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Garuda Purana Summary & Story | What Happens After Death?

The Garuda Purana is one of the Veda Puranas of Hinduism. Garuda Puranam is the one who gives salvation after death in Hindu religion and that is why there is a provision of listening to the story of Garuda Purana after death. The presiding deity of this Garuda Purana is Lord Vishnu, which is why it is a Vaishnava Purana.

According to Garuda Purana, we get the fruits of our deeds in our life, but even after death, we get good and bad fruits of our deeds. For this reason, an opportunity has been fixed after the death of a member of the house to acquire this knowledge, so that at that time we can know all the truths related to birth and death and the sorrow of the member separated by death can be reduced.

Devotion to Lord Vishnu

The actual fact is that the devotion of Lord Vishnu is described in detail in ‘Garuda Purana’. The description of twenty-four incarnations of Vishnu is found in this Purana in the same way as it is available in ‘Bhagavata Purana’. In the beginning, the origin of the universe, the character of Dhruva and the story of the twelve Adityas are received from Manu. After that the mantras of Sun and Moon planets, Shiv-Parvati mantras, mantras related to Indra, goddess Saraswati mantras and nine powers have been explained in detail.

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Verses and Topics in Garuda Purana

Nineteen thousand verses are said in ‘Garuda Purana’, but at present only seven thousand verses are available. This Purana should be seen in two parts. The first part mentions the methods of Vishnu devotion and worship and there is a provision for listening to ‘Garuda Purana’ often after death.

In the second part, describing in detail ‘Pretakalpa’, there is an account of the fall of the creature in different hells. In this, what happens to a man after death, what kind of species he is born in, how he can be freed from the ghost species, how to perform Shradh and Pitru Karma and how to get salvation from the suffering of hells? A detailed description of the subjects etc. can be obtained.

Garuda Purana Complete Story

A beautiful anecdote has been given in this Purana about Maharishi Kashyap and Takshak Nag. When Takshak snake was going to bite King Parikshit due to the curse of the sage, then he met sage Kashyap on the way. Takshak disguised himself as a Brahmin and asked him – “Where are they going in such a hurry?” On this Kashyap said- “Takshak Nag Maharaj is about to bite Parikshit.

I will remove their poison and give them life again. Hearing this, Takshak introduced himself and asked them to return. Because till date no person was saved from its poisonous effect. Then Kashyap Rishi said that- “He will remove the poison effect of King Parikshit with his mantra power.” On this Takshak said- “If this is the case, then show this tree green again. I bite it and burn it now. Takshak Nag immediately reduced a nearby tree to ashes with the effect of his poison.

On this Kashyap Rishi collected the ashes of that tree and chanted his mantra. Then Takshak saw with surprise that buds sprouted from the ashes and as soon as he saw it, he became a green tree. Shocked Takshak asked the sage- “Why are they going to do good to the king?” The sage replied that he would get abundant wealth from there. On this, Takshak sent him back by giving him more money than he could possibly afford. It is said in Garuda Purana that- “This effect of Kashyapa Rishi was bigger than listening to ‘Garuda Purana’.”

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What Happens After Death as per Garuda Purana?
The Story of Garuda Purana – Summary | What Happens after Death?

Essence of Garuda Purana

In this Purana, the essence related to policy, the greatness of Gaya pilgrimage, Shraddha method, Dashavatar Charitra and the description of Surya-Chandra dynasties are found in detail. Some other clans are also mentioned in between. Apart from this, the description of Garudi Vidya Mantra Pakshi Om Swaha and ‘Vishnu Panjar Stotra’ etc. is also found. The characteristics of various gems and jewels have been described in detail in ‘Garuda Purana’.

Along with this, Hindu Astrology, Samudrik Shastra, Signs of Snakes, Dharma Shastra, Vinayak Shanti, Varnashram Dharma system, various fasts, complete Ashtanga Yoga, Pativrata Dharma Mahatmya, Japa-Tapa-Kirtan and Puja Vidhaan etc. have also been mentioned in detail.

There are thirty-five chapters in the ‘Pret Kalpa’ of this Purana, which is most prevalent in Hinduism. In these thirty-five chapters, why Yamalok, Pretlok and Pret yoni are attained, reasons for that, charity glory, ways to avoid pret yoni, rituals and Shradh rituals etc. have been described in detail. All these things leave a deep impact on the family members of the person who has died. They get ready to give a lot of charity-Dakshina according to Puran-Vidhan for the salvation and salvation of the departed person. The purpose of this Purana also seems to be the same.

What Happens After Death

‘What happens after death?’ is a question that everyone longs to know the answer to. Everyone answers this in their own way. ‘Garuda Purana’ also answers this question. Where religion emphasizes on pure and true conduct, it also considers sin-virtue, morality-immorality, duty-non-duty and their good-bad results. He divides it into three stages-

  • In the first stage, a human gets the fruits of all good and bad deeds in this life.
  • In the second stage, after death, a man takes birth in any one of the eighty-four lakh births according to his deeds.
  • In the third stage he goes to heaven or hell according to his deeds.

Explanation of Heaven and Hell According To Garuda Purana

In the scriptures of Hindu religion, the above mentioned three types of states have been discussed openly. Just as there are eighty-four lakh births, similarly there are eighty-four lakh hells, which man suffers as the result of his actions. ‘Garuda Purana’ has chosen this heaven-hell system and described it in detail. For this reason, a fearful person tends to do more charity.

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Hell Torment of Garuda Purana

It has been said in ‘Pret Kalpa’ that after going to the hell, the creature becomes a ghost and continues to torture its family members and relatives with many troubles. He causes a lot of trouble to the person who sets his eyes on someone else’s woman and someone else’s money.

The person who usurps the property of others, betrays a friend, betrays, usurps the property of a Brahmin or a temple, takes away the accumulated wealth of women and children, commits adultery with a stranger’s woman, and persecutes the weak. Does not believe in God, sells the girl child; A person who abandons mother, sister, daughter, son, wife, daughter-in-law etc. even if they are innocent, such a person definitely goes to the ghost life.

He has to suffer many hellish pains. He never gets liberated. Many diseases and troubles surround such a person while he is alive. Loss in business, abortion, domestic discord, fever, loss of agriculture, death of child etc. causes untimely death to that person, who does not follow the principles and rules of religion and whose thoughts are polluted. . His misdeeds only push him into ‘premature death’.

In ‘Garuda Purana’, measures have also been suggested to avoid falling into ghost vagina and hell. Among them, the most important measures have been described as donation-Dakshina, Pindadan and Shraddha Karma etc.

Apart from the most famous Pret Kalpa, the importance of ‘self-knowledge’ has also been rendered in this Purana. Meditation on God is the easiest way of self-knowledge. It is absolutely necessary for him to have control over his mind and senses. In this way, after giving maximum emphasis on rituals, in ‘Garuda Purana’, a knowledgeable and truthful person has been told the method of attaining salvation even without performing rituals and attaining a high place in the hereafter.

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Explanation of Heaven and Hell According To Garuda Purana
Explanation of Heaven and Hell According To Garuda Purana

Place of Hell

In the Mahabharata, when King Parikshik asks Shukdevji a question in this regard, he says that Rajan! This hell is within Trilok itself and is located on the south side above the water below the earth. Among those people is Pitraj Lord Yama, the son of Surya, who lives with his servants. And not disobeying the order of the Lord, punishes the dead creatures brought there by His messengers according to their misdeeds.

Names of Hells According To Shrimad Bhagwat and Manusmriti

1.Tamistra, 2.Andhasistra, 3.Rauvar, 4, Maharauvar, 5.Kumbhipaka, 6.Kalasutra, 7.Aasipanvan, 8.Sakurmukh, 9.Andhakup, 10.Mibhojan, 11.Sandesh, 12.Taptasurmi, 13. Vajrakantakashalmali, 14.Vaitarani, 15.Puyod, 16.Pranarodh, 17.Vishasan, 18.Lalabhaksha, 19.Sarmeyadan, 20.Avichi, and 21.Ayahapan, besides this…. 22. Ksharkardam, 23. Rakshogan Bhojan, 24. Shoolprot, 25. Dandshuk, 26. Avanirodhan, 27. Paryavartan and 28. Suchimukh, together these seven (22 to 28) are considered to be 28 types of hell, which are all told on earth.

Apart from these, the names of many hellholes are also written in Vayu Purana and Vishnu Purana – Vasakund, Taptakund, Sarpkund and Chakrakund etc. The number of these hellholes is 86. Seven of these hells are under the earth and the rest are considered beyond the world. Their names are- Raurav, Sheetastap, Kalasutra, Apratistha, Avichi, Lokpratha and Vidheya.

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Hell and Its Tortures According To Garuda Purana

This description is found in the second chapter of ‘Garuda Purana’, according to which – Garuda said – O Keshav! How painful is the path to Yamlok. Tell me how sinners go there. God said – O Garuda! I tell you about Yamamarg, which gives great sorrow, even if you are my devotee, you will be shocked to hear it. There is no shade of trees in the Yama Marg, there is no food etc., there is no water anywhere, there twelve suns burn like a holocaust.

The sinner going through that path sometimes suffers from the icy wind and sometimes thorns prick him. Sometimes Mahavishadhar is bitten by snakes, somewhere he is burnt by fire, somewhere he is eaten by lions, tigers and fierce dogs, somewhere he is bitten by scorpions.

After this he reaches the terrible hell called ‘Asipatravan’, which is two thousand yojanas wide. This forest is full of crows, owls, vultures, snakes and dons. There is fire all around him. Somewhere that creature falls in a blind well, somewhere it falls from a mountain, somewhere it walks on the edge of a knife, somewhere it walks on nails, somewhere it falls in the dark.

Somewhere he falls in the raging water, somewhere he falls in the mud full of leeches. Somewhere he has to walk on a path full of hot sand and blazing copper, somewhere coal, somewhere full of smoke. Somewhere it rains embers, somewhere lightning, somewhere it rains stones, somewhere it rains blood, somewhere it rains weapons and somewhere it rains hot water. Somewhere there is rain of salty mud. Somewhere there are pools filled with pus, blood and excreta.

In the middle of the Yammarg, the extremely fierce and ferocious ‘Vaitarani River’ flows. She is sad to look at. His voice is terrifying. It is a hundred yojanas wide and full of pus and blood. Its banks are made of a group of bones. It is full of giant alligators. O Garuda! Seeing the sinner, that river becomes like boiling ghee in a pan, filled with flame and smoke. This river is full of terrible insects with a mouth like a needle.

There are big vultures with beak like thunderbolt. The sinners fell in its flow ‘O brother’, ‘Ha son’, ‘Ha Tat’. Saying laments. Distraught with hunger and thirst, sinners drink blood. There is no one to save the fallen sinners in the middle of that river which is infested with many scorpions and black snakes. Falling into its hundreds and thousands of whirlpools, sinners go to hell, they come up in a moment.

Some sinners are bound in the noose. Some are pulled by hooks and some are pulled by hooks. Those sinners are bound by chains in the neck, hands and feet. There are iron weights on their backs. While being beaten with mugdars by extremely fierce Yamdoots, they vomit blood and drink the vomited blood. In this way, moving with the velocity of the wind for seventeen days, on the eighteenth day, that ghost goes to Soumyapur.

Naraka, Narakasura and Naraka Chaturdashi, Naraka Purnima are described in Garuda Purana. Narakastha or Hell River is called Vaitarani. On the day of Narak Chaturdashi, one should take bath after massaging with oil. Yama is offered on this date, which can be done even when the father is alive.

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