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ISKCON Temple: Today we keep watching videos of Hare Rama and Hare Krishna kirtan by foreigners especially people of Christian community everywhere on social media whether it is Facebook, YouTube or any other platform. Let us tell you that all these people are associated with the ISKCON temple and at this time ISKCON has become the biggest organization of devotion to Lord Shri Krishna. ISKCON is also known as “Hare Krishna Movement”.

People associated with ISKCON are present all over the world today. ISKCON temples are found in almost every major city. Its followers will be found all over the world singing hymns and kirtans of Rama and Krishna. Be it the streets of New York, London, Berlin, Moscow, Mathura, Vrindavan.

The first place in Hinduism has been given to God. In this religion, several gods and goddesses are worshipped. Lord Krishna is one of them. In the Mahabharata, Lord Shri Krishna guided Arjuna as his charioteer to protect Dharma and destroy the unrighteous. This Lord Krishna temple is also known as the ISKCON temple.

When Lord Krishna took this incarnation, he created many pastimes. Some or the other learnings remains hidden in the leela of his life. From lifting the Govardhan Mountain to defeating Kalia Nag, there was a big message hidden in all these pastimes.

Today we will know what is ISKCON Temple? And also know the complete information about ISKCON Temple.

What is ISKCON Temple?

ISKCON Temple is the largest organization of temples devoted to Lord Shri Krishna in the whole world. ISKCON is International Society for Krishna Consciousness. This organization propagates and disseminates Krishna Bhakti throughout the world. The ISKCON temple was founded by Srimurti Sri Abhayacharanarvind Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupadaji in New York City in 1966.

ISKCON which started from a small group has today become a very beautiful and big movement of devotion. The followers of ISKCON are present all over the world today and they propagate Gita and Hindu religion and Hindu culture in the world. The biggest mantra of the people associated with the ISKCON temple is…

“Hare-Rama Hare-Rama, Rama-Rama Hare-Hare,
Hare-Krishna Hare-Krishna, Krishna-Krishna Hare-Hare”

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ISKCON Temple Architecture
All About ISKCON Temple | History of ISKCON Temple

History of ISKCON Temple

The famous ISKCON temple is also known as the Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple. This temple was established in 1998 by Achyut Kanvide and this temple is located in the east of Delhi. This temple has been made entirely of stones from inside and outside, but while making it, the stones have been carved very beautifully.

ISKCON temples are all over the world. The name of this temple was derived from the words of a particular English language – International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). This spiritual institute was founded by Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1966 in New York.

The basis of the elements of ISKCON is based on the Bhagavad Gita which happened 5000 years ago.

All the devotees of ISKCON consider Lord Krishna as the greatest God and they believe that all the incarnations of the deity are of Lord Krishna. That’s why they all consider Lord Krishna as the main deity.

All people should accept the path of Bhakti and worship Lord Shri Krishna that is why ISKCON temples have been established.

ISKCON is related to the Gaudiya Vaishnava sect. Here, the term “Vaishnava” refers to the worship of Lord Vishnu, while the term “Gaur” refers to the Gaur area in West Bengal, where the Vaishnava sect originated.

Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, wanted to build temples of Lord Shri Krishna all over India. That’s why the real name of the ISKCON temple built in Delhi is Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathy Temple and it was established in 1995 to connect the devotee directly with Lord Krishna.

Prabhupada had also said that ‘all these temples are spiritual hospitals’. Just like a patient goes to the hospital to cure the disease, similarly a devotee should come to the temple to see God and listen to God’s kirtans, by which his thoughts become good, he gets absorbed in the devotion of God.

Complete Information of ISKCON Temple

ISKCON temple is a unique confluence of faith and Hindu culture. ISKCON is known for propagating and spreading the devotion of Lord Krishna throughout the world. International Society for Krishna Consciousness is the full form of ISKCON. This temple has been established to spread the message of Lord Krishna all over the world.

Full nameInternational Society for Krishna Consciousness
Established13 July 1966
Place of EstablishmentNew York, USA
FounderAcharya Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
HeadquartersMayapur, West Bengal, India
Branch Units850 Branch Units
Service AreaWorldwide
PurposeSpirituality, Education, Religious Awareness, Religious Studies
Mahamantra“Hare-Rama Hare-Rama, Rama-Rama Hare-Hare,
Hare-Krishna Hare-Krishna, Krishna-Krishna Hare-Hare”
Complete Information About ISKCON Temple

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All About ISKCON Temple
ISKCON Temple | History of ISKCON Temple

When Was ISKCON Temple Established?

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) was founded in 1966 by Swami Prabhupadaji in New York City. It is also known as “Hare Krishna Movement” which was started by Srimurti Sri Abhaycharanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupadaji. Today it has more than 400 temples and schools in the country and abroad.

What is the Full Form of ISKCON?

“International Society for Krishna Consciousness” is the full form of ISKCON.

Who is Swami Prabhupadaji, The Founder of ISKCON Temple?

The full name of Swami Prabhupadaji, who founded the ISKCON temple, was Srimurti Sri Abhayacharanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupadaji. He was born on 1 September 1896 in Kolkata, India. Swami Prabhupadaji retired at the age of 49. After taking sannyas, Swamiji traveled all over the world preaching Hare Rama Hare Krishna. Swami Prabhupada died on 14 November 1977 in Vrindavan at the age of 81.

Once Prabhupada Maharaj’s Guru Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami told him that you are young, become bright and spread Krishna devotion abroad. He retired at the age of 49 to follow the orders of his Guru and started spreading the devotion of Lord Krishna to fulfill the Guru’s orders.

ISKCON Temple Principles

The main reason why ISKCON has so many followers all over the world today is the immense peace found in the ISKCON temple. Today people come from all over the world in search of this peace. Today Krishna’s preaching of Gita is proving to be a boon for the people of the West i.e. the British. According to the complete information of ISKCON Temple, those who believe in ISKCON temple have to follow four simple rules which are as follows.

  • Tenacity
  • Mercy
  • Truth
  • Purity Of Mind

ISKCON Temple Rules

Apart from its principle, the followers of ISKCON mainly follow four rules which are as follows.

  • Followers of ISKCON have to give up tamasic food. Under this, they have to stay away from onion, garlic, meat, alcohol etc.
  • Staying away from unethical conduct such as visiting places like gambling, pubs, and brothels comes under unethical conduct.
  • Followers of ISKCON have to spend one hour daily in scripture study. In this, along with the Gita, the scriptures related to Indian religion and history have to be studied.
  • Most importantly everyone has to chant Hare Krishna-Hare Krishna 16 times daily.

PM Modi Said That ISKCON Told the World the Meaning of Faith

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi speaking about ISKCON Temple said that “Today there are hundreds of ISKCON temples in different countries of the world, so many Gurukuls are keeping the Indian culture alive. ISKCON has proclaimed to the world that religion for India entails fervour, joy, and faith in mankind”.

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ISKCON Temple | ISKCON Temple Architecture

ISKCON Temple Architecture in Delhi

This temple is situated in the south of New Delhi. In this ISKCON temple, apart from the temple of Lord Krishna, there are three more temples and they are about 90 feet high. Those three temples are the temples of Radha-Krishna, Sita-Ram and Gaura-Nitai.

The temple has been built very beautifully on the outside as well as the events of Lord Krishna’s life have been beautifully presented inside the temple.

Different pictures of ISKCON temple are displayed in the circumambulation premises of this temple. There are also idols of Lord Krishna and Radha in this parikrama complex.

This is the only biggest temple in the premises here and everyone here celebrates and worships Srila Prabhupada. People come to this temple from far away, some people also come from outside countries and practice Vedas here.

The idol of Lord Shri Krishna is beautifully decorated in the temple. The Lord is decorated with very beautiful clothes and ornaments. The chants of Hare Rama Hare Krishna always resound in this temple. This mantra is always chanted in this temple of Delhi.

Satsang and Parayan are organized for the devotees in this temple. The exterior of the temple has been beautifully carved and there are many shops outside the temple.

While entering this temple, one gets to see a big and beautiful fountain. There are also temples of different deities at different places in this temple.

There is also a huge museum in this temple where the books of Ramayana and Mahabharata are kept. Every Sunday special worship of the Lord is done in this temple and everyone prays to the Lord and when the festival of Janmashtami happens, the devotees celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

Janmashtami Festival in ISKCON Temple

Lord Shri Krishna is the most important deity of this temple, hence his birthday Janmashtami is celebrated with great enthusiasm in this temple.

Every year around 8 lakh devotees come to have darshan of the Lord and share their mind with the Lord.

The excitement starts from 4:30 am on the day of the festival and continues till late night. A big procession is taken out on this occasion, people get special worship done to God, and many cultural programs are organized. Lord Krishna is specially decorated on this festival.

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Things to See In ISKCON Temple

Museum of Vedic Culture: There is a museum in this temple in which all the information about Vedic culture can be found. Brass idols of all the Gods and Goddesses are kept in this museum. Those who want to watch the video, arrangements for that have also been made here.

Hall Displaying Vedic Art: This temple has a very large hall. People from all corners of the world come to this building and work to improve their inner art by doing programs based on Hindu religion.

Ramayana Art Gallery: Information about all the important events of Ramayana has been given at this place, an attempt has been made to show this information in multimedia.

Bhagavadgita Animatronics Robot Show: People come in large numbers to watch this show because something different is seen in this show. In this show, what Lord Krishna has taught in the Bhagavad Gita is shown and the most important thing is that the robots shown in it are made of clay.

In this Lord Shri Krishna temple, some or the other programs are started throughout the year. Sometimes satsang was organized for the devotees. Kirtan is also organized for the devotees on any auspicious time.

The birthday of the Lord is celebrated with great joy in this Hare Krishna Hare Rama temple. Many programs are organized in this temple on the day of Janmashtami. All the devotees are present in large numbers on this occasion.

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