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Benefits and Uses of Cow Urine

According to Ayurveda, the “cow urine” of the desi cow is a sanjeevani.

Benefits of Cow Urine

Cow is considered very sacred in Hinduism. Cow’s milk, dung and urine also have many benefits (Gomutra benefits). Since ancient times, our ancestors have been using cow dung and urine for various purposes. It is believed that many diseases can be avoided by drinking cow urine regularly. According to Ayurveda, the “cow urine” of the desi cow is a sanjeevani. Cow urine is like an elixir which provides long life, revives, keeps diseases away, and strengthens immunity and muscles of the body. According to Ayurveda, it also balances all the three doshas in the body and also acts as an insecticide.

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Many useful elements have been found in the cow urine of a desi cow that is why cow urine has many benefits. Cow Urine Extract (Gaumutra Chikitsa) is so famous because of these useful elements. Know the details of some of the main ingredients in desi cow cow urine.

  1. Urea: Urea is the main element found in urine and is the end product of protein digestion. It is a powerful antibacterial agent.
  2. Uric acid: It is similar to urea and has powerful antibacterial properties. Apart from this, they help in controlling cancer causing elements.
  3. Minerals: Metals can be easily reabsorbed from urine as compared to metals derived from foods. There are probably more different types of metals present in urine derived from foods. If it is left like this, the urine becomes cloudy. This is because the enzymes present in the urine dissolve and convert into ammonia, then due to the very alkaline nature of the urine, large minerals do not dissolve in it. That’s why stale urine looks cloudy. It does not mean that the urine is destroyed. Urine which is high in ammonical disorders when applied on the skin plays an important role in beautifying it.
  4. Urokinase: It dissolves coagulated blood, is helpful in heart disorders and improves blood circulation.
  5. Epithelium growth factor it repairs and regenerates damaged cells and tissue.
  6. Colony stimulating factor: It is effective in cell division and multiplication.
  7. Growth Hormone: It has different biological effects like promoting protein production, cartilage development, being a component of fat.
  8. Erythropotein: Promotes the production of red blood cells.
  9. Gonadotropins: Promote normalization of menstrual cycle and sperm production.
  10. Kallikrin: Release of Kallikrin, dilatation of peripheral veins, decrease in blood pressure.
  11. Trypsin inhibitor: Prevention and healing of muscle tumors.
  12. Allantoin: Healing of wounds and tumors.
  13. Anti-cancer substance: Anti-neoplaston, H-11iodol-acetic acid, diractin, 3-methoxy etc. are different from chemotherapeutic drugs which damage and destroy all types of cells. It effectively stops the multiplication of cancer cells and makes them normal.
  14. Nitrogen: It is diuretic and naturally stimulates the kidneys.
  15. Sulphur: It increases the speed of the intestines and purifies the blood.
  16. Ammonia: It keeps the cells and blood of the body healthy.
  17. Copper: It prevents accumulation of excessive fat.
  18. Iron: It maintains RBC number and stabilizes strength.
  19. Phosphate: It has lithotryptic action.
  20. Sodium: It purifies the blood and prevents excessive acid formation.
  21. Potassium: It increases appetite and removes muscle tension.
  22. Manganese: It is anti-bacterial and gives relief in gas and gangrene.
  23. Carbolic acid: It is anti-bacterial.
  24. Calcium: It purifies the blood and nourishes the bones, helps in the coagulation of blood.
  25. Salts: It is anti-bacterial and prevention of coma ketoacidosis.
  26. Vitamin A, B, C, D & E: Prevention of excessive thirst and provides strength and vigor.
  27. Lactose Sugar: Strengthens the heart, prevents excessive thirst and giddiness.
  28. Enzymes: Improves immunity, promotes secretion of digestive juices.
  29. Water: Controlling body temperature. And maintaining the fluidity of the blood.
  30. Hippuric acid: It removes the contaminated substances through urine.
  31. Creatinine: Antibacterial.
  32. Swama Kshar: Antibacterial, improves immunity, acts like antidote.

Cow urine is used for the treatment of pain reliever, stomach diseases, skin problems, respiratory diseases (asthma), intestinal diseases, jaundice, eye related diseases, diarrhoea, etc. Due to mental tension, there is a bad effect on the nervous system. But drinking cow urine gives strength to both mind and heart and they do not have any kind of disease. Drinking cow urine is very beneficial to remove various toxic substances found in the body. Consumption of cow urine is also beneficial for removing physical weakness and obesity.

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Uses and Benefits Of Cow Urine

Uses of Cow Urine

Processed cow urine becomes more effective antibiotic, antiseptic, antipyretic, antifungal and antibacterial. It is like a biological tonic. It acts like a drug in the body system. It can also be taken with other medicines to enhance their effects.

Cow urine is also a very good medicine for the treatment of cancer. It increases cell division inhibitory activity in the body and is very beneficial for cancer patients. According to Ayurveda texts, cow urine is full of various herbs. This Ayurvedic medicine provides relief from many ailments like kidney, respiratory and heart related diseases, infectious diseases and arthritis.

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Cow Urine of Hilly Area is Considered More Beneficial

  • The urine of a cow that grazes on the mountains, in the forest and on the rocks has been considered more beneficial from the point of view of Ayurveda. Because the cows of these areas also consume medicines produced in these areas along with green grass, due to which their effect comes in their milk and urine and they get benefit from their consumption.
  • If a cow has given birth to a calf, then the milk or urine of such a cow is very beneficial. It contains many nutrients. Scientific language contains many healthy hormones and minerals.

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