Family Tree of Lord Krishna ( Genealogy or Lineage or Vanshavali or Ancestors or Descendants ) Biography, FAQ, Best Quiz | Complete Life Introduction of Lord Krishna

Family Tree of Lord Krishna ( Biography or Lineage or Vanshavali or Descendants ) | Genealogy of Lord Krishna

The eighth incarnation of Great Lord Vishnu of Hindus is going to be told in Lord Krishna Biography. Welcome to the life introduction of Shri Krishna famous by thousands of names like Kanhaiya, Shyam, Keshav, Gopal and Dwarkadhish.

All of you must have known about many stories related to Shri Krishna, who is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, but today we are going to tell you about the complete genealogy of Lord Krishna in this article. About which all Krishna devotees must know.

To which caste Lord Krishna belonged, to which gotra Lord Krishna belonged, to which caste did Lord Krishna belong, we have answered all these in this post. To know all these answers read this post completely.

In the story of Lord Krishna, we will tell the story of immense knowledge, sacrifice and love, how Little Krishna had completed the journey from an ordinary cowherd to the King Dwarkadhish of the golden city of Dwarka. Why are we called Radhe Krishna today? Why didn’t Krishna play the flute after leaving Gokul? Like many are going to make you aware of interesting information.

Lord Krishna was born in Dwapar Yuga. For the protection of religion and for complete construction, the whole earth was freed from the evil and established the holy Hindu religion. He was born in very terrible and difficult circumstances. But he had solved everything with his cleverness. He is also called Purna Purushottam. Because he was born with 16 arts. So let’s start telling in Bhagwan Shri Krishna Story.

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Life Introduction of Lord Krishna

Full NameKrishna Vasudev Yadav
Sanskrit NameKrishna
Tamil NameKrishna
Kannada NameKrishna
BirthplaceMathura Jail
Date Of BirthShravan Ashtami Krishna Paksha
IntroductionRadha Krishna, Vishnu, God Himself, Brahman, Paramatman
AstraSudarshan Chakra
Foster MotherYashoda
Foster Father Nanda Baba
Brother Balram
Sister Subhadra
Sixteen Patranis Like Queens Radha, Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajitti, Lakshna, Kalindi, Bhadra
War Kurukshetra War
Scriptures Gita Govind, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Vishnu Purana, Harivamsa, Bhagavata Purana
Abode Vrindavan, Dwarka, Gokul, Vaikunth, Dwarka City
Festival Krishna Janmashtami
Dharmasthana Dwarka Temple

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Biography of Lord Krishna
Family Tree of Lord Krishna (Lineage or Vanshavali) | Biography of Lord Krishna
  • Shri Krishna is the main deity of Hindu religion. Shri Krishna is thought to be Lord Vishnu’s eighth incarnation. Shri Krishna is called philosopher, karma yogi, politician and man of the era.
  • Shri Krishna has been described in Bhagavata Purana, Mahabharata, and Brahma Vaivarta Purana etc.
  • Shri Krishna is called by many names like Banke Bihari, Girdhari, Murari, Devkindan with peacock crown, Yashodanandan, Vasudev, Nandlal, Govind, Gopal, Murari, Laddu Gopal, Kunjbihari.
  • On the eighth day of the Bhadra month, Shri Krishna was born in Rohani Nakshatra. That’s why the festival of Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on this date. Krishna’s mother was the son of Devaki and Vasudev. He was born in the prison of Kansa.
  • Devaki was the sister of Kansa. After the marriage of Devaki and Vasudev, when Kansa was bidding farewell to his sister Devaki, it was heard in the sky that the eighth son of your sister would be the cause of your death. Kansa planned to assassinate Devaki, but Vasudev ji offered to hand over all the children to him, saving Devaki’s life. Shri Krishna, the eighth child, was born. The jail doors opened automatically at that moment, and the guards fell asleep.
  • Vasudev ji substituted Nanda and Yashoda ji’s daughter Yog Maya for Shri Krishna. When Kansa attempted to murder Yog Maya, Yog Maya told Kansa that the person who killed him was born in Gokul, and with that, Yog Maya vanished. Kansa sent the demons Putna, Shaktasur and Trinavarta to Gokul to kill Shri Krishna. Maharishi Garg performed the naming ceremony of Shri Krishna.
  • After that, when Nand Baba was fed up with the demons sent by Kansa, he left Gokul and went to the holy land of Vrindavan. Kansa also sent demons named Vatsasur, Bakasur, and Aghasur there who were killed by Shri Krishna.
  • Shri Krishna showed many child pastimes to Nand Baba and Mother Yashoda. Showing the universe to mother, salvation of Yamlarjuna trees, suppression of Kaliya Nag, lifting Govardhan Mountain, and stealing butter with cowherd friends.
  • When Kansa came to know that Shri Krishna and Balram were the sons of Vasudev, he called both of them to Mathura. By killing Kansa there, Shri Krishna freed the people of Mathura from the tyranny of Kansa and released his mother Devaki and father Vasudev from prison.
  • Then Shri Krishna was sent to sage Sandipani’s ashram in Ujjain. It was there that he met Sudama.
  • Sandipani Rishi educated both of them in Veda Purana as well as archery, political science, mathematics, and other subjects. Shri Krishna has a fantastic memory. He is said to have mastered 64 Vidyas and 16 skills in 64 days while residing at Sandipani Rishi’s ashram. His Guru Sandipani Rishi had asked for his son who had drowned in the ocean waves in Guru Dakshina. His Guru gave him the name of Jagat Guru.
  • Shri Krishna established the city of Dwarka and was called Dwarkadhish. He had 8 queens – Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Mitravrinda, Satya, Bhadra, Lakshmana and Kalindi.
  • Pradyumna, Samba and Aniruddha were his sons.
  • Pandavas considered Shri Krishna as their best friend. Shri Krishna played the role of Arjuna’s charioteer in the war of Mahabharata. When Arjun did not want to fight seeing his loved ones in front of him, Shri Krishna preached Bhagavad Gita to him.
  • Every aspect of human life has been explained in Bhagvat Gita. The things which were meaningful 5000 years ago, are equally so in today’s time. Gita has 18 chapters and 700 verses.
  • During the Pandava Mahabharata war, Ashwatthama, a friend of Duryodhana, killed the five sons of Draupadi and fired the Brahma weapon on the womb of Abhimanyu’s pregnant wife Uttara. Shri Krishna protected Parikshit in the womb from the Brahma weapon fired by Ashwatthama on Uttara’s womb. Shri Krishna performed many miracles during his lifetime.
  • Radha Rani was the friend and worshiper of Shri Krishna. Radha Rani has been called Krishna Vallabha. She is the presiding deity of Shri Krishna
  • Worship of Shri Krishna is considered incomplete without Radha Rani. It is believed that on receiving the grace of Radha Rani, the grace of Shri Krishna is automatically received.
  • The glory of the name Shri Krishna is limitless. Mathura, Vrindavan, Dwarkadhish, Brij, etc. are major pilgrimage sites. Devotees chant Krishna Chalisa, Krishna Aarti, name of Shri Krishna to please him.

Birth of Lord Krishna

Who was Shri Krishna? Lord Krishna was born from Mother Devaki’s womb. His father’s name was Vasudev. Devaki was locked up in Kargar by his brother. Because there was an oracle. And in that it was said so. That his brother’s coat is going to be from his eighth son. But as soon as Krishna was born, Vasudev sent him in a basket and sent him to the house of Yashoda and Nand Baba.

It is said that it was an illusionary trick of Krishna. At the time of taking birth, God gave complete darshan to the parents and said. That I become like a child again, send me to your friend Nand Baba’s house and bring his daughter to you, don’t worry, all the soldiers of the jail will sleep and the door of the jail will also open automatically, the river Yamuna will also give you the way. . It happened as the Lord said and the child Krishna came out of jail.

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Family of Lord Krishna
Family Tree of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna’s Childhood

Father Vasudev ji crossed the river Yamuna after leaving the jail with the child Shri Krishna. And after going to the house of friend Nand in Vrindavan, after keeping his son and returning with his daughter, the doors of the jail were closed by themselves. When Kansa came to know that Devaki had given birth to a child. Then he came to die and wanted to pick up the girl and throw her, but the girl disappeared in the air and said, O wicked, the one who killed you has reached Vrindavan.

Lord Krishna Killed Kansa

Uncle Kansa had sent many elusive demons to kill his nephew Shri Krishna. But Krishna had killed everyone with his might and cleverness. The demonic Putana had sent Krishna to Vrindavan in the form of a beautiful woman to feed him milk from her poisoned breast. But Krishna had killed Putna while drinking milk. Another time he wanted to kill Shri Krishna by taking herons but he threw them too hard. And he was put to death. Vakasur was the name of that monster.

His follower Kansa sent Kaliya Nag to kill Shri Krishna but started dancing on his head playing flute. The river Yamuna was freed from his poison. Krishna had destroyed many elusive demons of Kansa. Having failed in all his efforts, Kansa himself set out to kill Krishna. There was a tremendous war between maternal uncle and nephew and Lord Krishna killed Kansa.

Lord Krishna Raas Leela

In his childhood, Shri Krishna used to sing Raas Leela to the Gopis with his melodious flute in Gokul. With his melodious flute, he used to mesmerize animals, birds, vegetation and residents of Gokul with his tunes. Everyone used to be very happy listening to that tune. Everyone loved listening to Krishna’s flute. Shri Krishna used to love Radha ji very much in Gokul. But after leaving Gokul, he told Radha. That he will stop playing the flute from today. Since then Lord Krishna had sacrificed for his love.

Education of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna and his brother Balram were educated in Ujjain. Shri Krishna killed Kansa, that’s why his exile ended. That’s why both brothers Krishna and Balram had to go to Ujjain city for initiation. In Ujjain, both of them started taking initiation and education in Rishi Sandipani’s Vidya Ashram. There the Lord met his dear friend Sudama. Staying there, he got his education and expertise.

Post of Dwarkadhish

After completing his education from his Guru Sandipani Rishi, Krishna separated his dear friend (Krishna Priya) Sudama. He gave up the kingdom of Mathura that he had won from his maternal uncle and built his own city, Dwarka. He built the city of Dwarka on the banks of the river and not only that, he built the city of Bah out of gold. Even today people say that if he leaves Mathura alive, he can become the king of the golden city Drarika (Roy Krishna).

Mahabharata Wanted To Stop the War

The contribution of Shri Krishna in the war of Mahabharata has been immense. First, he wanted to end the discord going on in the royal family of Hastinapur. But that was not possible. Because Duryodhan did not want to give Pandavas even a kingdom like a needle’s neck to Pandavas. He had tried many times to make everyone understand that if there is a war then only your family will suffer in it. Still no one was ready to accept. The whole assembly insulted Krishna who became the royal ambassador, yet he remained calm.

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Teachings of Lord Krishna
Teachings of Lord Krishna

Teachings of the Gita and the Charioteer of Arjuna

In the war of Mahabharata, Shri Krishna was with the archer Arjuna. And was the charioteer of his chariot (Krishna Drawing). Many advices were given to Arjuna in the war, that holy sermon is called Srimad Bhagwat Geeta of Shri Krishna in our Hindu religion. That sermon proved very helpful to Arjuna in the war. Pandavas were able to win the war of Mahabharata. His main support was Lord Krishna only. His sermon is still famous by the name of Gita. In the battle of Mahabharata, Shri Krishna had written the result of the war in the name of Pandavas without even lifting the weapon.

In that battle, Shri Krishna tried to make religion victorious over unrighteousness. By ending the unrighteousness of the Kauravas, by destroying the Kaurava dynasty, he had established religion with the Pandavas. Kaurava’s mother Gandhari believed Vasudev Krishna to be the reason for the destruction of all her sons. That’s why it was cursed when Bhagwant went to console him. That the way you destroyed my clan, in the same way your Yaduvansh will also be destroyed. From there Lord Krishna went to his city Dwarka.

The Downfall of Shree Lord Krishna’s Yaduvansh

Jai Shri Krishna had filled the city of Dwarka with happiness and prosperity. That is why his sons had become very powerful. That is why Yaduvansh was very prosperous. It is said that Samba’s son was cursed by Rishi Durvasa in his anger for making him laugh that your Yaduvansh will be destroyed. Due to his powerful system, his crime had also increased.

Shri Krishna was very happy with his dohm dohm and happy state. But because of the curse, to get rid of them. On the banks of river Prabhas, he was told the way to get rid of his sins. Went to get rid of curses. But because of Rishi Durvasa, all those people had become intoxicated after drinking alcohol. And started killing each other. The Yaduvansh had been destroyed by such a civil war.

Death of Lord Krishna

According to the Vedas and Puranas of our Hindus, Shri Krishna was very sad after seeing the civil war of Yaduvansh. Leaving that place, he started wandering in the forest. Then once upon a time Krishna was sleeping while resting under a Peepal tree in the forest. Then a hunter named Jara shot the mark on his leg with a poisoned arrow from his bow, mistaking it for the eye of a deer. That arrow pierced Lord Krishna’s leg and forced him to give up his physical form. And he left his body and went to the heavenly abode. Along with that, the golden city of Dwarka that he built had gone into the sea at the same time.

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Lord Krishna Lineage – Yadavkul
Lord Krishna Lineage – Yadavkul

Family Tree of Lord Krishna (Lineage or Genealogy) – Yadavkul

Who Are The Descendants Of Lord Krishna?

  1. Manu
  2. Ila
  3. Pururavas
  4. Aayu
  5. Nahush
  6. Yayaati
  7. Yadu
  8. Kroshtu
  9. Vrjinivant
  10. Svaahi
  11. Rushadgu
  12. Chitrarath
  13. Shashabindu
  14. Prthushravas
  15. Antar
  16. Suyagy
  17. Ushanas
  18. Shineyu
  19. Marutt
  20. Kambalabarhis
  21. Rukmakavach
  22. Paraavrt
  23. Jyaamagh
  24. Vidarbh
  25. Krathabheem
  26. Kunti
  27. Dhrsht
  28. Nirvrti
  29. Vidoorath
  30. Dashaarh
  31. Vyoman
  32. Jeemoot
  33. Vikrti
  34. Bheemarath
  35. Rathavar
  36. Dasharath
  37. Ekaadasharath
  38. Shakuni
  39. Karambh
  40. Devaraat
  41. Devakshatr
  42. Devan
  43. Madhu
  44. Puruvash
  45. Purudvant
  46. Jantu
  47. Satvant
  48. Bheem
  49. Andhak
  50. Kukur
  51. Vrshni
  52. Kapotaroman
  53. Viloman
  54. Nal
  55. Abhijit
  56. Punarvasu
  57. Ugrasen
  58. Kans
  59. Krshn
  60. Saamb

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Some Information About Lord Krishna


Chandravansh Pratap Yadukul Bhushan, Purnapurushottam, Dwarkadhish Maharaja Shri Krishnachandraji Vasudevji Yadav (Complete Kshatriya)


His Highness Maharajadhiraj 10008 Shri, Shri, Shri, Krishnachandrasinhji Vasudevsinhji Nek Namdar Maharaja Dwarka.


Sun/Monday on 30/31-09 E8

Date of Birth

Samvat 5th Samvat 2160 Shravan Vaad Eighth [Which we celebrate as Janmashtami]

Star Time

Rohini Nakshatra at 12 midnight

Zodiac Marriage

Taurus Ascendant and Taurus

Birth Place

Taluka in Mathura, the capital of King Kansa, District – Mathura (Uttar Pradesh)


Chandra Vansh Yadukul Area – Madhupuri

Era Manvantar

Dwapara Yuga Satmo Vaivaswat Manvantari


4.5 years 6th month and 5th day of Dwapara Yuga


Devaki [daughter of King Kansa’s cousin Devraj, whom Kansa considered his sister.


Vasudeva [whose earlier incarnation was named Ananda Dudumbi]

Foster Parents

Jashoda, incarnation of Goddess Mukti, Nanda, incarnation of Varudra, the king of cowherds

Elder Brother

Incarnation of Shesh, son of Vasudev and Rohini – Shri Balramji




Vasudeva’s sister Kunti, mother of the Pandavas


King Kansa of Mathura, incarnation of Kalnemi demon


Sudama, a classmate of Sandipani Rishi Ashram

Personal Friend


Dear Friend


Dear Girlfriend

Radha the embodiment of true devotion

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Lineage of Lord krishna
Lineage of Lord Krishna | Descendants of Lord krishna

Other Information About Lord Krishna

Dear Charioteer


Chariot Name

Nandi Ghosh chariot, with which Shaibya, Meghapushya Balahak, Sugriva were riding on four horses.

Flag on Chariot

Eagle flag, chakra flag, and cupid flag

Chariot Keeper

Lord Narasimha

Guru and Gurukul

Sandeep’s sage Gagacharya Gurukul was Avanti Nagar

Favourite Sport

Gaddy Ball, Gildanda, Stolen Butter

Favorite Place

Gokul, Vrindavan, Vraj, Dwarka

Favorite Tree

Kadamba, Piplo, Parijat, Bhandarwadi

Favourite Hobby

Playing flute, grazing cows

Favorite Dish

Tandul, milk curd buttermilk

Favorite Animal

Cows, horses

Favorite Song

Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Songs of the Gopis, Rasi

Dear Fruit Kshatriya Karma

There is no sin in killing the killer, do the work, don’t expect the result

Preferred Weapon

Sudarshan Chakra

Dear Assembly Hall


Dear Feather


Dear Flower

Lotus and glassware

Favourite Season

Rainy season, shravan month, carousel time

Dear Queen


Favorite Seat

Varadamudra, Abhayamudra, standing with one foot on the other.

Identification Mark

Shreevatsa indicates that Bhrigu Rishi kicked in the chest

Victory Sign

Sound of conch shell

Original Form

Giving divine eye to Shri Arjuna and giving darshan in Gita is Vishwa Maha Darshan.


Sudarshan Chakra, Kaumuki Gada, Sarangapanidhanush, Vidyadhar Talwar, Nandak Khadago

Child Skills

Kalinag Daman, Govardhan Unchakyo, Divya Rasleela

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Some More Information About Lord Krishna


Rukmini, Jambavati, Mitra Vrinda, Bhadra, Satyabhama, Lakshmana, Kalindi, Naganjit

12 Secret Powers

Kirti, Kranti, Trishti, Pushti, ILA, Energy, Maya, Lakshmi, Vidya, Preeti, Avidya, Saraswati

Meaning of Shri Krishna

Assistant, black, stretch, attraction, contraction

Darshan Apaya

Jashoda, Arjun, Radha, Akrurji Narad, Shivaji, Hanuman, Jambuvan.

Kill By Cycle

Shishupala, Banasura, Shatdhanva, Indra, Rahu

Dear Things

Gopi, Cow, Gowal, Gamdu, Geeta, Gothdi, Gora, Goraj, Gomti, Gufa

Other Popular Names

Kano, Lalo, Ranchod, Dwarkadhish, Shamlio, Yogeshwar, Makhanchor, Janardan

Four Totals

Bhakti in Gokuli

Power in mathura

Knowledge in Kurukshetra

Karma Yoga in Dwarka


Never cried in my life

Who Protected

Draupadi, Sudama’s poverty was eradicated, Gajendra was saved, Pandavas were protected in the war of Mahabharata, Trivak Dasi’s fault was removed, Kubja was transformed, Nalkuber and Manigriva were two Rudro trees.

Main Festival

Janmashtami, Rath Yatra, Bhai Beej, Govardhan Puja, Tulsi Vivah, Geeta Jayanti

Each month Yogeshwar Day, All Patotsav, Bhagwat Sapt, Nand Mahotsav, Poonam & Hindola

Scriptures and Literature

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Shrimad Bhagavad 108 Puranas, Harivamsa, Geet Govind, Gopi Geet, Bhagavad Janakalyan Charitgranth of Dongreji Maharaj and many more.

Forms Related To the Characters of Lord Krishna

Naughty boy girls, butter stealing girls etc.

Different Sects of Shri Krishna Bhakti

Sri Sect, Kabir Panth, Mirabai, Ramanand, Vairagi, Vaishno

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Dynasty of Lord krishna
Dynasty of Lord krishna

Dynasty of Lord Krishna

This includes Lord Krishna’s sons, grandsons.

  1. Brahma
  2. Daksha
  3. Vivasvat
  4. Manu
  5. Chandra
  6. Pururavas
  7. Aayu
  8. Nahush
  9. Yayati
  10. Yadu
  11. Kroshtu
  12. Vrujjinvanta
  13. Swahi
  14. Swati
  15. Rasadu
  16. Chitrarath
  17. Shashabindu
  18. Pruthusravas
  19. Antar
  20. Suyajna
  21. Ushanas
  22. Shineyu
  23. Maruta
  24. Kambalbarhis 25. Rukmakavach
  25. Paravrushta
  26. Jayamadh
  27. Vidarbha
  28. Cray
  29. Kunti
  30. Dashti
  31. Nivrutti
  32. Dashai
  33. Vyom
  34. Jimut
  35. Vikruti
  36. Bhimrath
  37. Rathwar
  38. Navrath
  39. Dashrath
  40. Ekadashrath
  41. Shakuni
  42. Kurambhi
  43. Devrat
  44. Devkshetra
  45. Devan
  46. Madhu
  47. Puruvash
  48. Puruhotra
  49. Anshu
  50. Satvat
  51. Bheem
  52. Bhajman
  53. Chitrarath
  54. Vidurath
  55. Shoor
  56. Sharman
  57. Pratikshatra
  58. Swayambhoj
  59. Hridik
  60. Devbhithush
  61. Shoor
  62. Vasudeva
  63. Krishna
  64. Pradyumna
  65. Aniruddha
  66. Vajranabha
  67. Pratibahu
  68. Subahu
  69. Shantasen
  70. Shatasen

Lord Shri Krishna, the Great Dwarkadheesh and the son of Vasudev, had 80 sons. The Lord has 80 sons from his eight excellent queens (ashta patraanis).

Lord Krishna-Rukmini Ji Sons

  1. Pradyumna
  2. Charu Deshna
  3. Sudeshna
  4. Charudeha
  5. Sucharu
  6. Charugupta
  7. Bhadracharu
  8. Charuchandra
  9. Vicharu
  10. Charu

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Lord Krishna-Satyabhama Ji Sons

  1. Bhanu
  2. Subhanu
  3. Swabhanu
  4. Prabhanu
  5. Bhanumaan
  6. Chandrabhanu
  7. Bruhadbhanu
  8. Atibhanu
  9. Shri Bhanu
  10. Prati Bhanu

Lord Krishna-Jambavati Ji Sons

  • Samba
  • Sumitra
  • Purujit
  • Shatajit
  • Sahasrajit
  • Vijay
  • Chitraketu
  • Vasumaan
  • Dravin
  • Krutu

Lord Krishna-Nagnajiti Alias Satya’s Sons

  • Veer
  • Chandra
  • Ashwasen
  • Chitragu
  • Vegavaan
  • Vrush
  • Aam
  • Shanku
  • Vasu
  • Kunti

Lord Krishna-Kalindi Ji Sons

  • Shrut
  • Kavi
  • Vrush
  • Veer
  • Subahu
  • Bhadra
  • Shanti
  • Dash
  • Purnamas
  • Somak

Lord Krishna-Lakshmana Ji Sons

  • Prabodh
  • Gatravaan
  • Simha
  • Ball
  • Prabal
  • Urdhvag
  • Mahashakti
  • Sah
  • Oja
  • Aparajit

Shri Krishna-Mitravinda Ji Sons

  • Vruk
  • Harsha
  • Anil
  • Grudhra
  • Varddhan
  • Annad
  • Mahash
  • Paavan
  • Vanhi
  • Kshudhi

Shri Krishna-Bhadra Alias Shaibya’s Sons

  • Sangramjit
  • Bruhatsen
  • Shoor
  • Praharan
  • Arijit
  • Jay
  • Subhadra
  • Vaam
  • Aayu
  • Satyak

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Some Interesting Facts About Lord Krishna
Some Interesting Facts About Lord Krishna

Some Interesting Information About Lord Krishna

  • Shri Krishna was the eighth child of Lord Vasudev and Mother Devaki.
  • The entire life story of Lord Krishna teaches us how we should live life.
  • If we tell the story of Krishna’s childhood, he had killed a demon only at the age of 6 days.
  • The knowledge of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita given by Shri Krishna in the war of Mahabharata has a spiritual as well as a scientific explanation.
  • Kalaripattu was started by Lord Shri Krishna and today it is developed in the name of martial art.
  • Lord Shri Krishna established two cities in his life, one Dwarka and the other Indraprastha of Pandavas.

Interesting Facts and Important Questions About Lord Krishna

1. Why is Lord Krishna Shown Blue Even After His Color Is Black?

Often you must have seen that Krishna is shown in black or blue color. In his idols, he is shown blue in pictures. Krishna has been said to be a very attractive child, the king of Dwarka seems to be ruling in all his glory, but it is said about his color everywhere that he was blue.

Many theories are given behind this.

  • According to a belief, when Putna tried to kill the child Krishna and fed him poisoned milk, then Krishna did not die but his color turned blue.
  • According to another belief, Krishna’s color is blue after he jumped into the Yamuna to kill the five-headed serpent Kalia. His complexion is blue due to the poison of Kalia.
  • Another folktale says that Vishnu placed two hairs in Devaki’s womb. One black and one white was kept in Devki’s womb. A child was moved by Shakti into Rohini’s womb and therefore even though the hair was black, it appeared blue because of being divine, and therefore Krishna appeared blue. Devaki gave birth to Krishna and Rohini to Balaram.

The Sanskrit word Krishna means black or dark and some people also call it attractive. Some believe that this is not the color of Krishna but his aura or aura. Another belief says that this color tells about water or the vast ocean and that is the reason why Krishna’s color is shown as blue.

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2. Why Didn’t Lord Krishna Marry Radha?

The most popular question is that why Krishna did not marry Radha. He used to love Radha ji so much, then why so?

Krishna knew Radha only till the age of 10 years. Puranas say that after that Krishna had left Vrindavan. Krishna had gone after telling Radha that he would come back, but never came and Radha never went to Dwarka. Rukmani was the form of Lakshmi and considered Krishna as her husband. Even though he had never seen Krishna. That’s why Krishna married Rukmani.

As far as Radha’s marriage is concerned, Radha’s husband is described in the Brahmavaivarta Purana. It is one of the 18 Puranas composed by Vedvyas.

Different stories are also prevalent about Radha’s marriage. According to some, Radha was married to Anya. Anay was also a resident of Vrindavan and Radha and Anay were married after a test by Brahma.

According to another story, Radha was not actually married at all. According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, Radha left her shadow (Chhaya Radha/Maya Radha) at home with mother Kirti while leaving her home. Chhaya Radha was married to Rayan Gopa (Yashoda’s brother) and not to any other person. That is why it is also said that Shri Krishna’s maternal aunt was born in Radha relationship. They were married in Saket village which was situated between Barsana and Nandgaon. Means Radha spent her married life well, even though she remained attached to Krishna from her heart.

3. Why So Many Gopis?

A question is being asked about Krishna that why so many gopis? Krishna had so many gopis because the gopis wanted to merge in God because of their devotion to Krishna. In many folktales, these Gopis are also called Jivatma who wanted to meet God. People take Raas Leela also in a wrong way and it should also be considered as a divine event.

4. Why did Lord Krishna ask Arjuna to kill the unarmed Karna?

Krishna had two important roles in the war of Mahabharata. The first was that he had to lead the Pandavas to victory and the second was to end the war of Mahabharata quickly. Neither side was fighting properly and rules were being broken somewhere. That is why Krishna urged Arjuna to assassinate Karna. By doing this, Krishna also destroyed the arrogance of Arjuna. Arjun wanted to be known among the people as a great warrior and his dream was shattered by killing the unarmed Karna.

Karna could never do this. Karna was called great among the people and he could never give up his desire to become a great warrior. The second reason is that Karna desired to finish his life with military glory. There could have been no better way than the battle of Kurukshetra.

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FAQ on Lord Krishna
FAQ on Lord Krishna

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Lord Krishna

Question 1: Krishna is the incarnation of which god?

Answer: Brahmakha Shivag Ganeshagh VishnuUttar Vishnu

Question 2: Where was Lord Krishna born?

Answer: Lord Krishna was born in the Mathura jail and was the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudev. According to the description of Shrimad Bhagwat, Bhojvanshi king Ugrasen used to rule in Mathura in Dwaparayuga.

Question 3: What was the cast of Lord Krishna?

Answer: Yaduvanshee (Kshatriya)

Question 4: What is the name of the mountain that Lord Krishna lifted on his finger?

Answer: Nanda Devikh Girnarg Govardhanagh Mandar HillsUttar Govardhan

Question 5: Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated every year on which event related to the life of Lord krishna?

Answer: Birth of Kansha, marriage, death, death, birth

Question 6: In the Mahabharata, the god was the charioteer of whose chariot among the following?

Answer: Nakulakh Bhimag Arjunagh SahadevaUttar Arjun

Question 7: What is the name of the dance performed by Krishna with the gopis?

Answer: Gopililakh Raas Leelag Ramleelagh Krishna LeelaUttar Rasleela

Question 8: In which month is Krishna Janmashtami celebrated according to the Hindu calendar?

Answer: Bhadrapadakh Savanag Ashadagh Chaitra Uttar Bhadrapad

Question 9: What does the name Krishna mean?

Answer: Bright dark light dark light

Question 10: Which of the following is the favorite food of Lord Krishna?

Answer: Kheerakh Halwapurig Dahi Makkhanagh Laddu ModakUttar Yogurt Butter

Question 11: What message did Lord Krishna give to Arjuna through Shrimad Bhagavad Gita?

Answer: One should not look at one’s own strangers for the protection of religion.

Question 12: When is Krishna Janmashtami celebrated?

Answer: Krishna Jayanthi means Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on his birthday.

Question 13: How did Lord Krishna break the pride of Kalia Nag?

Answer: He broke the pride of Kalia Nag by playing the flute and dancing on his head.

Question 14: In what is Lord Krishna always engrossed?

Answer: Shri Krishna is always engrossed in the work of welfare of the people.

Question 15: Where can the hands of Shri Krishna not reach?

Answer: Lord Shri Krishna’s hands can reach all the places on the earth.

Question 16: What did Duryodhana get as a boon from Shri Krishna?

Answer: Duryodhana had received a gift of his 18 Akshani army as a boon from Shri Krishna.

Question 17: Why is Lord Krishna called by the name Mohan?

Answer: Because of his charming mind, he was called by the name Mohan.

Question 18: What was the reason for Shri Krishna’s departure from the world?

Answer: Due to the completion of his incarnation work, Shri Krishna left the world and went to Vaikuntha.

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Quiz on Lord Krishna
Quiz on Lord Krishna

Spiritual Quiz on Lord Krishna

1. Where is Krishna Janmabhoomi?

(a) Mathura

(b) Gokul

(c) Vrindavan

(d) Nandgaon

Correct Answer: Mathura

2. Whose incarnation was Lord Shri Krishna?

(a) Brahma

(b) Vishnu

(c) Shiva

(d) Ganesha

Correct Answer: Vishnu

3. What was the name of Lord Shri Krishna’s sister?

(a) Subhadra

(b) Radha

(c) Devaki

(d) Lakshmi

Correct Answer: Subhadra

4. How many wives did Shri Krishna have?

(a) 16 thousand 108

(b) 16 thousand 100

(c) 16 thousand 800

(d) 16 thousand

Correct Answer – 16 thousand 108

5. Who was the mother who gave birth to Krishna?

(a) Devaki

(b) Yashoda

(c) Janaki

(d) None of these

Correct Answer: Devaki

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6. In which era was Shri Krishna born?

(a) Dwaparayuga

(b) Tretayuga

(c) Kalyug

(d) None of these

Correct Answer: Dwaparayuga

7. To whom did Shri Krishna narrate the knowledge of Gita?

(a) Yudhishthira

(b) Bhima

(c) Bhishma

(d) Arjun

Correct Answer: Arjun

8. In which village did Lord Krishna spend his childhood?

(a) Vrindavan

(b) Mathura

(c) Gokul

(d) Nandgaon

Correct Answer: Gokul

9. Where did Radha Rani, the beloved of Lord Krishna, live?

(a) Vrindavan

(b) Gokul

(c) Rain

(d) Vrindavan

Correct Answer – Barsana

10. What was the name of Lord Krishna’s maternal uncle?

(a) Kansa

(b) Shakuni

(c) Shukracharya

(d) None of these

Correct Answer – Kansa

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