How to Write SEO Friendly Article | Rank On Google by Writing Best SEO Friendly Blogs or Articles

Rank on Google by Writing SEO Friendly Articles

Writing quality articles or SEO friendly content is the simplest way to attract traffic from search engines because search engines value and rank quality pieces, but how to write quality articles is the major question.

Everyone believes their written content is the best, but until it appears in the Google search engine, it is gone someplace in the Internet globe.

So, if you’re a blogger, you’re probably aware that the articles that appear on the first page of a search engine are the finest, which is why search engines prioritise them.

Quality Articles or SEO Friendly Articles are those that appear on the top page of a search engine, as they attract a lot of traffic to the blog, and every blogger needs ever more folks to read his blog.

However, many individuals have no idea what a Quality Article is, and those who do are unable to write SEO Friendly Articles, thus today we will discuss Quality Article Writing so that you can submit your article to a search engine. You have the ability to rate.

As a result, if you want to be the Best Hindi Blogger, you must be able to write SEO Friendly Articles that will be appreciated by both search engines and visitors to your blog.

What is an SEO Friendly Article and How to Write it?

Developing an article is difficult in the beginning, and then writing an article that is SEO friendly is much more difficult.

However, with a few days of hard work, you can learn to produce SEO-Friendly Articles; however, you must first understand what SEO Friendly Articles are and how to write them.

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What is an SEO Friendly Article?

This is a method of creating articles in which you may easily rank your post in a search engine; to do so, you must write an article that is appealing to both the search engine and the people that read your site.

By the way, there is clearly no definition because search engines consider an item to be SEO friendly, and the criteria used by the search engine are not disclosed, so it is a secret.

But now that all of these strategies are known, on the basis of which SEO Friendly content may be written for search engines and those who have also earned strong search engine rankings, let’s learn about them.

Write SEO Friendly Article

How to Write a SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Article

1. Write a High-Quality Article

Everyone understands that if your content has life, you will gain traffic, if not today, then tomorrow, and the truth is that many individuals spend more time on other things such as backlinks than on writing excellent articles.

However, it is no longer the case that in order to grow blog traffic, you must have thousands of backlinks to your blog, as we started our blog without any backlinks and now our blog’s backlinks are generated automatically.

True, backlinks are vital, but let us remind you that the Google search engine prioritises excellent articles and ranks them higher in the search results, so spend as much time as possible improving your content before focusing on your blog. Naturally, traffic will increase.

2. Write a Lengthy Article

In today’s times, Google only ranks articles in search that write about a topic with a lot of details; nevertheless, this does not mean that you should write anything merely to make the post longer.

The article’s readers will not like it, which will increase your Bouns Rate, and Google will receive a notice that this is low-quality material that will never rank.

That is why you should constantly write articles for your users because it is the only way to ensure that you produce high-quality material, which is especially important for novice bloggers.

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3. Include Keywords In Your Article

It is critical to utilise keywords, but it is also critical to use keywords correctly, therefore you should be aware of when and where keywords should be used in the post.

Include a Keyword in the URL

When you publish an article, bear in mind that the URL should include the term that you want to rank your post for in a search engine, and this type of content is considered SEO friendly.

-Include Keywords in the Title

The title of an article is very significant because it indicates that you want to provide information about something in this post. Always include a keyword in the title of your article since it informs both the user and the search engine that your article is about a specific issue.

-Include a Keyword in the Article Description

Only the title and description of your article appear in the search engine, indicating that the reader will most likely end up on your blog.

And the keyword must be included in the article description so that the search engine recognises it as an SEO-friendly article and ranks it accordingly.

– Usage of Keywords in the Primary and Last Paragraphs

Use keywords in the first and last paragraphs of your post to make it search engine friendly.

When the search engine’s boot scans your post, it will recognise that it is about a topic because of these two factors, thus do this to produce SEO Friendly Article.

-Use Keyword Image Alt Tag

Photos and images play a crucial function in our article, both in terms of SEO and in terms of keeping readers interested with the content, thus they are included.

However, many individuals do not use Image Alt Tag, which results in the image not being listed in search engines and a loss of visitors; thus, utilise the term in the image alt tag.

-Make Use of Keyword Headings

Use keywords in your article title because it not only attracts users, but it also provides a lot of information to search engines about that piece.

Let us explain that an SEO-friendly content cannot be created without the use of keywords, and that you cannot load an entire article with keywords alone.

The user will not return to your site if you do this, therefore compose content that use keywords wherever possible.

SEO Friendly Article

4. Use a Variety of Keywords

You’ve probably noticed that an article scores for several keywords since it contains multiple keywords.

If your post covers a variety of themes and the same keyword is searched in a variety of ways, you should utilise a variety of keywords in your article to ensure that they are all ranked in search engines.

5. Well Researched Content

As we previously stated, search engines prefer detailed articles, so you must also write a detailed article, for which the most crucial research is required.

A decent article cannot be created without research, and your article will only be rated by the search engine if it is better than the previously ranked piece, therefore do your homework.

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6. Attractive Heading

If you write amazing articles but don’t give them a handling that people find appealing, they will quickly abandon your article and flee.

That is why it is critical that you employ a Catchy Heading in your post to entice readers to read the entire piece.

7. Use the H1 to H5 Heading Tags

The same content is considered an SEO Friendly Article by the search engine because the Heading Tag is appropriately utilised and provides information to the search engine’s boot about what is in the article.

So bear in mind that you should employ the H1 to H5 header tags and give your post a correct structure to make it search engine friendly.

8. External Link to the Article

External links in your article demonstrate that you have offered excellent information using a variety of sources, so you connect to other websites related to that subject in your article, increasing the worth of your content in the eyes of search engines.

However, only include links to websites in your blog content that are well-known in search engines and have a high DA and PA.

9. Internal Link to the Article

It is also critical to link one article to another in your article; by doing so, your blog’s bounce rate is minimised, and readers read your blog piece for longer periods of time.

It improves the search engine worth of your blog, therefore add articles that are related to each other and construct your SEO Friendly Article.

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10. Infographic

An infographic is utilised in a high-quality piece, just as photographs and photos are in a high-quality article.

Infographics can help your content go viral and rank higher in search engines, as well as generating backlinks for your blog, therefore they’re a must-have for SEO-friendly articles.

11. Sharing (SEO Friendly Article)

Finally, once your written piece has been published, you must share it with as many people as possible. To do so, you must use social media and share it on all social media platforms as soon as feasible.

Also, inform your readers that if they enjoy your piece and find it useful, they should surely share it because the more people who see it, the more likely it is to become viral.

So, if you enjoyed our essay on what an SEO Friendly Article is and how to write one, please share it with your friends who wish to write high-quality articles.

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