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Why Should We celeberate Basant Panchami (बसंत पंचमी)



The festival of Basant Panchami is celebrated with great pomp all over India. The weather is pleasant during this time and it is neither too hot nor too cold. That is why Basant Ritu is called the king of the seasons.

The festival of Basant Panchami is celebrated every year on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha of Magha month. It is believed that this day marks the beginning of the spring season. On this day, there is a law to worship Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom. All our wishes are fulfilled by worshiping Maa Saraswati. Basant Panchami is also known as ‘Shri Panchami’ and ‘Saraswati Panchami’. This day is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Mata Saraswati. On this day all the students worship Maa Saraswati.

This festival has a lot of importance for the farmers because in this season yellow mustard plants rise in the fields and flowers start blooming in the trees. Greenery is visible all around. In many places, kites are also flown on this day.

On this day everyone wears yellow colored clothes and different types of yellow colored dishes are prepared in homes like boondi laddus, gram flour barfi, yellow colored sweet rice etc.


Basant Panchami Muhurat 2022 | वसंत पंचमी मुहूर्त 2022

The festival of Basant Panchami, the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha of Magh month, will be celebrated with pomp across the country on Saturday, February 05, 2022 whose Muhurta is as follows: 


Basant Panchami Muhurat – 07:07 AM to 12:35 PM

Panchami Tithi will start at 03:47 AM on Saturday, February 05, 2022 and will end at 03:46 AM on Sunday, February 06, 2022.


Story of Basant Panchami | बसंत पंचमी की कथा

Basant Panchami is celebrated as the birthday of Maa Saraswati. There is a legend behind this (BasantPanchami Katha). According to which when Lord Brahma created the universe, there was peace all around. No sound and no sound was heard. At that time, on the orders of Lord Vishnu, Brahma ji took water from his kamandal and sprinkled it on the earth, due to which a very beautiful woman with amazing power with four hands appeared. In his hands were veena, book, garland etc.

When Brahma ji asked him to play his veena, as soon as the goddess played the veena, all the trees, plants, animals, rivers etc. of the world got a voice. For example, the gurgling sound of rivers, rustle of wind, chirping of leaves, flowers emitting fragrance all around, etc. There was greenery all around. Then Brahma ji addressed her as Saraswati. Saraswati Devi is called the goddess of learning, wisdom and music. They are also known as Bhagwati, Sharda, Veena Vadini, Vageshwari and Vaagdevi.



Worship Method of Basant Panchami | बसंत पंचमी की पूजा विधि

The worship method of Basant Panchami is as follows:-

Laying a yellow cloth on a wooden track and placing the idol of Maa Saraswati on it. Offer yellow colored clothes to this idol and garland flowers. Yellow color products are very dear to Saraswati Mata. Therefore, use as many yellow items as possible. Tilak the mother with Roli, sandalwood, turmeric, saffron. Offer akshat also. Offer yellow or white flowers. If you play a musical instrument at the place of worship, keep it and keep a book and worship them too. Chant these powerful Saraswati Mantras with at least 108 rosaries-:


ॐ ऐं सरस्वत्यै ऐं नमः।

Om Aim Saraswatyai Aim Namaha


ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं महासरस्वती दैव्यै नमः।

Om Aim Hreem Kleem Mahasaraswati Daivyai Namaha


After this, offer prasad after performing aarti of the mother. Prasad should be of yellow color like boondi laddus, sweet yellow rice etc. Every person must worship Goddess Saraswati. The fruits of worship performed on this day are infinitely multiplied.


Importance of Basant Panchami | बसंत पंचमी का महत्व 

  • Lord Shri Krishna is the presiding deity of this festival. Yellow color has special significance on this day. This color light energy is considered a symbol of prosperity and happiness.
  • On the day of BasantPanchami, small children are taught to write the first letter or word by holding the pen and holding the first letter. It is believed that on this day new beginnings begin with the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom.
  • On Basant Panchami, everyone wears yellow clothes in their homes. People wear clothes of this color considering yellow color as a symbol of energy and blessings of Goddess Saraswati.
  • Goddess Saraswati is worshiped in all schools, colleges and educational institutions on the day of Basant Panchami. On this day all the students get the blessings of learning from Maa Saraswati ji.
  • For this reason, Radha Krishna’s Anand Vinod is celebrated with great pomp in Brajbhoomi.
  • The worship of Shri Hari Vishnu ji on Basant Panchami has great significance. On this day, along with Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of learning, Rati and Kamadeva are also worshipped.
  • On the day of Basant Panchami, the blowing of fog starts in Uttar Pradesh, which continues till the full moon of Phagun.
  • On Basant Panchami, farmers mix ghee and jaggery in new food and offer it to the fire and offer tarpan to the ancestors.
  • On the day of Basant Panchami, sweet dishes of yellow color are definitely made on this festival all over India. Different types of sweets are also made in different places. Like in Uttar Pradesh sweet rice with yellow saffron is offered and in Bihar, saffron rice kheer, malpua and sweet yellow boondi are offered to Saraswati ji, etc. 


Wishing you all a very Happy BasantPanchami from Knowledge Showledge. May the blessings of Maa Saraswati ji always remain in the lives of all of you.

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