Benefits of Ashoka Tree | Uses of Ashoka Tree (Ashok ka Ped) | Powerful Ashoka Tree

Ashoka Tree | Benefits of Ashoka Tree | Uses of Ashoka Tree


Benefits of Ashoka Tree | Uses of Ashoka Tree - A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma
Benefits and Uses of Ashoka Tree – A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma

Botanical Introduction & Ashoka Tree Benefits


Ashoka tree is considered to be very sacred, beneficial and fulfilling various desires in Hinduism. The literal meaning of Ashoka is “no sorrow of any kind”. Wherever this holy tree is situated, there is no sorrow or disturbance of any kind. Ashoka leaves are used in Manglik and religious works. This tree has been considered to have a special effect of natural forces, due to which the place where this tree grows, all the works go on doing it completely uninterrupted. That is why the Ashoka tree is very relevant in Indian society.

Lord Shri Ram himself gave it the liking of a tree to remove mourning. There is also an Ashoka in the five wreath arrows of Cupid. It is said that the tree under which mourning does not sit, is called ‘Ashoka’, that is, the one who has the power to remove all the exploitations of women, is Ashoka.

Ashoka tree is 25 to 30 feet tall like a green tree mango, dense and shady with many branches. It looks like a maulshree tree, but it is smaller than it is in height. Its stem is brown with some redness. This tree is found all over India. Its pallavas are 9 inches long, round and pointed. They are placed in 5-6 pairs on either side of an ordinary pedicle. In the soft state, their color Shwetabhalal then becomes dark green. The leaves turn red when they dry. Fruits arrive in the spring. Some become orange first, then red respectively. They last till the rainy season.

The pods of the Ashoka tree are flattened eight to ten inches long, one to two inches wide and slightly cropped at both ends. It takes place in the month of Jyeshtha. There are four to ten numbers of seeds in each. The beans first turn purple and become black on ripening. The scab above the seed is thick, like leather, of a blood color. Bark, flowers and seeds are used for medicinal purposes.

There is a huge difference from the point of view of medicine among the castes that adorn only gardens like the real Ashoka and Sita Ashoka, the pendular draping Ashoka. It is essential that the bark is used correctly from this point of view. The bark of the real Ashoka is pure gray from outside, the roughness of touching is blood color from inside. It is bitter in taste. Ashoka with mango leaves is also used somewhere as adulteration, but it is not the real Ashoka.


Uses of Ashoka Tree, Benefits of Ashoka Tree - A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma
Uses of Ashoka Tree, Benefits and Importance of Ashoka Tree – A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism 


Special Qualities & Uses of Ashoka Tree


Ashoka tree is also known for its special qualities. Some of its properties are as follows:


  • Ashoka tree is cold, bitter, receptive, color enhancer, astringent and vata-pitta etc., destroying indigestion, indigestion, cravings, dah, worm, inflammation, toxin and blood disorders it is chemical and stimulant.
  • The decoction of this tree destroys the diseases of the uterus, especially destroying the meninges. Its bark is useful in destroying blood leprosy.
  • It is believed that by planting Ashoka tree in the house or wearing its root in auspicious time, man gets freedom from all exploitation.
  • Boiling Ashoka’s fruit and bark gives women freedom from many diseases. At the same time it also enhances beauty.
  • Boiling its bark and drinking it gives relief from many skin diseases.
  • If a person is going for some important work then go and put a leaf of Ashoka tree on his head, it will surely succeed in the work. Bringing the root of Ashoka tree in auspicious time and worship it methodically or keep it in the place of worship, there is no shortage of money.
  • Planting and irrigating this tree increases wealth.
  • If the root of the Ashoka tree is filled with copper amule and is properly worn, then the possibility of completing every impossible task will increase.
  • By giving water to this tree daily, all the desires of a human being are fulfilled.
  • Grinding the seeds, leaves and bark of this tree and applying it gives beauty.
  • If its seeds or flowers are mixed with honey and eaten, many diseases are overcome.


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Benefits and Uses of Ashoka Tree (Ashok ka Ped) – A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma

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