solid grip and is easy to use.

• When used as a mascara, it’s claimed to cause no irritation or stinging because it’s made with natural essential oils that are good for the eyes.

• It can be used on the lash line (eyelids) as well as the water line (on the eyes).


• It does not come with a sharpener to make the tip of the knife finer.

• While peeling this pencil, it may become a kajal waste, and the kajal may fade over time.

Lakme Eyeliners

Lakme Impact 9 To 5 Eye Liner

Lakme 9 to 5 Impact Eye Liner is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for the best Lakme eyeliner. It promises to be the darkest black eyeliner on the market, and it doesn’t fade easily.


• It is water resistant.

• It dries rapidly.

• It has a long shelf life.

• It has a silky, velvety texture.

• It’s available in a number of appealing colours.

• It comes in stylish packaging.

• The office claims to be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., which equates to 8 hours of immunisation.


• Its brush is inconvenient to use when drawing fine lines.

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Iconic Fine Tip Liner By Lakme

If you’re looking for a product that will help you create a beautiful line like the best Lakme eyeliner, this is the one to get. This pen has an eyeliner fine tip and may give the eyes a rich black finish.


• Simple to set up;

• Dermatologically tested

• It claims to be able to last up to 14 hours.

• It works well for giving eyes waterproof strokes.

• It is simple to remove from the eyes.

• The tip of this eye liner is quite lovely.

• Because this liner is highly pigmented, it provides excellent coverage with a small quantity of product.


• Its tip isn’t particularly soft.

• When exposed to air, the colour of the eyeliner does not remain deep black.

Absolute Gloss Artist Eye Liner By Lakme

This eyeliner claims to give the eyelids a shiny sheen. The heavy black colour, which can make the eyes appealing in one stroke, is why it is included in the list of top Lakme eyeliners.


Its fine brush tip makes applying eyeliner easier, and it gives the eyes a lot of sparkle and coverage.

• It has a long shelf life.

• It’s simple to use on both the inner and outer corners of the eyes, as well as the lids.

• It doesn’t spread after it’s been applied.


• Its hue may lighten slightly after four to five hours.

• This liner may be too pricey for certain folks.

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Great Lakme Eyeliners

Insta Eye Liner By Lakme

Lakme’s liquid eye liner is extremely popular among college students. This is due to the liner’s rich black colour and the fact that it is inexpensive. This liner lasts a long time because only a small amount is required for the eyes. Let us know what its benefits and drawbacks are:-


• This liner is water resistant.

• It’s easy to apply and dries quickly.

• This eyeliner is ideal for everyday usage.

• It has an excellent brush.

• It’s easy to transport.

• Has a long-standing outcome on the eyes.


• It has the ideal texture, which is neither too thin nor too thick.

• Comes in a glass vial, which may break if dropped.

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Iconic Block Tip Liner By Lakme

If you’re looking for the best Lakme eyeliner, the Lakme Iconic Block Tip Liner Pen is a terrific choice. It has the ability to give the eyes a superb bold look. Lakme says that its shine lasts for 14 hours after application.


• This waterproof pan eyeliner is a plus.

• It has a fine tip that aids in the creation of exact lines.

• It can be used to give the eyes a dramatic effect.

• This product has been dermatologically tested.

• It’s easy to transport.

• Quickly dries.

• Easily accessible


• When applied, it has the potential to spread.

These were some fantastic Lakme eyeliners, as well as some interesting facts about them. This collection of finest Lakme eyeliners can help you give your eye makeup a new appearance and twist. Using the Amazon links provided in this post, you can purchase your favourite eyeliner. We hope you found this information useful. Don’t forget to share Stylecrase’s article with your friends.

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