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10 Unheard Thing about Hanuman Ji | Unknown Facts about Lord Hanuman


In Kaliyuga, there are only two people who cross the ocean of the universe, whether they are called Krishna or Rama. Ramdoot Hanumanji is the Sevak (servant) of both of them. These two are not actually the same. Hanumanji is considered to be the best among the powerful. In this entire universe, no one can bow down to him except the devotees of his adoration and adoration.


10 Unheard Thing about Hanuman Ji | Unknown Facts about Lord Hanuman - Knowledge Showledge
10 Unheard Thing about Hanuman Ji | Unknown Facts about Lord Hanuman – Knowledge Showledge


Come let’s know 10 unheard things about Mahavir Hanumanji.


  1. Special names of Lord Hanuman ji: Hanuman’s father was King Kesari of Sumeru mountain and his mother’s name was Anjana. That is why he is called Anjani Putra. He is also considered the son of the wind god, hence his name Pawanputra. Vayu was also named Marut in that era. Marut means air, hence he is also called Maruti Nandan. He is also called Shankarsuvan. That is, the son of Shankarji. Hanumanji’s Hanu (chin) was broken by Indra’s thunderbolt, so since then his name became Hanuman. He came to be called Vajrangbali because of having a strong body like a thunderbolt and having a strong body like a thunderbolt.
  1. Why Lord Hanuman ji is the main deity: Hanumanji will stay on this earth for one kalpa by the orders of Shri Ram. There are many cycles of all the four ages in a kalpa. Hanumanji is considered the greatest amongst all the gods for four reasons. The first reason is that all the gods have their own powers. Like Lakshmi near Vishnu, Parvati near Mahesh and Saraswati near Brahma. Hanumanji has power of his own. They operate on their own power. The second reason is that in spite of being so powerful, he is completely devoted to God, third is that he helps his devotees immediately and fourth is that he is still in the body today. If there is one power after God in this universe, it is Hanumanji. No elusive power can stand in front of Mahavir Vikram Bajrangbali.
  1. Darshan given to devotees: He has given darshan to Shri Ram, Shri Krishna or his devotees in every age and every time. Bhima and Arjun had seen Lord Hanuman ji in Dwapar Yuga, while in Kali Yuga many people like Tulsidas ji, Samarth Ramdas, Bhakt Madhavdas, Neem Karoli Baba, Raghavendra Swami etc. have seen him.
  1. Hanumand Ramayana: The story of Shri Ram was first narrated by Lord Shri Shankar to Mother Parvati. A crow also heard that story. The same crow was reborn as Kagbhusundi. Kakbhushundi narrated the story to Lord Garuda, but before Valmiki Ramayana, HLord anuman ji had written the Ramayana on a rock. Hanumanji had written on a rock (rock) with his fingernails. It is famous as ‘Hanumad Ramayana’. But later, seeing Valmiki’s dismay, he threw it into the sea.
  1. Gandhamadan Parvat: It is said that Lord Hanuman ji lives on Gandhamadan mountain situated on the Nepal-Tibet border and he lives there where Ramayana is recited. He is also seated there to protect Jagannath Puri.
  1. Guru of Hanumanji: Hanumanji was the disciple of Matang Rishi. Hanuman ji had taken education from many people. Apart from Surya, Narada, according to one belief, Hanuman ji’s guru was also Matang Rishi. Matang was also the guru of sage Shabari. It is known to all that Hanuman ji took birth in the Matang Rishi ashram.
  1. War of Hanuman and Ramji: According to legend, Lord Rama had a fight with his devotee Hanuman. According to the instructions of Guru Vishwamitra, Lord Rama was to kill King Yayati. King Yayati sought refuge from Hanuman. Hanuman gave a promise to King Yayati. Instead of fighting with any kind of weapon, Hanuman started chanting the name of Lord Rama. All the arrows that Rama shot were ineffective. Vishwamitra was surprised to see Hanuman’s devotion and saved Lord Rama from this religious crisis.
  1. When Hanumanji got death sentence: There is also a legend that when Lord Rama was sitting on the throne, Narada asked Hanumanji to meet all the sadhus except Vishwamitra. Hanumanji did the same. Then Narada Muni went to Vishwamitra and he provoked him. After this Vishwamitra got angry and took it as an insult. Enraged, he went to Shri Ram and asked Shri Ram to give death sentence to Hanuman. Shri Ram never used to avoid the talk of his Guru Vishwamitra. He was very sad and shot arrows at Hanuman, but Hanumanji kept chanting the name of Ram and nothing happened to him. Ram had to obey the orders of his guru, so Lord Shri Ram asked Hanuman
  1. Hanuman, the sevak (servant) of Mata Jagdamba: Ram Bhakta Hanumanji is the servant of Mata Jagdamba. Hanumanji walks in front of Mata and Bhairavji follows behind. There are temples of Hanuman and Bhairav ​​around all the temples of Mata in the country. Hanuman has a standing posture and Bhairav ​​has a severed head. Some people associate this story of his with Mata Vaishnodevi. To seek the blessings of Lord Shri Ram and Mother Durga, devotion to Hanumanji is necessary. By going to the shelter of Hanumanji, one gets all the comforts. Along with this, when Hanumanji is our protector, then we do not need to wander about any other deity, deity, baba, sadhu, pir-fakir, astrology etc. The work of establishment and protection of religion is in the hands of 4 gods- Durga, Bhairav, Hanuman and Krishna.
  1. Brahmastra is ineffective on Hanuman ji: Hanuman ji had many boonish powers but still he was powerful without any boon. Brahmadev had given three boons to Hanumanji, including the ineffectiveness of the Brahmastra on him, which came in handy in Ashokvatika.

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