The Making of Radha Kund! | Great Story of Radha Kund and Krishna Kund

The Making of Radha Kund! | The Story of Radha Kund and Krishna Kund

The festival of Kartik Ashtami is being celebrated since ancient times. Now we will hear the popular story related to Radha Kund related to this.

Once Kansa sent a demon named Arishtasura to kill Lord Krishna. Arishtasura took the form of a cow calf and joined Krishna’s cows and started killing them. Lord Krishna recognized the demon hidden in the form of a calf. Krishna caught him and slammed him to the ground and killed him. Seeing this, Radha said to Krishna, “The Asura had come in the form of a cow, but by killing the Asura in the form of a cow, you have committed the sin of cow-killing. To get rid of this sin, you must visit all the shrines.’’

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Hearing Radha’s words, Lord Krishna asked Devarshi Narada about the solution. Devarshi Narada told him, “Lord, you invoke all the Tirthas and call them here in the form of water. By bathing with the water of those pilgrimages mixed together, you will get rid of the sin of cow slaughter.” At the behest of Devarshi Narada, Shri Krishna dug a small pond with his flute and prayed for the water of all the pilgrimages to come into that pond. Hearing the prayer of Lord Krishna, all the pilgrims came there in the form of water.

Lord Krishna took a bath in the holy waters of the pond and got rid of his sins. That Kund is called Krishna Kund, by bathing in which Shri Krishna was freed from the sin of cow slaughter. A part of all the pilgrimages is in the form of water in Krishna Kund. This temple is in Mathura.

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Seeing the pond made by Shri krishna, Radha also dug another small pond with her bracelet near that pond. When Lord Krishna saw that kunda, He said, “This kunda made by Radha will be more famous than the kunda made by Me. The pond made by Goddess Radha became famous by the name of Radha kund. These kunds were built on Kartik Ashtami, due to which bathing here on Kartik Ashtami has special significance.

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