Powerful OM Mantra (ओम (ॐ) मंत्र) | Importance and Benefits

Importance & Benefits of Powerful OM Mantra (ओम (ॐ) मंत्र)

Even if you do not know the meaning of Om mantra or you do not have faith in this word but still you can get its benefits. Whether you have faith in the word or not, but still you can definitely get its benefits.

Benefits of OM Mantra

What is the significance of Om Mantra (ओम ॐ)?

Om Mantra has special significance in Hinduism. Om is used in every tantra, every mantra and every yantra. It is believed that Om removes the defects of all mantras. According to the sages and sages, this whole world is made up of Om i.e. Ommayi. Om resides in every particle of the world.

The world’s two largest agencies, NASA and the European Space Agency, have studied in a joint laboratory, which has been done on the sound emanating from the Sun. These agencies found in it that the sound emanating from the sun is similar to the sound of Om in Hinduism.

It is believed that the sound produced by OM Mantra Chanting was the first sound at the time of the creation of this universe. The sound of Om is also called Pranav because it maintains the movement of breath and life. Science has also proved the chanting of Om and its benefits. Strengthens and controls human respiratory system. Along with this, it is also helpful in calming the mind of man.

The word is made up of o, a and u. The sound of Om vibrates the thoracic cage, which is called the thoracic cage in English, which comes in contact with the air filled in our lungs, causing the membrane of the alveolus to vibrate. This process stimulates the pulmonary cells in the cells of the lungs, so that the right amount of breath keeps coming into the lungs.

According to a new research, it has been revealed that this vibration affects the endocrine glands that is why it has special importance in medicine. A, the sound of U gives an internal massage to all the abdominal organs and the thoracic cage, while the vibration of M causes the nerves of our cranial nerves to vibrate.

Benefits of OM Mantra Meditation and Chanting

  1. Chanting and meditating on Om every day gives relaxation to the whole body and also regulates the hormonal system of our body.
  2. By chanting OM (OM Mantra Chanting), control over excess anxiety and anger can be found.
  3. By chanting Om (OM Mantra Chanting), the whole body remains free from desire.
  4. By chanting and meditating (OM Mantra Meditation), the heart and blood circulatory system of a person is strengthened.
  5. Regular chanting of Om brings youthfulness and radiance to the face of man.
  6. Regular chanting of Om strengthens the digestive system.
  7. After fatigue, if we meditate and chant Om, it gives new energy to the human body.
  8. By doing OM Mantra meditation regularly while sleeping, one also gets rid of terrible diseases like insomnia.
  9. Regular chanting of Om in a few days strengthens the lungs and respiratory system of a person.
  10. There is also a great advantage of chanting Om mantra that it removes the unknown fears coming in the mind and increases the courage and enthusiasm in the person to achieve the goal.
  11. From a spiritual point of view, it is believed that regular chanting of Om Mantra keeps the body and mind pure and gives peace of mind. By chanting Om Mantra, a person reaches nearer to God and becomes entitled to get salvation.

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Wishing you & intimates a very joyful and flourishing life.

Om (ॐ)!!

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