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What are the Different Types of Vedas?

Hinduism, earlier known as Sanatan Dharma, is a vast religion. Many texts and scriptures of Hindu religion have been written in which the knowledge received from God has been explained. Veda is our first scripture. Vedas are an ocean of knowledge in which every aspect of human life and the exact solution to every problem is explained. Even today, the Vedas are read and heard with increased reverence and faith in India. Vedas are sacred texts which teach the right way to live life. Today we will tell you what Veda is, how many types of Vedas are there (Ved kitne prakar ke hote hain) and detailed description of each Veda.

What is Veda?

Vedas are the oldest and most important religious texts of Hindu religion. These are considered supreme in all religious texts. It can be said that Vedas are the oldest written documents till date. According to historians, all other religions were formed from the religious scripture Vedas. People propagated the things written in religious scriptures in their own ways and in their own languages. Veda is a storehouse of knowledge. Vedas are the written form of our advanced and developed culture. Vedas have an unprecedented wealth of subjects like mathematics, astrology, religion, science, astronomy, medicine etc.

For historians, Vedas are a source from which they can get many interesting and many unique information. In Hindu religion, Vedas have been considered the best source by God to explain the deep secrets of life to mankind. This book has been compiled by Krishnadvaipayan Vedvyas ji. He first learned the deep secret of the mantras, understood it and then after thinking and meditating on it, he prepared it for the people in the form of a book.

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Vedas are an important source of our developed culture and knowledge. Vedas are also called Shruti because it contains the knowledge given by the sages. Vedas are the spiritual thinking of our country. Most people know that Vedas are a sacred Hindu religious book, but very few people know how many types of Vedas there are (Ved kitne prakar ke hote hain).

How Many Types of Vedas are There?

Have many people asked you that how many types of Vedas are there (Ved kitne prakar ke hote hain)? Let us know the types of Vedas and how each Veda represents a way of life in itself.

There are four types of Vedas. These four Vedas are also known as Samhita. According to our religion, the names of four Vedas (4 types of Vedas) are: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda.


Rigveda is the first in the series of how many types of Vedas are there (Ved kitne prakar ke hote hain). Rigveda means position and knowledge. This is the first Veda among the four Vedas and this Veda is poetic. Rig Veda has 10 chapters which contain 1028 hymns. There are 11 thousand mantras in these hymns. According to scholars, there are 5 branches of Veda which are as follows – Vaskal, Shakalpa, Shankhayana, Shakalpa and Mandukayana.

Along with the geographical position of the earth, mantras for invoking the gods are also written in Rigveda. Much more is involved than this. It contains prayers to the Gods and Goddesses, their mantras and their praises. It also contains descriptions of how gods and goddesses lived in heaven. The praises written in it are for gods like Vayu, Agni, Indra, Varun, Marut, Vishveda, Prajapati, Usha, Surya, Rudra, Pusha and Savita.

You will be surprised to know that solar therapy, air therapy, mental therapy, water therapy are also described in Rigveda. It also mentions how treatment is done through Havan. Medicines are also mentioned in the tenth chapter of Rigveda. Around 125 medicines have been mentioned in this ancient book. It has also been told at which 107 places those medicines are available. There is a special description of Soma medicine in Rigveda. This Veda also describes the story of Chyavanrishi becoming young and youthful again. Gayatri Mantra is also written in this Veda.

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The next Veda in the series of how many types of Vedas are there (Ved kitne prakar ke hote hain) is Yajurveda. Yagya has been mentioned in Yajurveda. In this, all the information related to this has been told through verses and mantras. It explains which Yagya are performed, what is the purpose of performing that Yagya and what is the correct way to perform that Yagya. Prose mantras are written in this Veda, the number of which is approximately 1975.

In Yajurveda, not only about Yagya but also about Tatvgyan (philosophical knowledge) has been explained. In this, complete knowledge about soul, Brahma and God is given. According to scholars, it has two branches, one is Shukla and the other is Krishna. Krishna branch is related to Vaishampayana Rishi and Yajnavalkya Rishi is related to Sukhal branch. Shukla Shakha has two branches and it has about 40 chapters. Agriculture and valid sciences are explained in this branch.


  The third Veda in the series of how many types of Vedas are there (Ved kitne prakar ke hote hain) is Samaveda. Samveda means translation of music and mantras. In this, the mantras mentioned in Rigveda have been given musical adaptation. It is said that musicology is based on this. In this, a total of 1824 mantras have been made musical, out of which 1749 mantras are described in Rigveda. This Veda has 75 compositions and 3 branches. In all these works, Savita, Indradev and Agnidev have been mentioned.


Atharvaveda is the next in the series of how many types of Vedas are there. This Veda was composed by Atharva Rishi. It has a total of 20 chapters which contain 6000 verses and 731 mantras. In this Veda, there is mention of sorcery, witchcraft, ghosts as well as herbs.

In this Veda, it has been told about Prajapati’s two daughters, Sabha and Samiti. It has a beautiful depiction of King Parikshit of the Kurus and his prosperous country. This Veda contains the details of superstitions and ideas spread among mankind.

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Types of Vedas

Importance of Different Types of Veda

The oldest scriptures of the world, i.e. Vedas, contain within themselves the knowledge of various subjects. While Gayatri Mantra is mentioned in Rig Veda, it also describes the creation of the universe. The Nadi Sukta of Rigveda also shows the life-giving nature of rivers in the Vedic period. Yajurveda, along with the knowledge of Yagya, also gives the knowledge of mathematics and geometry. Samveda is considered to be the oldest book of music in the world. Many topics of life are discussed in Atharva Veda, be it plants and herbs or love for motherland explained in Bhoomi Sukta.

Vedas are the basis of Indian traditions and culture. Vedas contain knowledge related to the welfare of human life. It has the solution to every problem of man. For those who have lost their way, Vedas are a guide which will bring them on the right path. God himself created man and in these Vedas he has told how man should live in this world. By reading this a person becomes proficient in the art of living life.

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Essence of Different Types of Vedas

Do you want to know the Vedas completely? Now watch this extremely informative video playlist in which we have explained the Vedas through 6 videos.

How to Read Different Types of Vedas?

To read Vedas, it is important that you first know what Vedas are. To read the Vedas, it is necessary for a person to have complete knowledge of Sanskrit so that he can understand the things written in the Vedas and meditate on them deeply. The mantras of the Vedas are in a kind of coded language. The name of the sage will be written in the Vedas and it will also be mentioned about whom this mantra is and what kind of verse it is in. Whenever you read a mantra, understand it, feel it, meditate on it so that it gets absorbed in your mind and whatever you read, you must adopt it in your life.

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Hope you have understood how many types of Vedas are there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Types of Vedas

You must have got information about Vedas by reading this article about how many types of Vedas are there. Know the answers to your other questions related to Vedas here:

Question 1: How Many different types of Vedas Are There?

Four Vedas have been mentioned in Hindu religious texts. These four Vedas are as follows: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda. The basic knowledge of Sanatan Dharma is found in Rigveda, Yajna tradition in Yajurveda, basis of music in Samveda and knowledge system related to life is found in Atharvaveda.

Question 2: Which Is The Oldest Veda?

Whenever this question is asked which is the oldest Veda or which is the most ancient Veda, the answer will be Rigveda. It was composed about 3500 years ago. Various philosophical and literary evidence indicate that the Rig Veda was composed in the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent, probably between 1500 and 1000 BCE.

Question 3: Which Is The Biggest Veda?

The biggest Veda is Rigveda. There are 10 mandalas and 1028 suktas or sutras in Rigveda.

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