Japa Mala | Sacred Garlands for Mantra Jaap Chanting | Which Garland Will Make the Gods Happy?

Which Garland Will Make the Gods Happy?

Chanting has a specific meaning in Hinduism when it is performed during devotion. It is common knowledge that Lord Shiva can be appeased by chanting Maha Mrityunjaya while wearing a Rudraksha rosary. You may have frequently observed sadhus holding various sorts of garlands in temples or other religious settings. Another kind of sadhna is rosary recitation. Therefore, be aware of which garland will please which god.

Mantra Jaap Chanting Garlands | Japa Mala

Japa Mala 1

Rudraksh Japa Mala (Garland)

  • Rudraksh has several meanings, including Rudra, which is Shiva’s eye or tears in the eyes.
  • Shiva was devastated by Mother Sati’s passing, and her tears, which fell in numerous locations, gave birth to the Rudraksh seeds.
  • Rudraksha, which is Lord Shiva himself, has a special frequency that protects the seeker’s energy from outside influences.
  • Chanting is done while wearing a Rudraksha garland to appease Lord Shiva.

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Japa Mala 2

Tulsi Japa Mala (Garland)

  • The Tulsi plant was used to make this garland.
  • Tulsi is very revered and brimming with healing and spiritual qualities.
  • With this garland, you may recite the Gayatri Mantra, Lord Vishnu, Rama, and Krishna mantras for good results.
  • It is also worn by Vaishnava saints, householders, and monks in the shape of a kanthi.
  • People who are not vegetarians shouldn’t wear Tulsi garlands.

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Japa Mala 3

Crystal Japa Mala (Garland)

  • A crystal garland is utilized to achieve material possessions, as well as appeal and shape.
  • A crystal garland should be worn while reciting Lakshmi ji’s mantras.

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Japa Mala 4

Turmeric Japa Mala (Garland)

  • A knot of Haridra was used to create this garland (turmeric).
  • For reciting Pitambara Devi, Maa Baglamukhi, this garland is specifically utilized.
  • With this garland, chanting the Jupiter mantra produces favorable outcomes.

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Japa Mala 5

White Sandalwood Japa Mala (Garland)

  • Sandalwood comes in two varieties. Both white and red sandalwood.
  • On a white sandalwood garland, reciting the mantras of Mahasaraswati, Mahalaxmi, Gayatri, and other deities is particularly productive.
  • It is recommended to wear this garland around your neck in order to achieve Lakshmi and achieve mental tranquilly.

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Japa Mala 6

Turquoise Japa Mala (Garland)

  • Most people of all religions utilize turquoise, which is one such gemstone.
  • Buddhists believe that by wearing a garland made of this gem, love will continue to exist between all members of the family and society.
  • It enhances pleasure by transforming negative energy into good form while being worn.

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Japa Mala 7

Vaijayanti Japa Mala (Garland)

  • This wreath is worn by Lord Vishnu.
  • This promotes self-confidence and provides newfound power.
  • One should recite with a Vaijayanti rosary in order to appease Lord Vishnu.

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Japa Mala 8

Hakik Japa Mala (Garland)

  • Hakik comes in a wide range of hues, with six primary colour categories.
  • White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and five other colours.
  • To relieve planetary aches, it is advised to wear hakiks of various colours.
  • Navagraha, Lord Shiva, and Hanuman Ji enjoy particular favour by reciting with the Hakik Mala.
Japa Mala 9

Conch Shell Japa Mala (Garland)

  • In India, conch shells hold a particular position.
  • Conch shells in Navnidhi are likewise regarded as one, as is ashtasiddhi in heaven.
  • For performing Shiva sadhna, conch is regarded as the finest.
  • Chanting the conch shell rosary can help you reach riddhi-siddhi.
  • A conch garland provides the wearer control over their words, which boosts confidence.
Japa Mala 10

Kamal Gatte Japa Mala (Garland)

  • Lotus garland is a wreath made of lotus flower seeds.
  • One gains triumph over adversaries by wearing or singing this garland.
  • For reciting Maa Lakshmi, a lotus gatte garland is thought to be lucky.
Japa Mala 11

Jiyapota Japa Mala (Garland)

  • Jiyapota garland is a wreath fashioned from Jiyapota seeds.
  • Wear Jiyapota’s garland if you want a kid.
  • The desired wish is satisfied by wearing this silver wire garland.

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Japa Mala 12

Pearl Japa Mala (Garland)

  • A pearl garland is a wreath constructed of pearl beads.
  • To improve luck, wear a pearl garland.
  • Chanting is performed while wearing a pearl garland to appease the moon planet.
  • One should praise Lord Narayana while wearing a pearl garland if they want a son.
Japa Mala 13

Gunja Japa Mala (Garland)

  • Fruit called “Garland of Gunja Gunja” has seeds that are both red and black.
  • The individual who is wearing this garland attracts a lot of attention.
  • Chanting with a gunja mala will help you attract people or hold their attention.

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Gajdant Japa Mala (Garland)

  • To obtain the blessings of Lord Shri Ganesha, Ganesh Mantras are performed while wearing Gajdant’s garland.
  • As a result, the person’s knowledge and intellectual capacity grow, and he succeeds in gaining success and intelligence.
  • Wishes come true in seven nights if the Ganesh Shabar mantras are performed while wearing a garland of Gajdant.
  • In addition to these, the law of chanting with garlands of different jewels, stones, seeds, gold, silver, etc. has been described in the scriptures for the achievement of various duties.
Japa Mala 14

Use the Appropriate Rosary [Japa Mala (Garland)] to Chant

People do worship to appease the gods and goddesses, but the most potent and effective way to appease them swiftly is to sing mantras. Mantras have a lot of power, according to religious books and light. If recited correctly and wholeheartedly, the favour of God is attained very quickly. Do you aware that there are guidelines that must be followed when chanting a certain deity? For example, when would be the best moment to begin chanting, which garland to utilize, etc.

Lord Shiva

Chanting Lord Shiva while wearing a Rudraksha rosary is good. As a result, Lord Shiva is instantly pleased and grants all of his requests.

Goddess Lakshmi

Lakshmi ji’s blessings are crucial in life. Always recite the Lakshmi Mantra while holding a lotus garland to attract happiness, success, and money in life.

Lord Vishnu

It is recommended to recite to Lord Vishnu while wearing a garland made of sandalwood and basil, according to legend.

Goddess Saraswati

Using a crystal garland, one should chant the mantras of Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom. By doing this, money will be available as well as the ability to keep the mind at ease. It is stated that wearing a rhinestone garland has no impact on a person’s negativity.

Lord Shri Ganesh and Devguru Brihaspati

It is advisable to sing the mantras of Lord Shri Ganesh and Devguru Brihaspati while wearing a turmeric garland. Lord Ganesha. The time it takes to acquire the results is short.

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Maa Kali

It is recommended that you repeat Maa Kali’s mantras while wearing a black turmeric or indigo lotus garland.

Maa Amba

The greatest way to win Maa Amba over is with a rhinestone wreath. Chant these while wearing a sphatik garland.

Maa Durga

According to the scriptures, reciting Durga Maa’s mantras while wearing a garland made of blood-colored sandalwood is particularly beneficial and produces results quickly.

Lord Krishna

One should recite while holding a white sandalwood garland in order to receive Lord Krishna’s blessings. With this, hopes are quickly realized.

Surya Dev

It is stated that obtaining the Sun God’s blessings is crucial for leading a prosperous and contented life. Chant their chants while wearing ruby or bel wood garlands.

Chandra Dev

It is preferable to repeat Chandra Dev’s mantras while wearing a pearl garland. This keeps the mind in a relaxed and balanced state.

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Remember These Things About Japa Mala (Garland)

  • You shouldn’t put on the rosary you’re using to chant until the chanting is over.
  • Keep the singing rosary in a spotless area of the home’s temple.
  • There should be 108 beads in the garland.
  • The garland should be covered with a towel or kept in Gomukhi while the mantra is being chanted.
  • Never use another person’s rosary; always make your own garland.
  • You shouldn’t wear the rosary you use to recite the mantra.

Every mantra has a certain way that it must be said. Knowing when to say the mantra, how much to chant, and for how long is crucial since incorrect chanting may also be damaging. You can follow our experts’ recommendations if you don’t fully understand chanting. You may also WhatsApp us, email us, or enter your contact information in the comment section below.

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