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Biography of Premanand Maharaj Ji

Today we are going to tell you about Premanand Maharaj Ji. Premanand Maharaj Ji was born in a Satvik and Vivek family. He was born in a poor Brahmin family in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Premanand Maharaj Ji is a spiritual guru and saint, whom people know as Maharaj Ji of Vrindavan. The real name of Premanand Maharaj Ji is Anirudh Kumar Pandey. Premanand Maharaj Ji was born in a Brahmin family in Akhari village, Sarsol block, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Premanand Maharaj Ji’s age is 60 years in the year 2023. Let us introduce you to the life of Premanand Maharaj Ji.

His childhood name was Anirudh Kumar Pandey. Premanand Maharaj Ji’s mother’s name was Mrs. Rama Devi and father’s name was Mr. Shambhu Pandey. He is also known as Yellow Baba.

His grandfather was a Sanyasi and due to the blessings of his elders, the atmosphere of his house used to be very pure, serene and devotional. Since his entire family was a saint, saints and mahatmas used to visit his house.

Always listening to his talks and satsang, the things of spirituality had settled in his mind and heart, the life of Premanand Maharaj Ji of Vrindavan is full of devotion. Let us know further about the biography of Premanand Maharaj in detail.

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Why is Premanand Maharaj Ji in Discussion?

Some time ago, they were being discussed a lot on social media because famous cricketer Virat Kohli, his wife Anushka Sharma and his daughter Vamika Kohli had come to their place. There he saw Maharaj and also heard satsang. After which Virat Kohli scored two centuries.

Life History of Premanand Maharaj Ji

You must have heard the name of Maharaj ji, today let’s know a little about him. So let us know the life of Premanand Maharaj Ji (Premanand Maharaj Ji Biography), story of birth, age and family.

NamePremanand Maharaj Ji, Maharaj Ji Of Vrindavan
Full NameAnirudh Kumar Pandey
BirthNot Known
Place Of BirthAkhari Village, Sarsol Block, Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
Age60 Years Approximately In 2023
ProfessionSpiritual Guru And Saint
Name Of GuruShri Hit Govind Sharan Ji Maharaj
ResidenceVrindavan Ashram
Reason For FameSpiritual Guru And Saint
Net WorthNot Known
Present ResidenceVrindavan Ashram
Marital StatusUnmarried

Birth of Premanand Maharaj Ji

Premanand Ji Maharaj was born in Akhari village, Sarsol block, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. His family was very simple and pious, hence his childhood was spent very simply.

Since childhood, his intellectual level was different from other children, his focus was more on devotion. From childhood, he started going to the temple, doing Kirtan and reciting Chalisa. Presently Shri Premanand Maharaj Ji’s age is approximately 60 years.

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Biography of Premanand Maharaj Ji

Education of Yellow Baba Premanand Maharaj Ji

Due to the spiritual atmosphere of the house, Premanand Ji Maharaj started reciting Chalisa from an early age. His parents were always engaged in the service of saints and various other services. His elder brother took the family forward by reciting the verses of Srimad Bhagavatam.

When Premanand Maharaj was in 5th class he started reading Geeta, Sri Sukhsagar. Many questions arose in his mind while studying in school. To find out the answer he chanted Shri Ram and Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari.

When he was in 9th class, he was determined to live a spiritual life in search of God. They were prepared to give him everything. He told his mother about his decision.

Maharaj Ji, then thirteen years old, one day left his family to discover the reality of what it is to be a human. Let us know further, stories related to the life introduction of Premanand Ji Maharaj.

Family of Premanand Maharaj Ji

Swami Premanand Ji Maharaj father Shri Shambhu Pandey was a devout person. His mother was Rama Devi who was very pious. His grandfather was also a Sanyasi. Overall, the environment of his house was pure and serene. His parents were always in the service of sages and saints. His elder brother had acquired the spiritual knowledge of Srimad Bhagavatam, which the whole family used to listen to sitting together.

Celibate Life of Premanand Maharaj Ji

After leaving home, Maharaj ji was initiated into ethical celibacy and his name was changed to Anand Swaroop Brahmachari. After that he accepted Sanyas and after accepting the Maha Vakya, he was named Swami Anandashram.

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Hard Penance by Shri Premanand Maharaj Ji

He performed rigorous penance to attain God and decided that from then on his entire life would be dedicated to the devotion of God. Now he likes to spend more of his time alone.

To get food he used to beg for alms and fast for many days and was always engrossed in the pastimes of God. Premanand ji rose above physical consciousness and lived a life of complete renunciation, leaving aside all attachments and illusions. After that he accepted Aakasvritti i.e. accepting only what is given by God without any personal effort and not expecting anything.

Most of his time as a monk was spent on the banks of river Ganges because Maharaj never accepted the hierarchical life of the ashram and he had given up everything.

By spending more time with River Ganga, he accepted River Ganga as his second mother. They kept roaming on the ghats of Varanasi and Haridwar rivers without caring about food, weather and clothes.

His daily routine never changed, no matter how cold it was, he always took bath in the river Ganga thrice. To observe fast, he gave up food for several days.

Due to the cold weather, his body started shivering because he was busy meditating on God, hence he did not feel anything. After a few years of renunciation and faith, he got the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Premanand Maharaj Ji Arrival in Vrindavan for Devotion

Maharaj ji’s kindness and knowledge had full blessings of Lord Shiva. He was in Banaras one day, sitting under a tree to meditate. Then, by the grace of Shri Shyama Shyam, he got attracted towards the glory of Vrindavan. Later he participated in a Raas Leela. He participated in a Raas Leela for about a month.

His daily routine was to watch Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu’s Leela in the morning and Sri Shyama Shyam’s Raas Leela at night. Within a month, he became so engrossed and attracted to the Leela that he could not even imagine living his life without them. This one month had completely changed his life.

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Life Histroy of Premanand Maharaj Ji

Premanand Maharaj Ji Vrindavan Wale

After some time, Maharaj Ji agreed to go to Mathura with the advice of Swami Ji and with the help of a disciple of Shri Narayan Das Bhakta Mali. He did not know that Vrindavan would steal his heart forever.

Maharaj ji did not know anyone in Vrindavan, Baba Premanand started living in Vrindavan. He began his day by walking about Vrindavan and receiving darshan from Shri Banke Bihari. Maharaj ji used to keep looking at Radhavallav ji the whole day.

One day the priest of Vrindavan recited a verse from Shri Radharas Sudha Nidhi to Maharaj Ji. But they could not understand its meaning. To understand the meaning, Goswami ji asked him to chant Shri Hari Vansh Ji, Maharaj ji was reluctant to do so because he had never done so.

The next day when Maharaj Ji circumambulated Vrindavan, he found himself chanting the name of Shri Hari Vansh Maha Prabhu. In a way, he got engrossed in the Leela of Shri Hari Vansh.

There is a spiritual organization in Vrindavan. This organization was founded by Premanand Ji Maharaj. The main objective of Maharaj Ji was to perform various religious works in Vrindavan and spread love and peace through them.

He advises people to do meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices to attain happiness and peace in their mind and heart. Maharaj Ji provides all these services free of cost.

Health of Swami Premanand Ji Maharaj

Maharaj ji is currently living in Vrindavan and is spending his entire life in spiritual activities, meditation of Lord Krishna and selfless service.

Despite being in old age, Premanand Ji Maharaj is in good health. Not only this, people not only from India but also from abroad come to him for his knowledge and philosophy, and they respect him a lot and has received recognition on a global scale.

It is said that both his kidneys have been bad for many years, despite that he is still healthy. He believes that his entire life is dedicated to the service and devotion of Radha ji. He has left everything in the hands of God, even today his daily routine is to do devotion and he meets the devotees visiting there and listens to their problems and finds solutions to them.

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Interesting Information About Premanand Maharaj Ji

  • Premanand Maharaj Ji is a spiritual guru and saint, whom people know as Maharaj Ji of Vrindavan. The real name of Premanand Maharaj Ji is Anirudh Kumar Pandey.
  • Premanand Maharaj Ji is not active on any social media account.
  • Premanand Maharaj ji was born in a humble and sattvik Brahmin family and was named Pravesh Kumar Pandey.
  • Premanand Maharaj Ji was born in a Brahmin family in Akhari village, Sarsol block, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Premanand Maharaj Ji’s age is 60 years in the year 2023.
  • Both the kidneys of Premanand Maharaj Ji are bad.
  • Premanand Maharaj Ji is not married, he is unmarried.

Premanand Maharaj Ji Ashram Address (Contact Details)

Questions arise in the minds of many people that where does Premanand Maharaj Ji live in Vrindavan? At present Premanand Maharaj Ji is living in the ashram of Vrindavan. His number has not been made public. If you want to visit him, then go to this address-

Sri Hit Radha Kelly Kunj

Vrindavan Parikrama Marg, Varah Ghat,

In front of Bhakti Vedanta Dharamshala,


Uttar Pradesh

You can have darshan of Maharaj Ji by going to this address and the time to meet Premanand Maharaj Ji Vrindavan starts from 2 o’clock in the night. For more information, you can visit their official website.

Premanand Maharaj Ji Social Media Links

  • Official Website –
  • Email Address – [email protected]
  • Instagram – vrindavanrasmahima vrindavanrasmahima
  • Facebook – Vrindavan Ras Mahima
  • Youtube – Shri Hit Radha Kripa

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Related To Premanand Maharaj Ji

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Related To Premanand Maharaj Ji

Who is Premanand Maharaj Ji?

Ans. Premanand Maharaj Ji is a spiritual guru and saint, whom people know as Maharaj Ji of Vrindavan. The real name of Premanand Maharaj Ji is Anirudh Kumar Pandey.

What is the real name of the Maharaja of Vrindavan?

Ans.The real name of the Maharaj of Vrindavan is Anirudh Kumar Pandey.

What is Premanand Maharaj Ji age?

Premanand Maharaj Ji is approximately 60 years old.

Who is Maharaj ji’s guru?

The name of Maharaj ji’s guru is Shri Gaurangi Sharan Ji Maharaj.

What is the name of Premanand Maharaj ji’s wife?

Ans. Premanand Maharaj Ji is not married, he is unmarried.

How did Swami Premanand Ji Maharaj choose the ascetic life?

When he went to school in his childhood, many questions arose in his mind whether this education would help him achieve his goal or not. He raised questions on materialistic education. When he did not get answers to these questions, he started searching for answers to his questions by chanting God. He started chanting Jai Shri Ram and Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari.

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When did Premanand Maharaj Ji think of taking up ascetic life?

When Maharaj Ji was in 9th class i.e. 13 years old, he discovered the path to God and devoted his entire body and mind to spiritual life.

How did Premanand Maharaj Ji spend his ascetic life?

Well, everyone’s ascetic life is very difficult. He also faced difficulties. He spent his life on the banks of river Ganga for many years, did not care about food and drink, ate whatever was available, endured hot and cold weather without clothes and went without any clothes. Used to roam on the ghats of Banaras without caring for anyone.

What is Premanand Ji Maharaj advice to people?

Premanand Maharaj Ji preaches people to follow the path of devotion to Shri Radha Rani Ji. Everyone should believe in God, not to use harsh words, not to make fun of others and it is very important to take care of your health.

What are the names of Premanand Maharaj ji’s parents?

Ans. Premanand Maharaj Ji was born in a Brahmin family. His parents lived in his family. Premanand Maharaj Ji’s father’s name was Shambhu Pandey who was a devout person and his mother’s name was Ramadevi who was very pure in her thoughts and had great respect for all the saints. Premanand Maharaj ji’s elder brother increased the spiritual strength of the family by reading the verses of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta.

Other information related to Premanand Maharaj Ji

Mother name Ramadevi
Father Name Shambhu Pandey
Brother Name Not Known
Wife Name Unmarried

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