20 Most Haunted Places in the World | Stories of Most Haunted Locations | Beware!! Before Visit

20 Most Haunted Places in the World

In every corner of the globe, there are many myths concerning wandering spirits. Many people have felt it, and many more have claimed to have seen it. People are divided on how much truth there is in the presence of these wandering souls as ghosts. However, whether or not ghosts exist has always been a source of fascination.

In this age of knowledge, we have always rejected their existence, but many people have experienced this terror. The truth is that there are many areas where people have talked about ghosts in real life. There are hundreds of such places around the world, but we’ll tell you about ten of them here, which will not only make you laugh, but will also make your hair stand on end.

Only those with a strong heart should visit the World’s Most Haunted Places.

20 Most Haunted Places in the World | Stories of Most Haunted Locations | Beware!! Before Visit
Monte Cristo Principality, New South Wales, Australia | Most Haunted Places in the World

New South Wales, Australia’s Monte Cristo Principality

The historic Monte Cristo Principality is located in New South Wales, Australia, in the Zuni region. This principality has been listed as one of Australia’s most haunted and frightening locations. This is due of the numerous sad occurrences that have occurred here since its erection in 1885.

After construction, the Crevale family retained ownership of Monte Cristo, and the Crevale family lived there until 1948. Many adverse situations occurred during this time, many of which resulted in people losing their lives. Many tragedies, such as the sad death of a toddler after tumbling down the stairs, the death of a maid after falling from the house’s balcony, and the unnatural death of a boy working in the stables due to fire, have rendered this area horrible.

The man who defended the Principality of Monte Cristo is also claimed to have had a son named Harold. He was irrational and violent at times. That’s why he was confined to his home for nearly 40 years, bound with an iron chain. People noticed him lying next to his mother’s lifeless body one day. He was committed to an insane asylum after this episode, where he died a few days later.

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The Crewley family eventually left the house in 1948, distracted by the ongoing strange and frightening incidents. Even after this family left, the string of unnatural deaths that occurred here continued. Following the Crewley family’s departure, a group of persons bought Monte Cristo to rent it out, and they all moved into the house designed for the caretakers. However, one of them was murdered there just a few days later. Following the murder, the surviving residents departed the area, and Monte Cristo has been uninhabited ever since.

20 Most Haunted Places in the World | Stories of Most Haunted Locations | Beware!! Before Visit
Singapore Changi Hospital | Most Haunted Places in the World

Singapore’s Changi Hospital

In the year 1930, a hospital was erected in Changi village, Singapore, on the side of Northvan Road. Changi Hospital was called for the village where it was built. This hospital ran like a regular hospital for the first few years. However, during Japan’s annexation of this area during WWII, it was turned into a military hospital. It was convenient to transfer soldiers injured in battle here because it was on the side of the highway. During the war, tens of thousands of wounded Japanese soldiers were sent here.

However, because to a lack of doctors, nurses, and other medical resources, the majority of badly injured soldiers began to die, and the number of dead began to rise day by day. The hospital system broke as a result of the enormous number of deaths, and the hospital became infected with a dreadful sickness.

Along with the soldiers, physicians, nurses, and other hospital personnel began to become ill as the sickness spread across the facility. The hospital, as it was then, became a shelter for wandering spirits. By the end of World War II, this hospital had also become deserted, and people in the area began to avoid going there. The hospital eventually fell into disrepair. Neighbors claim that the wandering souls of those troops, doctors, nurses, and other hospital employees have been plainly felt in the damaged hospital grounds since that time.

Many anecdotes of adverse situations that occurred during that time are still discussed at the hospital, and have been for as long as it has been in operation. Many people claim to have seen old folks, nurses, watchmen, physicians, soldiers, and other figures in the rubble of the hospital even today.

20 Most Haunted Places in the World | Stories of Most Haunted Locations | Beware!! Before Visit
Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa | Most Haunted Places in the World

Cape Town, South Africa’s Castle Of Good Hope

The Dutch East India Company built the Fort of Good Hope at Cape Town, South Africa, in the 17th century. It is thought to be South Africa’s oldest colonial structure. The Dutch built this fort primarily as a station for supplying logistics and other goods to ships travelling through the Cape’s sea route.

In 1915, it was alleged for the first time that a ghost had been spotted in the Good Hope Fort. Many witnesses claim to have seen a tall guy wandering along the fort’s ramparts. The series of encounters with him lasted several weeks. He was occasionally spotted jumping on the fort’s walls, and other times jumping from one fort tower to the next. During that time, he was spotted for a few days, but no one claimed to have seen him again until 1947. People have claimed to see him since then on a sporadic basis.

Those who claim to be haunted by this fort tell a different storey about it. Peter Gisbert was the governor of the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th century. On April 23, 1728, he died in mysterious circumstances. He convicted seven soldiers guilty of revolting in the army and sentenced them to death on the day he died. One of the soldiers is believed to have cursed Peter Gisbert out of rage. Peter Gisbert was found deceased in his office later that day. It was stated that looking into the eyes of the dead Peter Gisbert revealed that he died after witnessing a horrific incident.

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Not only that, but in the fort of Good Hope, people have reported to have ran screaming and covered a woman. This was proven when a woman’s skeleton was discovered during a recent dig there. After that, no one has seen that woman since. Aside from that, the fort of Good Hope has been linked to a slew of other terrifying tragedies. A soldier is alleged to have hung himself with a rope in the fort’s bell tower in the 17th century. The clock tower was shuttered as a result of the tragedy.

However, the bell in that clock tower continues to ring loudly on its own, and after a while, tranquilly returns. The topic of seeing a dog’s ghost is also hotly debated here. It is stated that a black dog appears in front of them and then vanishes into thin air. Who can dispute that Cape Town’s Good Hope Fort is haunted after hearing all of these stories?

20 Most Haunted Places in the World | Stories of Most Haunted Locations | Beware!! Before Visit
Aokigahara Suicide Forest, Japan | Most Haunted Places in the World

Aokigahara a Japanese Suicide Forest

Will you believe that there is a spot on the planet where individuals are inspired to commit suicide and then commit suicide after visiting it? Believe it or not, there is such a spot, and it is the Aokigahara forest in Japan, which is located at the foot of Mount Fuji. Hundreds of individuals commit themselves every year in this woodland, which is known around the world as Suicide Forest.

However, the cause of the suicide is unknown at this time. The number of persons who die here has risen to the point where the local police must launch an annual drive to collect the bodies. The police also avoids coming here and releasing the names of those who died out of fear of inciting dread. Only once, in the year 2004, was the number of people who committed themselves in the suicide forest officially announced, when it was reported that 108 bodies had been discovered in the woodland.

However, in order to discourage people from committing suicide, the administration has placed warning signs throughout the forest, urging visitors not to commit suicide. People think, however, that the souls of those who commit suicide travel here, and that the same spirits inspire those who come here to commit suicide. Apart from that, there is a rumour about a suicide in Aokigahara woodland.

According to legend, there was once a catastrophic famine in this region. People weeping for food came to Aokigahara forest in search of food, and they became the grass of all eras. It is supposed that their souls have wandered here and are hunting out those who come here. All of this may or may not be accurate, but Aokigahara terrifying conduct, which spurred suicide, is unquestionably worthy of investigation.

20 Most Haunted Places in the World | Stories of Most Haunted Locations | Beware!! Before Visit
Doll Island, Mexico | Most Haunted Places in the World

Mexico’s Doll Island

In Mexico, around 200 kilometres from Mexico City, there is an island. People are reluctant to go here, despite the fact that it is the hub of tourist attraction and is full of appealing natural shade. This is due to a swarm of dolls dangling from the island’s trees. These dolls aren’t your average dolls; they’re all disfigured and seen staring at humans in a scary manner. As soon as these dolls are seen, people begin to tremble with horror.

The existence of dolls on this island has a backstory. Don Julian Santana Barrera and his wife moved to this deserted island many years ago. He built his refuge here.

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One day, they discovered the body of a little girl in a nearby drain. They dragged the body out of the drain and buried it. They began acting strangely after that. In his thoughts, he was afraid that the girl’s soul had taken control of him. To get rid of the spirit’s influence, people began hanging dolls from tree to tree throughout the island. The dolls were hung in this manner until he died. Julian is now over 14 years old, but the vision he has of that island creates an eerie and frightening environment there.

20 Most Haunted Places in the World | Stories of Most Haunted Locations | Beware!! Before Visit
America Screaming Cave, Niagara Falls | Most Haunted Places in the World

America’s Screaming Cave, Niagara Falls (Haunted Tunnel)

In the year 1900, this 16-foot-high and 125-foot-long cave was built to channel the flow of water towards the fields. This cave is located near Niagara Falls, Canada, beneath the railway line that connects Toronto and New York. It is prohibited to kindle a fire in or around the cave. The reason for this is because two such catastrophes are known to have occurred here, causing people’s souls to shake even now.

The fact that both of the fire-related accidents involved girls will be regarded as a coincidence. The first event is reported to have occurred when a fire broke out in a farm home near the cave’s south entrance. The cause of the fire was unknown, but a girl who lived in the farm home was caught in the midst of it. The girl, who was engulfed in flames, fled out of the farmhouse, jumped into the cave, and prayed for water.

Sadly, the cave was completely dry at the time. She continued to suffer on the cave’s dry earth, burning with fire, until she died. Many people in the area gathered to hear his cries, but no one came forward to help. Following this incident, the cave’s southern entrance was said to be haunted since anyone who attempted to light a match or a fire there is claimed to have died.

Aside from that, the history of this cave is linked to another traumatic event. This time, the victim was likewise a young lady. People who live near the cave claim that a girl was raped in the cave by some brutal criminals one day. To conceal their crime, the impoverished poured oil on the girl and burned her on fire. The scream of the girl reverberated throughout the environment, but no one arrived because they were afraid. People realised it was the scream of the girl who had died a horrible death in a fire earlier.

The next morning, when everyone arrived, they discovered a burned girl in the cave. Following this tragedy, this section of the cave became associated with dangerous locations, and people are still hesitant to visit it.

People that live near the cave claim that if someone goes by late at night, he would smell a burning body as well as weeping and sobbing from inside the cave. People say that both of the girls’ souls reside in this cave and are disturbed by light or fire. That is why it is banned to start or maintain a fire here.

20 Most Haunted Places in the World | Stories of Most Haunted Locations | Beware!! Before Visit
Indian Fort of Bhangarh | Most Haunted Places in the World

Indian Fort of Bhangarh

Bhangarh is a city in Rajasthan, India. On the Delhi-Jaipur route in Rajasthan, the ruins of the ancient Bhangarh princely state can be found. This location is one of India’s most talked-about haunted locations due to terrifying and unusual events. The lack of an Archaeological Department office here, despite being under the Department of Archaeological Survey of India, demonstrates the place’s dread. In fact, the Department of Archeology’s office is a short distance away. Is it true that humans keep birds away from this location at night? It is said that whoever visits here late at night does not return.

Bhangarh’s horrible past has a storey tied to it. The princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh and Sindhu Sevada, a tantrik from the same princely kingdom, are the protagonists of this storey. Sindhu Sevada is supposed to have had an unrequited passion for Princess Ratnavati. He was ready to perform black magic using perfume to captivate the princess when the princess learned about it at the perfume shop in the market. Ratnavati threw the perfume bottle against a large stone nearby, shattering it. The perfume was strewn across the stone when the bottle exploded.

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Sindhu Sevada, on the other hand, was scared when she saw the princess in her terrible shape and, losing her balance, began rushing away. Surprisingly, that stone began to chase after the tantrik, on whom the perfume had been strewn. That stone smashed the tantrik as he ran after him, and he perished as a result.

Before passing away, the tantrik cursed that all of the people who lived here would soon be dead, and their souls would roam here for a long time. The tantrik’s words came to pass. Ajabgarh, a neighbouring princely kingdom, attacked Bhangarh a few days later. In Bhangarh, there occurred a horrible slaughter in which everyone was killed. Bhangarh has remained uninhabited since since, and it has become a part of the terrible and eerie universe. The screams of the atrocity are claimed to still be heard there today. During the night, the wandering spirits awaken and seek vengeance on a human. As a result, going there late at night is prohibited.

20 Most Haunted Places in the World | Stories of Most Haunted Locations | Beware!! Before Visit
Tower of London, London, England | Most Haunted Places in the World

London, England’s Tower of London

The 900-year-old Tower of London, in the heart of England’s city, has a terrible past. This is why it has become a home for wandering souls, sometimes known as ghosts. This location is now one of England’s most talked-about haunted locations. In the year 1078, Chakravarti King William built the Tower of London. Since then, this location has witnessed England’s power struggle. There were atrocities and conspiracies created throughout these power conflicts. The souls of the victims of these massacres and plots are said to still wander here.

In the Tower of London, there has been a long string of ghost sightings. The most well-known of these ghosts is that of Anne Boleyn, Emperor Henry VIII’s wife. Anne Boleyn was beheaded and executed in 1536. His headless ghost is reported to be spotted every day in the tower’s corridors or where he was slain. Lady Jane Grey’s ghost was allegedly claimed to have been seen by a guard of the tower in 1957. A white woman is said to have been observed standing at the windows and waving with the youngster in her hand on several occasions.

One of the many eerie things that occur here is frequently discussed. It is linked to the birth of two children. Both of these children arrive in the fort’s room in night clothes and with terrified expressions on their faces, then vanish in a flash. Both of the children are thought to have been princes, and their uncle, the Duke of Gloucester, was responsible for their deaths. Aside from that, many skeletons have been alleged to have been sighted in the tower at various times.

20 Most Haunted Places in the World | Stories of Most Haunted Locations | Beware!! Before Visit
Italy Poveglia Island | Most Haunted Places in the World

Italy’s Poveglia Island

Between Venice and Lido in Italy, there is a secluded island known as Poveglia. Simply mentioning the name of this island causes people in Italy to tremble. Its horrible history is the explanation behind this. Humans are said to have arrived on this island about 421 AD.

However, by the 14th century, the island had become desolate. There is no direct proof as to what caused the people to flee this location. People infected with the bubonic plague in Venice were caught and released to the island of Poveglia in the same century, when the disease wrecked devastation over Europe. People who had been infected with the plague began to die here. These sick bodies were gathered and burned here. In the year 1630, when a horrific sight of a disease called black fever was born in Venice, the same thing was done.

Following the events described above, the island of Poveglia became impenetrable to the inhabitants of Venice. Years later, in 1800 AD, the Venetian government erected a lunatic asylum here. However, some claim that it was a hospital for human experimentation rather than a madhouse. However, it is reported that a doctor committed suicide by jumping from the clock tower built there in the year 1930.

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Later on, the island of Poveglia was converted into a retirement home for the elderly. However, due to the adverse circumstances that occurred here, the Italian government dissolved the old age home in 1975, and the island has been empty since then.

People who live on the islands around Poveglia today avoid venturing near what is on the island of Poveglia. Fishermen avoid this island as well. People say that the sick souls rule this island, and that they are all terrible. Screaming and shouting can also be heard coming from the island. Even during the day, dark shadows are said to have been observed flying through the sky. The sailors on the ship that goes around the island at night claim to have seen light and a crowd of people on the island as well.

20 Most Haunted Places in the World | Stories of Most Haunted Locations | Beware!! Before Visit
Queen Mary Hotel, California, US | Most Haunted Places in the World

Queen Mary Hotel Located at the State Of California, US

This is a hotel that floats on the water’s surface. It was primarily a seaplane that sailed the North Atlantic seas from the 1930s until the 1960s. This ship was turned into a hotel in the year 1970. Its services are currently available in Long Beach, California. This hotel has been linked to so many strange occurrences that it has been included to the list of America’s haunted hotels.

There are numerous locations in this hotel that are said to be haunted by ghosts. The area of the first-class swimming pool is the most important of these. Two ladies are known to have drowned in this swimming pool between 1930 and 1960. People now claim to have seen the spirits of both of them in this region on numerous occasions. In the hotel’s Quince Salon, a white woman’s figure is frequently seen. There have also been reports of two children appearing near the storeroom and then vanish. Many people have also reported to have seen a beautiful woman wandering about the tourist pool.

There are numerous locations in this hotel that are said to be haunted by ghosts. The area of the first-class swimming pool is the most important of these. Two ladies are known to have drowned in this swimming pool between 1930 and 1960. People now claim to have seen the spirits of both of them in this region on numerous occasions. In the hotel’s Quince Salon, a white woman’s figure is frequently seen.

There have also been reports of two children appearing near the storeroom and then vanish. Many people have also reported to have seen a beautiful woman wandering about the tourist pool. The hotel’s cabin number B-340 has a reputation for being haunted. After a while, the hotel administration decided to stop renting out this cabin. Despite this, people’s fascination with the Queen Mary, which has become known as a haunted hotel, has not waned.

20 Most Haunted Places in the World
Most Haunted Places in the World

Other Most Haunted Places Around The World

1. The Dragsolm slot in Denmark. It is reported that inmates were held here and subjected to a great deal of torture. Many inmates died here as a result of the torture, and their souls now wander the streets. Three ghosts are said to be present here, according to the locals.

2. France’s Chateau de Chateaubrian mansion is said to be haunted. According to legend, a woman was poisoned by her husband in this mansion owing to suspicion. Here is where the female soul wanders. People claim to have seen him a number of times.

3. Beachworth Insane Asylum in Australia. It is estimated that 9000 individuals died in this insane asylum between 1867 and 1995. His soul is lost in this place.

4. ‘The Princess Theatre’ in Australia. An Italian singer named ‘Fredericki Baker’ died on stage in this theatre. It is thought that the singer’s soul wanders here.

5. Rinham Hall, also known as Ghost Haw in the United Kingdom. It is supposed that the soul of Dorthy Walpool, Britain’s first prime minister’s sister, wanders here. Dorthy Walpool is supposed to have been imprisoned because of a love affair in this hall, where he died.

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6. The Philippines’ Manila Film Center, which is located in India’s Ramoji Film City, is also said to be haunted. During its creation, a hefty number of personnel passed away. The souls of these labourers are thought to wander here.

7. The Hell Fire Club, which is Ireland’s most haunted location. Dublin Elite, a man from Dublin, used to worship Satan here.

8. Romania’s Lulia Hasdeau building is number eight. After his daughter died, the father of a girl named Lulia created this structure in her honour. It is reported that he used to communicate with his daughter’s soul here. This structure is said to be Romania’s most haunted.

9. This is Louisiana, America’s ‘Myrtless St. Francisville.’ It’s been reported that more than ten people have died here. The sighting of the spirits of two youngsters on the building’s verandah has been brought up multiple times.

10. This Philadelphia penitentiary is said to be haunted. Many convicts’ souls are supposed to haunt the halls of this institution.

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