Goga Navami Puja, Importance & Method | Great Jaharveer Baba

How to Worship on Goga Navami | Importance and Method


Goga Navami Puja, Importance & Method
Goga Navmi Puja, Importance & Method


What is Goga Navami? | Goga Dev Puja & Festival

 In the Valmiki society, the birth anniversary of its beloved Dev Veer Gogadevji Maharaj is celebrated with traditional reverence and enthusiasm in the form of Goga Navami.

It is to be known that the festival of Goga Navami is celebrated in many states. Apart from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, this festival is especially celebrated in Rajasthan, because this festival is a folk festival of Rajasthan. It is also called Gugga Navami.

It is observed on ninth date of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month. This date is famous as Goga Navmi. The birth anniversary of Goga Dev Ji (Baba Jaharveer) is celebrated with great ceremony. Snakes are worshiped on this day. It is believed that worshiping Goga Dev protects one from snakes. Worship of Goga Dev starts from Shravani Purnima and this worship lasts for 9 days i.e. till Navami date, Goga Dev is worshiped, and hence it is called Goga Navami.

As per a legend related to Shri Goga Dev Ji (Baba Jaharveer), he took birth with the blessings of Yogi Goraksha nath of Nath sect. Yogi Gorakshanath had given Guggal as a prasad to his mother Bachhal, due to which Goga Dev (Shri Jaharveer Ji) was born from Queen Bachhal.

Goga Navami festival is celebrated with great respect and belief. On this event, the followers of Baba Jaharveer (Goga Dev ji) construct an altar of the IshtaDev in their homes and make a monolithic light awakening and listen to the heroic stories and birth story of Shri Goga Devji. This practice is called Jaharveer’s Jot Katha Jagran. Fairs are held on this day in many places and processions are taken out. This caravan of trails goes out all night in many cities. On this day, devotees offer kheer and malpua to them after performing Jaharveer Puja and Havan in their homes.


Worship Like this on the Day of Goga Navami

* On the day of Bhadrapada Krishna Navami, wake up early in the morning and prepare food after retiring from everyday tasks.

* Make kheer, churma, dumpling etc. for enjoyment.

* When women bring an idol made of clay of Veer Goga ji, then they are worshipped. When the idol arrives, offer prasad made with tilak from roli, rice. In many places, there is a heroic idol of Goga Dev mounted on a horse which is worshipped.

* Dal is placed in front of Goga’s horse.

* It is believed that on the day of Rakshabandhan, the Raksha Sutra (Rakhi) that sisters tie to their brothers is opened on the day of Navami and offered to Goga Dev ji.


Hymn of Goga Dev Ji

On this day, the favourite hymn of Goga ji is sung like this:-


Bhaadave Mein Goga Navamee Aagee Re, Bhagata Mein Mastee See Chhaagee Re,

Goga Peer Dil Ke Andar, Thaaree Maidee Pe Main Aaya,

Mujh Dukhiya Ko Too Apana Le, O Neela Ghode Aale.

Mere Dil Mein Bas Gaya Hai Gogaajee Ghodevaala,

Vo Baachhala Maan Ka Laala Vo Hai, Neela Ghode Vaala,

Dukhiyon Ka Sahaara Goga Peer.


Goga Dev is glorified by singing many such hymns and songs.


In many places, every year on Janmashtami and Goga Navami, Jati, which is known as Khejdi in Rajasthan, and the Goga plant is worshipped and the worshiped plants are ritually immersed in water.

Regarding Goga Navami, it is believed that keeping the soil of the place of worship in the house does not keep snakes away. It is believed that Veer Goga Dev fulfils all the wishes of his devotees. This festival of is celebrated on Bhadrapada Krishna Navami, is quite famous.

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