Important Rules of Ekadashi Fasting or Ekadashi Vrat

Important Rules of Ekadashi Fasting or Vrat, One Must Know

Ekadashi Date or Tithi is also referred as ‘Hari Day’ and ‘Hari Wasar’ in Hindu mythology. Hari means the day of Lord Vishnu, the savior of the world. It is said that Ekadashi fast gives more fruit than Havan, Yagya, Vedic rituals etc. There is also a belief of keeping this fast that ancestors or ancestors get heaven from this.


Important Rules of Ekadashi Fasting or Ekadashi Vrat
Important Rules of Ekadashi Fasting or Ekadashi Vrat


According to the scriptures, fasting on Ekadashi is very important. Also the rules of all religions are different. On the day of Ekadashi, one should wake up early in the morning and take a vow of fast and take a bath with pure water.  At the end of the fast, one should ask for forgiveness from Shri Hari Vishnu for any unintentional mistake or sin. On the next morning i.e. on Dwadashi Tithi, again worshiping Lord Krishna and feeding the Brahmin should be done.


Rules of Ekadashi | Ekadashi Ke Niyam

Especially according to Hinduism, a person who wishes to observe Ekadashi fast should follow some mandatory rules from the day of Dashami.

  1. On Ekadashi, one should speak sweet words without getting angry.
  1. The Ekadashi fasting individual should not consume prohibited items like meat, garlic, onion, lentils etc. on the day of Dashami.
  1. One should follow complete celibacy at night and should stay away from indulgences and luxuries.
  1. On Ekadashi, don’t use wooden teeth in the morning, chew lemon, jamun or mango leaves and clean the throat with your finger, plucking a leaf from a tree is also prohibited. Therefore, take the fallen leaf itself and consume it.
  1. If this is not possible, rinse with water twelve times. Then go to the temple after taking bath and recite Gita or listen to Gita recitation from priest.
  1. Then a vow should be made in front of the Lord in such a way that ‘Today I will not talk to thieves, hypocrites and wicked people, nor will I hurt anyone’s heart. I will do jagaran at night and do kirtan.
  1. After that chant this twelfth mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya’. Make the sahasranama of Vishnu like Rama, Krishna, Narayan etc.
  1. Pray by remembering Lord Vishnu and say – O Trilokinath! My disgrace is in your hands, so give me the power to fulfil this promise.
  1. Even if you have spoken to a slanderer by mistake, then after having darshan of Lord Suryanarayana, worship Srihari with incense-lamp and ask for forgiveness.
  1. One should not sweep the house on Ekadashi day because there is a fear of death of micro-organisms like ant etc.
  1. Hair should not be cut on this day.
  1. Don’t speak too much. Speaking too much, even the unspeakable words come out of the mouth.
  1. Donation should be done on this day as much as possible. Under no circumstances take any foodstuff given by anybody. Ekadashi mixed with Dashami is considered old.
  1. Vaishnavas should observe a fast on Ekadashi with a suitable Dwadashi. Break the fast before Trayodashi arrives.
  1. Carrot, turnip, cabbage, spinach, etc. must not be used up by the fasting creature on Ekadashi (Gyaras).
  1. Eat nectar fruits like banana, mango, grapes, almond, pistachio etc.
  1. Everything should be accepted by offering Bhog to the Lord and leaving Tulsi Dal.
  1. On the day of Dwadashi, Brahmins should be given sweets, dakshina.


How Did Ekadashi Fasting Started?

In relation to who is Bhagwati Ekadashi, there is a story in the Padma Purana that once the virtuous Dharmaraja Yudhishthira was blessed by Leela Purushottam Lord Shri Krishna to get rid of all sorrows, triadic heats, compare the rituals of thousands of yagyas, the one who easily gave all the four efforts. To observe Ekadashi fast. By observing this fast, all the troubles of life end and the fasting person gets divine results. Therefore, all the devotees must follow the rules of Ekadashi fasting.

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