5 Success Tips for Youth and Students | These Five Mistakes Will Ruin Your Life

These Five Mistakes Will Ruin Your Life | 5 Success Tips for Youth & Students

There is a lot of enthusiasm in youth, but there is very little consciousness, having enthusiasm is a very good thing, but it is also very important to be conscious with it. This youth is the most beautiful time of a person’s life, it is the time to spoil and become something. At this age, if you get into any bad habits, then these habits will not leave you until they ruin you completely.

It is so sad to see that these days young children are ruining their own lives because of their wrong habits. In this age, every dirty thing is liked very much, attracts the mind a lot, but this is such an age that there is no sense of right and wrong.

That’s why today we have carefully considered five such things for our young generation which are ruining the lives of our young children and no matter what you do but stay away from these five things.

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5 Success Tips for Youth
5 Success Tips for Youth and Students | Stay Away From Any Kind of Intoxication

Stay Away From Any Kind of Intoxication

First of all, keep yourself away from any kind of addiction, addiction is small or big, if it becomes your habit, then it ruins your life, whether it is smoking, drinking, or eating tobacco or any other kind. Have intoxication

If you get trapped in some intoxication at the age of youth, then it is very difficult to come out of that street again. It is very easy to form habits but it is very difficult to leave habits. Don’t stay in such company, stay away from those who destroy.

Be with people who are career oriented and want to do something in life. Those who are immersed in intoxication, it is in your good that you keep yourself away from them.

Today’s youth are misled by saying that you don’t do drugs, you are not modern, you are old-fashioned, nowadays everyone does drugs or they will say that sometimes something works No you can drink you can get intoxicated.

Nowadays intoxicating has also become the identity of being hi-fi and being modern. Remember this thing, it is not necessary that the work that everyone is doing should be right and it is also not necessary that the path on which you are walking alone should be wrong.

Often only those people are successful in life, while those who do something big show their own path, who decide their own path and walk alone on that path, then I would request the youth and children of today that somehow Save yourself from the intoxication of the souk, because you can enter the souk while having fun, but it is beyond your control to get out.

If you want to do something in life then please don’t allow yourself to get addicted to any type of addiction, whether it is drinking, smoking, chewing tobacco or any kind of addiction, stay away from addiction.

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These Five Mistakes Will Ruin Your Life
5 Success Tips for Youth and Students | Stay Away From Listening and Watching Obscene Things

Keep Yourself Away From Listening and Watching Obscene Things

Second thing, keep yourself away from listening and watching obscene things. These obscene pictures and these obscene things are ruining our young generation. People say what happens if you see it once, do you know that the thing you have seen once gets imprinted in your subconscious mind, after that it becomes very difficult to get out of there.

You can easily put anything in your mind but it becomes very difficult to remove it and whenever you see or hear such things, your mind wants to see those things again and again, wants to hear them again and again. And then these things become your habit and then this habit destroys you again. That’s why stay away from hearing or seeing such things. Those who destroy your character, who destroy all your power.

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Keys to Success
5 Success Tips for Youth and Students | Do Studies and Stay Away From Relationship

Do Studies and Stay Away From Relationship

Most of the youth of today, in the age of education, make a relationship in the age of making a career, roam around like romantic couples and say that he left us, he betrayed us, I could not live without him, and I can’t forget his memories. Is this your age for all this?

This is the age to make your career, to make your life, when you are old enough to maintain relationships, then make relationships. Right now you are not able to handle yourself, so from where will you handle yourself. Managing relationships is no joke. You haven’t left your childhood yet and sit like Laila-Majnu.

You also know how deeply Laila-Majnu had a deep understanding of love, they did not have love like you people. Just what you have seen in films, heard in whose stories only gets printed in your mind and then you start doing it there itself. Then neither mind is engaged in studies nor is mind engaged in any work.

In this full youth, boys and girls are sitting like Devdas, in the age when enthusiasm, happiness, and peace are full, in that age you lose all the power. If you want to connect with a person, then first you become something in your life. You have not become yourself, you have not done anything for yourself, and so what will you do for another person. In the age of youth full of enthusiasm, whoever you see is crying, he left me, he betrayed me, and there is a limit to madness.

Hey, do some great work, do something that makes your family proud of you, your parents proud of you. So first make a career, make a life and when you become something in life, make relationships too.

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Success Tips for Youth
5 Success Tips for Youth and Students | Stay Away From Any Kind of Bets and Gambling

Stay Away From Any Kind of Bets and Gambling

There are many such people who lose lakhs of rupees in gambling and waste their lives. These people who show you dreams of becoming a millionaire, getting rich overnight, all these are just show off. All these are just conspiracies to ruin your life, to loot your money. No person becomes a millionaire or rich overnight, get it out of your mind.

Any person who is rich, either someone in his family has done hard work and struggle earlier or that person himself must have done hard work and struggle in his life. You must have heard one thing from your elders that the money that comes from the earnings of sin, comes overnight, that money also ends overnight. That’s why work hard, do some good work, hone your skills. Don’t spoil your life by getting into this gambling and betting affair.

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Tips for Youth and Students
5 Success Tips for Youth and Students | Don’t Waste Your Time

Don’t Waste Your Time

Our young children of today, they fly in the air, they do not have their feet on the ground. No time to sleep, no time to wake up, no time to eat, no time to drink, eat anything, anywhere, anytime. I would like to say this thing to all of you that don’t get carried away by the enthusiasm of this youth and inculcate bad habits in yourself.

People who don’t have any time and rules for sleeping and getting up early, eating and drinking, their age gets destroyed quickly, they become sick quickly. Getting sick during this time is considered a sign of old age.

Today’s young children are sitting with big diseases, diabetes occurs at a young age, high blood pressure occurs, some are having acidity, some have digestion week, old age diseases at the age of children. You are roaming around with it, this is your age to make people’s health, and you yourself have become an enemy of your health. Many people then say that they want to do it, but they do not leave their habits.

Remember one thing, it is not easy to change the habit, but the one who does not change the habit is not a human being. To make or spoil everything is in your hands, don’t give any excuse, and don’t put your blame on anyone’s head. Understand your own responsibility, take up your own responsibility. If my words are stinging you, then it is a very good thing, it should be pricked, only when it stings will there be some change in your life.

I don’t know why today I was very sad to see the condition of our youth that in this age our forefathers hoisted the flag of their power, their sun and their art in the whole world. Our young children of today have neither any happiness nor any power in their lives.

Remember this time is very special time of your life, you can achieve whatever you want, you can become whatever you want, so please get yourself out of these bad habits and do something good in life, do something big.

It is said that when we come into the world, we cry and the world is a celebrity, but when we leave the world, we should do something so that we leave laughing and this world keeps on crying remembering us.

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