Jaya Ekadashi Fast, Puja Vidhi, Story, Rules & Importance

Jaya Ekadashi Fast, Puja Vidhi, Story, Rules & Importance

 Through this blog, we are going to tell you about Jaya Ekadashi Fast or Vrat, Jaya Ekadashi Puja Vidhi, Jaya Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Jaya Ekadashi Significance (Importance of Jaya Ekadashi) and Jaya Ekadashi. We are going to give proper information about the Rules of Jaya Ekadashi. Please accept it with complete purification and mind.


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Jaya Ekadashi Fast or Vrat | जया एकादशी

When there is Punarvasu Nakshatra on Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha, then that date is called Jaya Ekadashi. Shattila Ekadashi falls in the Krishna Paksha of the month of Magha. Similarly, the Ekadashi that comes in the Shukla Paksha of this month is known as Jaya Ekadashi.

This Ekadashi has been given a lot of importance in Hinduism. The significance of this Ekadashi was told by Lord Shri Krishna to the Maharaja of Hastinapur, Pandu’s son Yudhishthira. After this Maharaj Yudhishthira performed the fasting rituals of Ekadashi of Jaya. There is no other fast to destroy sins like Ekadashi.


Significance of Jaya Ekadashi Vrat

In the religious scriptures, the date of Jaya Ekadashi has been described as the best and the destroyer of all sins. Ekadashi is considered very pious and virtuous. By observing Jaya Ekadashi fast, the sins are destroyed and a person gets enjoyment and salvation. A person who observes a fast on this Ekadashi becomes free from sins like killing Brahma.

It has been said that a person who observes this fast never goes into ghosts and demons, that is, one gets freedom from all these. Everyone should observe this Ekadashi fast by following the rules.


Jaya Ekadashi Puja Method

On Jaya Ekadashi, get up early in the morning and have bath. After that worship Lord Shri Hari Vishnu ji with incense, lamp, sandalwood, fruits, sesame seeds, yellow flowers and Panchamrit etc.

Keep fast for the whole day and do Jagran in the night.

On the day of Dwadashi, after providing food to Brahmins and satisfying them with charity, eat food yourself.


Jaya Ekadashi


Rules of Jaya Ekadashi

On the day of Ekadashi, an individual must get up early in the morning and have bath. It is important to take a bath in the river on this day. Before taking a bath at home, mix Ganga water in that water and take a bath after reciting this mantra-:

  • On this day, keeping restraint, one should stay away from evils like lust, anger, ego, greed and slander.
  • Lord Vishnu should be remembered and worshiped at all times by taking a resolution to fast.
  • Offer flowers to Lord Vishnu first and worship should be done by lighting a ghee lamp in front of him.
  • Offer offerings made in milk and saffron to Lord Vishnu.
  • Light a lamp in front of Tulsi ji in the morning and evening.
  • On this day reciting Narayan Stotra and Vishnu Sahasranama gives special grace to Lord Vishnu.
  • Donating to the needy on this day gives more virtue.


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Story of Jaya Ekadashi Story of Jaya Ekadashi

On being asked by King Yudhishthira, the story of JayaEkadashi by Lord Shri Krishna is as follows-:

Once upon a time, Devraj Indra, who is the king of the heavenly world, was traveling with the gods and apsaras in the Nandanvan of heaven, which is full of parijat trees.

Devraj Indra organized a dance while roaming in the forest and Gandharvas were singing songs in it. Pushpadanta, Chitrasen and his son were all great heads in this event. Chitrasen’s wife Malini had a daughter named Pushpa Vanti. The son of a Gandharva named Pushpa Vanta was Malyavan. Pushpa Vanti and Malyavan had a feeling of love for each other. Both of them had come to dance in the meeting of Indra. Apsaras were also dancing with these two.

Due to the infatuation of Pushpa Vanti and Malyavan for each other, both of them were not able to sing properly or dance on the right rhythm. Seeing all this, Indra got angry and Devraj Indra cursed both of them to be born in a vampire vagina while living as husband and wife. Due to this curse, both of them got very sad and they went to the Himalaya mountain. Taking birth in a vampire vagina, both of them started running away from misery as husband and wife.

One day both of them started thinking that what sin have we committed, due to which we have got this vampire vagina. Thinking of this, both were drying up due to sorrow. Coincidentally, the same day was the Ekadashi date of Magha Shukla, which is known as Jaya Ekadashi.

Both of them were so sad that day that they did not even eat food and gave up water. He did not kill any living being and did not even consume fruits. In a sad state, both of them sat near the Peepal tree. That night he could not even sleep due to restlessness. The next day was the day of Dwadashi. The fast of Jai Ekadashi was observed unknowingly by both of them and night awakening was also done.

Due to the effect of the fast and by the grace of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu, both the demons were freed from the vagina. Both came back to their former form and went to the heavenly world by taking a beautiful form.

Presenting near Devraj Indra, he bowed with great pleasure. Seeing this, Devraj Indra was astonished as to how all this happened. On being asked by Devraj Indra, Malayavan said that by the grace of Lord Vasudeva and the effect of fasting on Jaya Ekadashi, we have got freedom from the vampire vagina. Knowing this, Devraj Indra welcomed both of them to Indralok.

In this way, whoever observes Jaya Ekadashi Vrat, he gets freedom from all kinds of sins. With the effect of fasting on this Ekadashi, the sin of killing Brahma is also removed. By reading and listening to its importance, one gets the fruits of Agni Homa Yagya.


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