Interesting Facts About Dogs | The Best Pet Animal – Dog

Interesting Facts About Dogs | The Best Pet Animal – Dog


Dogs are included in the list of best friends of man. There are various aims behind this as well. They are amazing stress busters and never leave your side. But how much do you know about dogs? Like humans, dogs also have white hair and they also dream like humans. In this article, some such interesting facts about dogs has been given which will really amaze you.


Interesting facts About Dogs
Interesting facts About Dogs | The Best Pet Animal – Dog – Pet Care



Dogs have very fast memory. This has also been proved in ‘Do As I Do’, in which a dog learns an action from a human on TV. For example, parents themselves jump in the air to teach their child to jump, in the same way dogs start doing the same after seeing you. But if there is a long gap between the action and the instruction to do something, the dog forgets that action.


See Dreams

Yes, there is no need to be surprised. Like humans, dogs also dream. Dogs move or twitch their legs at different times during sleep. All this happens because of dreaming in sleep. Pet dogs can dream of their owner and the activities done with them.


White Hair Coming

Not only humans but dogs also have white hair. Dogs may have grey hair due to anxiety, fear of loud noises, and stress at the sight of a strange or new animal or human.


Reduce Stress

Children in a home with pet dogs are less stressed than children where they get or do not get social support from their parents. Children who play with pet dogs have lower levels of cortisol.


Epilepsy Disease

Myoclonic epilepsy is a disease involving a muscle or group of muscles in which there is a feeling of tremors. These neurological disorders are similar in dogs and humans, and the myoclonic epileptic genes found in humans are also common in dogs.


Want Attention

If you start paying even a little attention to the dogs, they will come to you. When you look at them, they start sticking out their tongue or barking.


Understand Time

Dogs also know when it is time to go to the park and when it is time to eat. Humans measure time in seconds, minutes and hours, but dogs do not. They find out the time by looking at their past work and schedule.


Smell The Fear

When you get scared seeing dogs, they also know this. Dogs smell fear. Dogs detect fear, anxiety and nervousness by human movements and postures.


Keeps The Heart Happy

People who keep pet dogs are less prone to cardiovascular diseases. Such people are more physically active, which is the main reason to keep them away from heart diseases.This is one of the best remedy to keep your heart happy.


Facts About Dogs
The Best Pet Animal – Dog (Pet Care)


I Understand You

If you also have a pet dog, then you must be aware that dogs understand your words. When an owner gives a command to his pet dog, he immediately understands it and starts doing the same. Honesty, Integrity & Sincerity etc. are all associated with dogs.


Similarities in Jeans

The dog microbiome and the human gut microbiome have a lot in common compared to that of rats or pigs. This suggests that genetically dogs are closer to humans and can become good friends.


Allergy-Proof Childhood

Children who live with pet dogs as soon as they are born are less prone to allergies and other diseases in the future.

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