14 Types of People Who Are Like Dead According to Ramcharitmanas | Great Angad Ravana Conversation

14 Types of People Who Are Like Dead According to Ramcharitmanas

Ramcharitmanas composed by Goswami Tulsidas is like an ocean of knowledge. Such deep things of knowledge have been written in it which everyone should know. In Manas itself, Tulsidas ji has told about those 14 types of people who are like dead even though they are alive.

There is a very beautiful dialogue between Ravana and Angad in the 30th couplet in the Lanka Kand of Ramcharitmanas. In that dialogue, when Ravana tells Angad about his power, Angad curses him and says that he is already dead. Then Angad tells him about the 14 types of people who are considered dead. Angad says –

जौं-अस-करौं-तदपि-न-बड़ाई। मुएहि-बधें-नहिं-कछु-मनुसाई॥
कौल-कामबस-कृपिन-बिमूढ़ा। अति-दरिद्र-अजसी-अति-बूढ़ा॥

Jaun As Karaun Tadapi Na Badaee. Muehi Badhen Nahin Kachhu Manusaee..
Kaul Kaamabas Krpin Bimoodha. Ati Daridr Ajasee Ati Boodha..

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Meaning: Even if I do this, there is no greatness in it. There is nothing masculine in killing the dead. Leftist, lusty, frugal, notorious, very elderly, and incredibly ignorant and impoverished.

सदा-रोगबस-संतत-क्रोधी। बिष्नु-बिमुख-श्रुति-संत-बिरोधी॥
तनु-पोषक-निंदक-अघ-खानी। जीवत-सव-सम-चौदह-प्रानी॥

Sada Rogabas Santat Krodhee. Bishnu Bimukh Shruti Sant Birodhee..
Tanu Poshak Nindak Agh Khaanee Jeevat Sav Sam Chaudah Praanee..

Meaning: Always patient, constantly angry, alienated from Lord Vishnu, opponent of Vedas and saints, nourisher of one’s own body, slanderer of others and mine of sins – these fourteen creatures are like dead as soon as they are alive.

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Ramcharitmanas | 14 Types of People Who Are Like Dead According to Ramcharitmanas

14 Types of Beings As Per Ramcharitmanas

Thus they are 14 types of beings –

Vaam Margi: Such a person who goes against the whole world and who finds deficiency in everything. The one who does not follow the traditions and rules of the society and only does his own thing.

Kami: Such a person who is always under the influence of lust. For example, Ravana abducted mother Sita under the influence of lust.

Miser: A miserly person who is only engaged in accumulating wealth. The person who refrains from donating for public welfare and saves all the money only for himself.

Extremely Stupid: A person who is stupid and cannot differentiate between right and wrong. One who does not have his own discretion and who does unthinkable things without thinking. For example, Ravana abducted Mother Sita without thinking about her good or bad.

Extremely Poor: Poverty has also been considered a curse in the scriptures. Such a person who is extremely poor is also dead. The real meaning of this is that one who is poor should not be abused because he is already living a difficult life. He should be helped as much as possible.

Tainted: A person who is infamous because of his actions. The one who is infamous in the house, society and nation is also like a dead person because no one respects him.

Very Old: Very old person is also like dead but he becomes incapacitated and dependent on others. Both his strength and intelligence become disabled and the family members also wish for his death so that he can get rid of that suffering.

Eternal Patient: Such a person who is always suffering from one or the other disease is also like a dead person. A person always surrounded by disease can never enjoy life and himself starts wishing for liberation.

Always Angry: The mind of the person who is always angry gets corrupted and he is not able to differentiate between right and wrong. A person who gets angry on small things is never happy and his mind is never under his control. He harms himself more than others.

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Vishnu Vimukh: The person who remains alienated from Sri Hari, his life also has no importance because Sri Hari is the one who saves him from the ocean of life. Vishnu can never benefit the traitor and no one in the world can protect him. Just like Vishnu being a traitor, Ravana also got death in the end.

Opponent of Vedas and Saints: The person who insults Vedas and Saints also cannot be benefited. Vedas and Saints both are going to take the society in the right path and no one can be safe by opposing it.

One Who Nurtures Only Himself: Such a person whose goal of life is to nurture only his own body, his life also has no value. Such people always think that they should get everything first. They can never do welfare of anyone nor can they ever be welfare.

But Critic: One who always criticizes others has no future. Such people always see faults in others and understand their own faults and are unable to rectify them.

Mine of Sin: The person who always indulges in sinful deeds and takes care of his family by doing sinful deeds that too can never be happy. The person who does not take care of himself and his family with the money earned by his labor is already dead.

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