Things to remember During Pooja Process | Best Prayer Rules

Important Things to Remember During Pooja Process | Prayer Rules



Puja rituals have great importance in Hinduism. We all do the worship of God (Lord Pooja Process). But do you know that while worshiping God, some special things should be kept in mind (Puja Ke Niyam) whose error not only incurs sins but can also lead to terrible sufferings. Worship done properly leads to happiness, peace and prosperity. If worship is done according to the law, then God is pleased and blesses him very soon. So let’s know what are those special things -:


  1. Tulsi is very dear to Lord Vishnu. Precious stones etc. are also offered during worship or pooja process but Lord Vishnu likes Tulsi dal alot.
  2. Selection of flowers – It is difficult to name all the flowers, not all flowers are found everywhere. Therefore, all those flowers which are not in the forbidden category and are full of color, form and fragrance can be offered to God.
  3. The lamp lit for the love of the deities should not be extinguished on its own.
  4. When a lamp is lit with a lamp, a person becomes sick.
  5. Except Tulsi, all flowers are dear to Lord Ganesha. White or green Durva must be offered to them.
  6. If one Aak flower is offered to Lord Surya, then it will be more fruitful than gold ornaments.
  7. Lotus flower is very dear to Lakshmi ji. Do not start Lakshmi Puja on Saturday and Tuesday.
  8. The deities should not be touched by the thumb but should be wiped with a clean cloth.
  9. Leaves, flowers and fruits should not be offered facing downwards, but they should be offered as they arise. But the vilvapatra should be offered inverted.
  10. Do not sprinkle water on the deities from the forehead of Kusha.
  11. Do not offer rice to Vishnu, Tulsi to Ganesha, Durva to Durga and Vilvapatra to Surya Narayan.
  12. A flower kept in a dhoti and immersed in water becomes pure, so it should not be offered to the deities.
  13. All the red colored flowers are desired by the Goddess and all the fragrant white flowers are also very dear to the Goddess.
  14. Worshiping Lord Shiva with the fruits of Kadamba and Dhatura in the month of Bhadrapada (Lord Pooja Process) gives all the accomplishments.
  15. Kunda can be offered to Lord Shiva in the month of Magha but not in the rest of the months.
  16. Ring worn by others should not be worn in auspicious works.
  17. Flowers held in hand, sandalwood kept in a copper vessel and Gangajal brought in a parchment become impure.
  18. There is a law to tie Rakshasutra in the left hand of women.
  19. Keep any objects of worship and the books used in the worship holy.
  20. At the time of worship and worship, all persons should sit carefully with concentration, reverence and faith.
  21. The stick of betel causes diseases and sins from the forearm, and rotten betel destroys age and intelligence. Therefore, the stick, the head and the rotten paan should be cut and offered.


You take special care of these things related to the worship of God (Lord Pooja Process) and make your life happy and prosperous.

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