Shocking Predictions About Yuga Change (Change of Ages) | End of Kaliyuga Predictions, Kalki Avatar, Yuga Cycle, Satyuga

Basis of Predictions about Yuga Change (Change of Ages) & the Changer

  • Book – “The Wonderful Predictions of the World”, according to the author Narendra Sharma, Publisher – Pawan Pocket Books, Delhi (India)
  1. According to Mrs Irene Hughes, America – God has been born in India. Which will give a message of peace to the rest of the world after the war.
  2. According to Kirtidharan, Singapore – God has been born in India. This is what has been called God Avatar (Kalki Avatar) in our scriptures. (Yuga Cycle)
  3. According to Prof. Gerard Crise, Hollande – A divine soul has taken birth in India who will show the whole world the path of true religion. The end of sins will be through him. India will also attain a top position in the field of astrology and the whole world will accept its iron.
  4. According to Peter Harkaus, Holland – India will be the only country whose spiritual influence will spread around the world by becoming a light. People will take advantage of this and every country will bow towards India.
  • According to the book – “Rare Predictions”, author – Ashok Kumar Sharma, publisher – Tulsi Publications, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh (India)
  1. Statement of Saint Guru Nanak Dev Ji – Guru Nanak Ji Maharaj, who has predicted in signs, has also spoken here in 1997 about the rise of a brave man, those words are those words. “Avan aath taray jaan satanvay, hor bhi uthsi marad ka chela”
  2. According to Babaji Laxmandas Madan – In the year 1998 by the month of April, an Indian saint with extraordinary and supernatural power will attract the attention of the whole world.

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  • The prophecies of the Aztec civilization at first did not succeed and their empire ended quite violently. According to the mythological belief of the Aztecs, the first era of mankind was to be destroyed by animals by humans, second by wind, third by fire and fourth by water. The present fifth era is called Nahui-Olin (earthquake sun) which dates back to 3113 BC. Started in and is predicted to end on 24 December 2011.
  • The last race of the Inca recently revealed end-times about how the Cairo awaits the next Pakakuti, who will change the earth and treat it as the end of the world. They believe that signs of upheaval have begun, which will last for four years leading to the rise of a new humanity. Symptoms include drying up of mountain lagoons and great solar heat. After that we will appear in the fifth sun.
  • In the year 2008, Mahatma Scott Mandelkar of America claimed – an E.T. Ki spirit has warned him on the online news channel that some strange incident will happen in 2010 or 2012. Many important events will take place on Friday, May 21, 2011, since about 11,013 BC. On the same day God created the world of living beings. He announced that on October 21, 2011, the world would be destroyed by fire. According to biblical interpreters also October 21, 2011 will be the last day of this world.
  • According to Michel Drosnin, author of “The Bible Code” – on December 21, 2012, a comet will destroy the entire Earth.
  • According to Pastor John Maillard (Editor of Healing Life) – The problems of the world today have become so complex that they cannot be solved by human intelligence and force. World peace is now beyond the power of man. However, we should not be disappointed, because there are indications that the Lord himself has come to earth and He has started his efforts to establish religion with his auxiliary powers. His intellectual and religious abilities will make it clear that he is an incarnation of his own. He the Savior of the world cannot remain hidden in the veil for long.
  • According to Mr. Carlos Berios – the Mayans saw a rebirth on December 21, 2012, as the world of the beginning of the fifth sun. When Solon crosses the Meridian Galactic Equator and the Earth itself aligns with the Milky Way, it will be the beginning of a new era. We are living in the age of Mayan calendar and prophecies. The predictions and traditions of the whole world are changing. There is no time for false games. The spiritual idea of ​​this age is “Karma”. Many powerful souls will incarnate in this age with more power. There will be a lot of changes, but it depends on the people whether they take them easily or hardly. We are at the gate of the era from which peace will begin, people will reconcile with Mother Earth, and we are not in the world of the fourth sun but have not yet reached the world of the fifth sun. This is the intermediate transit period.

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Predictions About Yuga Change (Ages)
Shocking Predictions About Yuga Change | Predictions About Change of Ages | Yuga Cycle
  • According to Solara Antara Amara, leader of the Durbe movement – from January 11, 1992 to December 31, 2011, we have found an “Avatar Gate”, in which humanity will get a chance to get rid of evils and bring it to a higher level of consciousness or there will be annihilation.
  • According to Terence Makena – the combination of Mayan evolution and new age – due to the novelty theory, a small planet will collide with the Earth, it will change in some other form or else a completely new event will happen on December 21, 2012.

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  • The saint born after 1950 in the late 20th century, or 2000 AD, would bring “a new civilization” to the planet, according to English astrologer Kiro, who made this prediction in a book written in 1925. A global revolution in knowledge will be brought about by just one individual from India. India Varsha’s Sun is robust and positioned in Aquarius. No power of the world can stop his rise, there are chances of a strong person being born in the year of India of a purely religious policy. This person will keep the whole country awake. His spiritual power will exceed all the physical powers in the world. Due to the conjunction of Jupiter, there is a possibility of knowledge revolution. The effect of which will not remain without affecting the world.
  • According to the prophet Mr. Vegelatin – in the second half of the 20th century, there will be many catastrophes in the world due to lack of mutual love, the decline of humanity, the race for collection of illusions, loot and injustice of politicians etc. But a new civilization based on fraternity, peace arising out of India, will break the boundaries of country, province and caste in the world and create peace and peace in the world.
  • According to Charles Clark of America, by the end of the twentieth century, one country will have surpassed all others in scientific advancement, but India’s renown will be owed mostly to its religion and philosophy, which will be accepted by the whole globe. This religious revolution will touch the entire planet in the first decade of the twenty-first century, forcing humans to become spiritual.
  • According to the Hungarian female astrologer Boryska – before 2000 AD, the development of human virtues in the midst of violent circumstances, murder and plunder, would result from the successful struggle with materialism by an Indian angel, which would be everlasting, a large number of this spiritual person Only small people will become followers and convert materialism into spirituality.

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  • According to Dr. Nirupama Rao, Director, Nehru Planetarium, India – Between 18 and 22 November, 1997, half an hour after sunset, 8 out of 9 of the Sun in the sky, ie except the Earth, because we are on it, because of the parade of planets. Dr. Nirupama Rao’s thoughts on the incident of rare darshan – In ancient times, when such planets were grouped at the time of Uttarayan, the beginning of a new era was determined. The calculations done by Aryabhata in the fifth century BCE were actually based on such planetary groupings. This grouping is believed to have happened in 3102 BC on the days of 17-18 February, which was the period of the end of Dwapara Yuga and the beginning of Kali Yuga.
  • According to astrologer Rajnarayan, Punjab – the last incarnation is Shri Kalkiji. Shri Kalki ji will bind the religion of the next Chaturyugi. The new era will go on. (Warning, Urdu, 1942 p. No. 109, Gurgaon, Punjab, India)
  • According to Mahatma Tishvaranjan Brahmacharikhyati – there will be a great spiritual revolution in the country and although this revolution will be operated from Madhya Bharat, it will be related to every province of India.
  • According to the famous prophet Prof. AK Dubey Padmesh – around the year 2000, the incarnation of the future will appear. This incarnated person will attain fame at a very young age due to his miraculous powers. He will give the message of worshiping only one God, but will not start any new religion. In many countries of the world, he will become the cause of change of power, but will get those countries ruled by the people appointed by him.
  • According to Prabhat Khare – the collision of comet with Jupiter is bad and good. Everyone is familiar with the bad effects of comets, but the good effect they have written is that this event is probably happening for the first time that the collision of a comet with a Jupiter will have a good beneficial effect. Which we can understand as such. What Ketu represents is – genital, hair, religion, thread, nervous system, barrier, chain, garland with beads, entanglement in a net, etc. These factors are used as symbols in astrology. Thus the Shoemaker Levi Comet which is moving forward in the form of a rosary of 21 beads is conjunct with Jupiter. Which means the yoga of Ketu with Jupiter, as well as the seventh aspect of Ketu’s shadow planet from Aries, so it means that spiritual progress will gain momentum in the world, as a result of which 1. Religious countries will progress like India, Egypt, and China. 2. Persons having talent in the field of spirituality and parapsychology will come forward in public interest works. There is also a possibility that some Mahatma or Yogi will propagate a new religion and above all, this person will get wide public support from people of all religions.

Credits- Nav Bharat (Newspaper) 25 June 1994, Bilaspur (M.P.) India

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Predictions About Yuga Change & Kaliyuga
Predictions About End of Kaliyuga | Predictions About Yuga Change | Yuga Cycle
  • According to India – Europe’s castes will be increasingly inclined towards a religious country like India, only people follow Indians, dress, food, householders In the form of relations, but the attraction of white castes towards Indian religion and culture will increase so much that by the year 2000 temples of Hindu gods and goddesses will have been established in other countries and millions of people worship, worship, bhajan-kirtan and Indian People will start coming to enjoy the music of the system, even pictures of Indian gods and goddesses will be installed in the homes of Europeans, China will not become a sovereign country of Asia even after making atomic bombs, it will remain hostile to India for a long time, India will not only get rid of its land But Tibet will also be liberated, it is also likely to be found in India, from one of the oldest mountains in the world, which is covered with snow throughout the year, possibly the Himalayas can get a store of some such materials, books and gold coins which were used by Christ. Not only can it change the past history at all, it is related to India can possibly be so powerful that even Russia, America, France, Britain and German together will not be able to face it. -A mysterious person will emerge from any of the above land, who will prove to be the most capable person in history till date, the laws made by him will be implemented in the whole world and by 2050 this legislation will turn the whole earth into a federal state – By the year 2000 The population of the world will be around 640 crores, there will be no nuclear wars, but class struggle will increase, on one hand such conflicts will be taking place and on the other hand a worldwide religious revolution will arise which will reveal new secrets of God and soul, Science will confirm them, as a result, atheism and leftism will be destroyed, in its place the sense of theism, justice, policy, reverence, discipline and dutifulness will grow in people, this change can become the basis of world peace – Prof. Julburn has told that it Spiritual revolution will arise from India itself and for its operation that person has already been born before 1962, at this time he should be involved in some important work of India, he also has a large number of followers and will appear as a capable institution. And see the whole world will take effect in me, will complete the impossible-looking changes easily and successfully through self-power. Credits – Daily Navbharat, Sunday, 13 November 1998, Jabalpur (M.P.)

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