Third World War has Started | Nostradamus Astrological Predictions about the Start of Third World War

Third World War – Nostradamus Predictions

Is the world on the verge of a third global war as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict? According to the predictions of former French astrologer Nostradamus, the world will enter its third world war next year.

Nostradamus, the great French prophet, wrote a book called “The Prophecies” in 1555. Nostradamus, according to the famous French writer François Gettier, came to India for peace of mind via Afghanistan and lived in Kashmir, where he learnt astrology and astronomy from the sages, despite the fact that he had previously been a doctor, in 1876. After all of these prophecies were made public. In the current context, some extracts from the prediction about the world’s political situation are that a world war is a world war.

The world will be on the verge of, as you can see, what has been going on in the world for the last five to seven years: India is constantly in danger of war with China, Pakistan is in danger of civil war, Afghanistan is in danger of Taliban war, and China is on the verge of becoming a nuclear power. And there’s a war on the island between Taiwan and Iraq, a civil war in Syria, Israel, Palestine, Russia, and Turkey, global tensions over Ukraine, and a massive civil war in Nigeria, as well as mutual hostilities or civil wars in many African countries.

Nostradamus is also reported to have predicted that the war between Russia and Ukraine would finish, but that internal conflicts between countries would continue to flare up. As a result, a major war in Eastern Europe will break out next year. This is unmistakably the third world war.

The duration of the third world war will be seven months.

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Third World War Predictions

Nostradamus also predicts that World War III will last around seven months, with millions of people dying all over the world. According to Nostradamus, there will be a big conflagration in the world during that conflict, and many countries’ existence would come to an end. The survivors will re-establish human existence on the planet. This will also usher in a new era of world order.

He is thought to have foretold the start of a European war in the year 2022. This war will progressively escalate into a third world war, in which more countries will eventually join.

Nostradamus gave the prophet’s name to the leader of Shukro (Islam calls him Nostradamus Shukra) (Mahmad or Abraham – the first word of the name of the head of the present Isis is Abraham) A cruel and infamous man who proclaimed himself Caliph in Mesopotamia (including modern-day Iraq, Syria, and Iran), many of his superpowerful friends will be the country (as it is clear that America and China may be America for oil and China’s ambition for oil and empire expansion), which will number in the millions.

He will be granted military aid and will cause such a stir that he will gain control of Persia, Turkey, and the Arabian Peninsula (Iran, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia). Then, with the help of his slaves, he will enter Africa and capture Babylon Egypt (Egypt) and other states; the leader of Shukro will then bring bad days for the churches when Mars, Sun, and Venus are in Leo (remember Simhastha Aquarius in April this year); he will then defeat the Christians in a sea battle, as well as write about the defeat of a Siberian country (as it appears that Russia’s defeat is possible when the European country moves.

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Third World War

Then: As is well known, the two nearest European and weakest countries to Iraq (after Turkey) are these two countries; yet, he and his slaves will wreak such havoc that the people of our country (France) will become its slaves at some point.

Some of the prophecy regarding India is recorded on page 32-33 of the century of this book of Nostradamus, the ruler of India with the name of a deadly wild animal (lion or lion), who will have three daughters, a middle-aged woman, and a middle-aged man.

A person from a poor family would have been born on the land where the three seas meet (Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal – Tamil Nadu or Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Khambat or Gulf of Kutch – Gujarat), and with the help of the people, he or she would have been able to survive. He will usurp India’s power, causing the Indian people to despise him at first, but they will eventually come to love him, and he will rule India for the next 20 years. In this regard, the well-known French writer Francois Gettier argues that Nostradamus predicted the Prime Minister’s triumph in India some hundred years ago.

Some portions of the prediction about India’s and Indian leadership’s intervention in international politics include the globe being dominated by murders and carnage, and one of the world’s seas drying up and becoming a desert (perhaps the world’s fourth largest Arail Sea). NASA According to NASA, more than half of the planet has dried up.

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The world will be terrorised by the Caliph of Shukro and the Mongols (perhaps China), the world’s most powerful country’s ship will be sunk in the sea, and the people of the entire world will appeal to God to send a messenger and one of the East at the same time. The ruler who wears a turban and wears tilak or tika on his forehead will arrive from the realm of the finest gods, and it will appear so quickly that it will appear wherever people call in the world, and the rulers of all the countries of the world will obey his commands, and he will become his master.

Nostradamus on Third World War

He will rescue the people of the entire planet from captivity and torment by bringing everyone together and killing the wicked with a massive army and incredible weaponry.

There will be a devastating conflict, following which he would bring the golden period (Saty Yuga) by creating religion; under his guidance, India will become a world superpower; this person will change the direction and situation of India; people will begin to worship him as a god messenger.

Significantly, Nostradamus foretold the French Revolution, nuclear assaults, Adolf Hitler, and the 9/11 attacks in his book “The Prophecies,” all of which came true.

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The Kurukshetra battle ends in 3140 BC, and Krishna leaves his body in 3102 BC, according to the Mahabharata from the Bhagavad Purana. Then the Kali Yuga began, and Krishna’s period ended 5117 years ago, according to 2015 AD. In the Puranas, Yogis and Shiva worshipers have been identified as the main rulers of India, such as Brahmin Harishchandra (Shiva) in Satya Yuga, Kshatriya Rama (Sun) in Treta, Vaishya Krishna (Chandra) in Dwapar, Shudra Nar (Indra) in Kali Yuga, and similar is mentioned in the Puranas in which Yogis and Shiva worshipers have been identified.

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