What is Sesame (Til) | Benefits of Sesame | Uses of Sesame | Side Effects of Sesame & Sesame Oil | Powerful Sesame



Benefits of Sesame - A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma
What is Sesame | Benefits of Sesame – A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma


Introduction of Sesame (Til)


In the history of sesame plants, there were some types of plants found on earth, when about five hundred years old, is very old. This plant has many medicinal properties. Its seeds are very useful for magnesium and the human body, which are rich sources of calcium. The oil extracted from its seeds is very much beneficial in many aspects.

Everyone is familiar with sesame and its oil. Sesame modak is eaten with great fervor during the winter season. There are three types of sesame, white, red and black by color difference. In Ayurveda, oil obtained from black sesame oil is considered better. Sesame is cultivated in abundance in India. Sesame (seed) and sesame oil are famous commercial substances of India. Nowadays most of the people use sesame oil.


What is Sesame?


Sesame is a straight, 30-60 cm tall, pungent-smelling, branched or unfermented, herbaceous plant. Its stem is microscopic or hairy, the branches of the upper part and the trunk are quadrangular and grooved. Secretory glands are found everywhere on this plant. Its leaves are large, thin, soft, and hairy, the upper leaves are somewhat long and are 6–15 cm long and 3–10 cm wide. Its flowers are purple, pink or white with purple, yellow signs. Its pod is 2.5 cm long, 6 mm wide, hairy, straight, quadrangular and 4-grooved. Sesame seeds are numerous, 2.5–3 mm long, 1.5 mm wide, smooth brown or white in color. It’s floral and fruit period is from August to October.

Sesame is pungent, sweet, heavy, tasty, balsamic, and warm-hearted by nature, reduces phlegm and bile, is powerful, beneficial for hair, soft to the touch, beneficial for skin, milk enhancer, beneficial in wound healing, Enhances teeth, and reduces urine flow.

Krishna sesame is the best and enhances semen or egg strength, white sesame medium and red sesame are inferior properties.

Krishna sesame (black sesame) is excellent.

White sesame is medium, less quality than other sesame.

Sesame oil is sweet, gall bladder, aphrodisiac, subtle, hot, balsamic, dietary and pungent.

Sesame paste is sweet, interesting, powerful and confirmatory.

Sesame Pinyak is sweet, beneficial, pungent, bloody (causing bleeding from the nose and ears) and eye-causing diseases, dry, bitter, confirmatory, suppressing, reducing cough and helps in controlling pimples or diabetes.


Special: Ayurveda mainly describes white and black sesame seeds, but according to botanical scriptures, white and black sesame seeds get the same name. According to Ayurveda, the properties and medicinal uses of both are considered different. Black sesame has been considered more important for medicinal use than white.


Benefits of Sesame | Uses of Sesame - A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma
Benefits of Sesame | Uses of Sesame – A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma


Benefits of Sesame | Uses of Sesame (Til)


In order to know in detail about the diseases in which sesame is benefited, go ahead.


Sesame & Sesame Oil Benefits in Hair loss, Gray Hair


Hair problems are the result of today’s pollution and unbalanced living. Hair loss, untimely white hair, baldness, dandruff problem etc. are the problems that keep more and more people upset. The use of sesame oil proves to be very beneficial in these diseases.

Make a decoction of sesame root and leaves and wash hair with decoction does not turn the hair white.

Applying black sesame oil (sesame oil) to the hair in pure condition does not make the hair untimely white. Massaging the oil daily in the scalp always keeps the hair soft, dark and thick.

Grind equal quantity of sesame flower and cow milk with ghee and honey and apply it on the head to remove hair fall and dandruff.

Mixing equal quantity of amla, black sesame, lotus saffron and honey in the powder of liquorice and applying it on the head makes the hair long and black.


Sesame Beneficial in Trigeminal Neuralgia


In a disease called trigeminal neuralgia, there is a sharp pain in the trigeminal nerve from the jaw towards the ear. This condition is called neuralgia-

For this, grinding sesame seeds with milk, tasting the place of affliction or applying it on the forehead is beneficial in headache called Suryavarta.

Grind sesame leaves in vinegar or water and apply on the forehead to reduce headaches.


Sesame Benefits for Eye Diseases


Eye related diseases like- common eye pain, night blindness, eye redness etc. Home remedies made from sesame are very useful in all these problems.

Pick up drops of dew lying on sesame flowers in the autumn in muslin cloth or any other way and fill it in a vial. Putting these dew particles in the eye is beneficial.

Washing eyes by making a decoction of black sesame seeds provides relief from eye diseases.

Grind 80 sesame flowers, 60 puppies, 50 jasmine flowers and 16 black peppers with water, grind them as light, grind them and apply as mascara. It provides relief in eye diseases like cataract.

Mixing sesame oil (sesame oil), Bahera oil, Bhringraj juice and Vijayasara decoction, after taking oil in an iron pan, after taking 1-2 drops daily, increases the viewing power.


Benefits of Sesame in Dental disease


The benefits of sesame on the body are not only beneficial, but sesame is also beneficial for teeth

Eating 25 grams of sesame seeds daily and chewing it makes the teeth strong.

Putting sesame in the mouth and keeping it for 5-10 minutes is beneficial in pyorrhoea and teeth become strong.


Sesame Treats Cough


If you cough again and again when the weather changes, then consuming sesame in this way will be relaxing.

Putting two spoons of sugar in 30-40 ml decoction of sesame is beneficial in cough.

Dry cough is cured by boiling sesame and sugar candy.


Benefits of Sesame in Blood Pressure 


If an infection has occurred due to eating spicy or packaged food and there is bleeding with feces, then home remedy of sesame can benefit.

Mixing the same quantity of sugar candy in 5 grams of sesame seeds and drinking it with four times the goat’s milk is beneficial in bloodshed.


Benefits of Sesame in Dysentery, Diarrhoea


If there is dysentery in the form of food disturbances or any disease disturbance, then soaking sesame leaves in water brings in the water, it is blunt or cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery or dysentery, by drinking it. There is benefit in Coryza and urinary diseases.


Side Effects of Sesame | Uses of Sesame - A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma
Side Effects of Sesame | Uses of Sesame – A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma


Benefits of Sesame in Haemorrhoids or Piles 


If you have a sickness of piles and if you indulge in dieting, then the sickness of piles can increase further. In this, home remedy of sesame proves very beneficial.

Grind sesame seeds with water and eat it with butter thrice a day before eating, it provides relief in haemorrhoids and stops bleeding.

Grind sesame and heat it and tie it like a packet. It provides relief in haemorrhoids.

Giving sesame oil (Anima) is beneficial in haemorrhoids.


Benefits of Sesame in Kidney Stone


If stones are consumed properly, taking sesame provides the benefits of sesame on the body.

Eating shade of sesame-dried soft coplan (125-250 mg) daily causes the stones to melt.

Drinking 1-2 grams of sesame flowers mixed with two spoons of honey and 250 ml of milk makes the stones melt.

Taking 125-250 mg Sesame Panchang Bhasma with vinegar in the morning before meals, melts the stones.


Benefits of Sesame in Uterine Disorder or Ovary Inflammation


If the swelling of the ovary is not reduced, it is good to consume sesame in this way.

Taking sesame 3-4 times a day is beneficial in uterine diseases.

Consuming 30-40 ml sesame decoction provides relief in periodic problems.

Drinking 2 grams dry ginger, 2 grams black pepper and 2 grams peepal powder in 100 ml decoction of sesame thrice a day is beneficial in periods or menstruation.

Soaking cotton swabs in sesame oil and keeping it in the vagina is beneficial in white leucorrhoea or white water. Sesame oil has its benefits in white water ie leucorrhea.

Taking 1-2 grams of sesame powder 3-4 times a day with water becomes regular.

Menstruation becomes regular by drinking about 30-40 ml decoction made from sesame decoction in the morning and evening.

Benefits of sesame in problem related to loss of semen or internal strength (Sesame Beneficial in Semen related diseases) –

Cook 5 grams of sesame and 1 gram of Gokhru powder in 200 ml goat’s milk and cool it and mix honey in it, and confirm semen.

Urticaria means benefits of sesame in urination (Sesame Treats Urinary Diseases) –

If there is burning sensation while urinating, then sesame should be consumed in this way.

Soaking fresh leaves of sesame in water for 12 hours, drinking that water or giving 1-2 grams of sesame alkali with milk or honey is beneficial in poem and it also helps in urination.


Sesame Benefits to Get Relief from Arthritis


Nowadays, the problem of arthritis is not seen by age. Due to staying in AC throughout the day or due to overwork sitting, people have started getting the disease at any age. To get relief from this, sesame can be used in this way.

Mixing equal quantity of sesame and dry ginger powder, taking 5-5 grams three to four times a day is beneficial in rheumatism.


Benefits of Sesame in Virility


Apart from the benefits of sesame on the body, it also works beneficially in increasing masculinity.

Taking 30-40 ml decoction of sesame and linseed and drinking it in the morning and evening before meals increases the masculinity.

Applying ground black sesame on canker or ulcer and rubbing Kampillak in water and applying it on the ulcer is beneficial.


Benefits of Sesame | Uses of Sesame, Til - A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma
Benefits of Sesame | Uses of Sesame, Til – A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma


Benefits of Sesame in Chemical Rationalization or Aphrodisiac)


The excitement of having sex has started decreasing in the run-of-the-mill life nowadays. Consuming sesame can help with this. Taking black sesame and Bhringraj leaves continuously for one month is beneficial. (Only milk diet in the diet)

Benefits of sesame in the disease of urinating in bed (Sesame Beneficial in Bed Wetting) –

Long-term intake of sesame seeds is very beneficial for children who wet their beds at night.


Uses of Sesame for Poison


Grind sesame and turmeric in water and apply it on the spider’s cut site to remove spider venom.

Grind sesame seeds in water and apply it on the cut site to remove cat poison.

Grinding sesame seeds in vinegar and rubbing it on the cut site removes the poison of brien.

Applying ground sesame cake (Pinyak) on the sliced ​​area provides relief from the pain caused by the bite of a scorpion.

Massaging the sesame oil with is beneficial by applying a paste of sesame cake (Pinyak) on the bite of the Vata Principal insect.

Benefits of Sesame in Fever

Taking sesame pulp with ghee is beneficial in heterozygous.


Useful Parts of Sesame


In Ayurveda, sesame root, leaves, seeds and oil (sesame oil or Til Ka Tail) are more used as medicine. External use of sesame oil is beneficial in these diseases:-


Sesame oil is beneficial for the skin. A person never gets sick by massaging sesame oil daily. Massaging sesame oil provides relief in diseases like blood disorders, back pain, massage, and arthritis pain.

Grind sesame and apply it on the burn area, it reduces burning sensation and pain.

Grind sesame leaves in vinegar or water and apply it on the forehead, the headache disappears.

Grind sesame and albizzia bark with vinegar and apply on the mouth. Acne is cured.

Grind sesame cake with water and tie it on the injury and sprain.

Grind sesame and castor separately and mix both of them in sesame oil and apply on it to end the pain of injury.

Grind sesame in milk and apply it on the forehead, it provides relief in sun-headed headaches.

Tying on the wound after making a bundle of sesame seeds, the wounds heal quickly.

It is good to apply sesame oil on all types of ulcers or ulcers.

If a thorn of hawthorn or euphorbia penetrates into any part of the body and there is difficulty in removing it, then applying sesame oil repeatedly to that place removes the thorn without any labor in some time.


Side Effects of Sesame


Sesame should not be used in leprosy, swelling and diseases like Diabetes.


How to Use Sesame


The method of consumption and use of sesame for the disease has already been described. If you are using sesame for the treatment of a particular disease, then take the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor. As per doctor’s advice-

3-6 grams of seed powder,

10-20 ml oil,

30-40 ml decoction can be consumed.


Where is Sesame Found and Grown?


It is cultivated in all the provinces of India up to a height of about 1200 m.

If you have any questions related to What is Sesame | Benefits, Uses, Side Effects Sesame & Sesame Oil then write in the comments section or you can also email us. I wish you and your family a happy and prosperous life.


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What is Sesame | Benefits, Uses, Side Effects Sesame & Sesame Oil – A Divine Hindu Religion Spiritual Blog on Hinduism and Hindu Dharma

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