What Is Brahma Muhurta (ब्रह्म मुहूर्त)? | Benefits of Waking Up In Brahma Muhurta | Best Time and Importance of Brahma Muhurat

Brahma Muhurta – An Introduction

Brahma Muhurta is considered very auspicious in our Vedas, Puranas and scriptures. Our sages have told the special importance of this Muhurta. At this time gold is considered prohibited in the scriptures. This is the best time to give up sleep. Waking up in Brahma Muhurta brings beauty, strength, knowledge, intelligence and health. Starting your daily routine in Brahma Muhurat makes the whole day better. At this time there is positive energy in the environment and any work done at this time is successful. Let us know why Brahma Muhurta is considered so special and what is its right time?

What Is Brahma Muhurta?

Brahma Muhurta is the last hour of the night i.e. when the night is about to end and the day is about to begin. Brahma means God and Muhurta means time i.e. time of God.

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Brahma Muhurta Time

According to Ayurveda, the time after the last hour of the night and just before sunrise is called Brahma Muhurta. That is, the time from 4 am to 5:30 am is known as Brahma Muhurat. According to the scriptures, this is the best time to give up sleep.

Importance of Brahma Muhurta

Brahma Muhurta is considered the best time in Hindu religion. In ancient times, the sages and sages used to consider this time as the right time to meditate. The worship of God done at this time gives quick results. The doors of temples are also opened in Brahma Muhurta. According to the Puranas, sleep at this time destroys the virtues of Brahma Muhurat. Sleeping is prohibited at this time.

Brahma Muhurta: Your ‘Own’ Time

The benefits of a disease-free body and increased lifespan are attractive. However, my grandfather’s love for the early days ran much deeper. In his own words, this is his ‘own time’. He explained to me. He said that from morning till night, we are respecting the demands of the world. The day is spent in fulfilling business, social and family responsibilities. There is little time left for oneself at night. But during that period, your energy becomes very low. The only time when you are refreshed, aware and can easily go within yourself is Brahma Muhurat, this is a ‘special’ time for you.

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Research Benefits of Waking Up In Brahma Muhurta

According to the International Journal of Yoga and Allied Sciences, during the pre-dawn period, there is nascent oxygen availability in the atmosphere. This nascent oxygen easily combines with hemoglobin to form oxyhemoglobin, which has the following benefits:

  • The immune system becomes stronger.
  • Energy level increases.
  • Blood P-H balance is maintained.
  • Provides relief from pain, soreness and cramps.
  • Increases absorption of minerals and vitamins.

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Brahma Muhurta

Do These 5 Things in Brahma Muhurta

Our ancestors felt that certain activities done in Brahma Muhurta could help in balancing oneself. These activities help in making this time special and fruitful for yourself in both personal and worldly spheres. Dharmashastras, Hindu scriptures and ancient texts like ‘Ashtanga Hridaya’ advise the following:


Meditation is the best way to meet yourself. And when the rest of the world is sleeping, what better time to meditate? This is the time when your level of alertness is at its highest. One of the best Brahma Muhurta ‘meditation’ is Sahaja Samadhi meditation.

Read or Listen To Knowledge

According to ‘Ashtanga Hridaya’, Brahma Muhurta is the most suitable time to experience spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Explore ancient scriptures or rediscover simple principles of wisdom. According to Dharmashastra, studying scriptures during Brahma Muhurat also helps in reducing mental problems.


The kind of awareness level and freshness that Brahma Muhurta gives you makes it the perfect time to plan important things in your life: be it work, finances or anything else.

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Recall your actions of the previous day. How often did you recall negative emotions like jealousy, anger and greed? Don’t let any of these memories overwhelm you with guilt. Just find out about those moments. Doing this every day will eventually reduce your tendency to attach importance to these emotions and ultimately reduce bad karma.

Remember Your Parents, Guru and God

We often don’t get time to remember the most important people in our lives. Sage Shaunak says, mentally remember your parents, guru, and the energy you believe in, call it God or universal energy.

These Things Should Not Be Done In Brahma Muhurta

  • Do not eat: Eating food during Brahma Muhurta causes diseases.
  • Don’t do stressful activities: Don’t do anything that requires a lot of mental work. By doing this the age is reduced.

Should Everyone Wake Up In Brahma Muhurta?

According to Ashtanga Hridaya, only a healthy person should wake up in Brahma Muhurta. It is also said in the book that the following people have no restriction on getting up in Brahma Muhurat –

  • pregnant woman
  • Children
  • Older people who have not been awake during this period since the beginning
  • People suffering from any physical or mental illness
  • People who have not digested their dinner

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What Is Brahma Muhurta (ब्रह्म मुहूर्त)? | Benefits of Waking Up In Brahma Muhurta | Best Time and Importance of Brahma Muhurat

Benefits of Waking Up In Brahma Muhurta

  • According to religious belief, at this time gods and ancestors come to our homes, which brings progress to our home.
  • In Brahma Muhurta, the entire environment is filled with positive energy and when this energy matches the energy within us, good thoughts come to our mind and enthusiasm and enthusiasm are transmitted.
  • A person who wakes up in Brahma Muhurat remains spiritual and always happy.
  • Meditation practice done in Brahma Muhurta is the best time for self-analysis and Brahma knowledge.
  • Waking up in Brahma Muhurat builds physical strength and stamina in the body.
  • According to Ayurveda, by getting up and taking a walk in Brahma Muhurta, consumption and touch of pure vital air containing life force infuses new power within us.
  • A person who wakes up or wakes up in Brahma Muhurta gets good health, strength, intelligence and knowledge.
  • Waking up in Brahma Muhurat relieves various mental illnesses like mental stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression.
  • This is the appropriate and right time to keep the body healthy and fit.
  • The person who wakes up in Brahma Muhurta is more successful in life.
  • According to scientists, the atmosphere is pollution free at the time of Brahma Muhurat. In a pure environment, the percentage of vital air and oxygen gas is also high.
  • It is believed that the worship and prayers done at this time reach directly to God, hence Brahma Muhurta is considered the best time to worship God.

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Brahma Snan | Brahma Muhurat Bath

  • Eating done in Brahma Muhurat gives best results. If one thinks of God while eating then it is called Brahma Khan and if one thinks of Gods then it is called Dev Khan.
  • By eating food at this time, all three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) remain calm and the mind and intellect become strong.
  • In Brahma Muhurta, Tamasic powers are in dormant state and Satva qualities prevail.
  • Mind and intellect are positive. Meditation takes place quickly. Memory power remains sharp at this time.
  • In Ayurveda, the air flowing at this time is called Amritatutya. Waking up and walking during Brahma Muhurat infuses life-giving power into the body.
  • Waking up early brings beauty, strength, knowledge and health.

Scientific Opinion on Brahma Muhurta

  • According to scientific opinion, the atmosphere is pollution free in Brahma Muhurta.
  • At this time, the amount of oxygen (vital air) in the atmosphere is highest (41 percent), which is important for the purification of the lungs.
  • This oxygen is also converted into ozone by plants which disintegrates after sunrise.
  • Getting pure air also keeps the mind and brain healthy.

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