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All About Holashtak

Through this blog you will be able to get complete information related to Holashtak, this blog covers some important points which are as follows :-

  • What is Holashtak?
  • Do’s & Don’ts During Holashtak
  • Popular stories related to Holashtak

What Is Holashtak?

Holi festival is one of the major festivals in Hinduism. Holashtak runs 8 days before Holi. Holashtak starts from the Ashtami date of Shukla Paksha of the month of Falgun. Hence it is called Holashtak. Holashtak is made up of two words Holi and Ashtak which means 8 days before Holi.

Holashtak runs from the Ashtami of the Shukla Paksha of Falgun to the full moon. In Hinduism, 8 days of Holashtak are considered inauspicious. No auspicious work is started on these days.

It is customary to do Holika Dahan on the full moon day and the next day Holi is played with colors. In Holashtak, wood is collected for Holika Dahan and these woods are kept at the place where Holika Dahan is to be done. On the day of Falgun Purnima, Holika Dahan is done by worshiping in the auspicious time in the evening to protect the family.

Holashtak is the 8 days in which the demon king Hiranyakashipu had tortured his son Prahlad a lot, hence Holashtak is considered inauspicious.

Why Should We Not Do Auspicious Work In Holashtak?

According to astrology, auspicious work should not be done on the days of Holashtak because negative energy is very strong during these days. Holashtak starts from Ashtami Tithi and lasts till full moon. In these days, the influence of different planets is very strong, so no auspicious work should be done during these days.

It is believed that if any person does any work during the days of Holashtak, then success is not achieved in that work and the life of the person becomes painful. If someone marries, there is bound to be a breakdown in his relationship and discord enters his life. According to astrology, Chandradev on the Ashtami date of the beginning of Holashtak, Sun God on the Navami date, Shani on the Dashami date, Venus on the Ekadashi, Guru Jupiter on the Dwadashi, Buddha on Trayodashi, Mars on Chaturdashi and Rahu on the full moon. . For these reasons, it is said that a person becomes weak in decision making, which definitely leads to loss.

By the way, there are many mythological stories related to Holashtak which are popular. The most famous of them is the story of Bhakta Pralhad which is as follows:

Holashtak 5

First Story Of Holashtak

A person named Hiranyakashipu who was formerly a councilor of Lord Vishnu ji named Jai and due to the curse, he got birth in the demon clan. Hiranyakashipu did penance and pleased Brahma and got a boon from him. Due to which he defeated all the gods. Hiranyakashipu had a son named Prahlad whose mother’s name was Kayadhu. Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu since birth and became a theologian by the grace of Narada. Hiranyakashipu scared everyone and forced them to worship him.

But Prahlad refused because he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Seeing the effect of devotion on others, Hiranyakashipu imprisoned Prahlad on the day of Phagun Shukla Ashtami and imprisoned him. Where Prahlad was given many kinds of sufferings and tortures for 8 days so that he would stop worshiping Lord Vishnu. But no one had any effect, so in the end Hiranyakashipu called his sister Holika who had a boon that fire could not burn her. Holika entered the fire with her nephew Prahlad on her lap.

By the grace of Lord Vishnu, Holika burnt herself to ashes and Prahlad came out of the fire safely. In the joy of survival of Prahlad, there is a law to play Holi of color on the second day. Lord Vishnu incarnated as Narasimha and killed Hiranyakashipu. Since then these 8 days are celebrated as Holashtak.

The Second Story Of Holashtak

According to another legend, Parvati wanted to marry Mata Shiva. But Lord Bholenath was always absorbed in Samadhi. Kamdev ji helps Mata Parvati ji and he dissolves Shiva’s penance. Then Shiva gets angry and opens his third eye, in whose fire Kamadeva is consumed.

Kamadeva’s wife Rati prays to Lord Shiva to revive her husband. Seeing this, Lord Bholenath gives a boon to Rati that you will definitely get your husband in your second birth. In Dwapar Yuga, Kamadeva is born as the son of Lord Krishna. After breaking the penance of Shiva, he sees Parvati. Shiva accepts her as his wife and Parvati’s worship becomes successful.

It is said that since then the festival of victory of true love is celebrated by symbolically lighting the passionate attraction in the fire of Holi. It is believed that since then the practice of Holashtak started.

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Do’s And Don’ts During Holashtak

What To Do During Holashtak

  • In these days you can chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra of Lord Shankar. You will get good health and get freedom from all kinds of diseases.
  • If you want progress in your career, then during the days of Holashtak, you should do a havan by mixing sesame seeds, sugar and ghee.
  • If you want increase in wealth, then you should do a havan with Kaner flowers, jaggery, ghee, lump turmeric and yellow mustard.
  • In order to get a child, worship Lord Laddu Gopal ji with the law in these days.
  • In these days you can do Bhajan, Jaap, Tapa of God or your Ishta Dev which will remove the troubles and troubles of your life. As the devotee had removed all the sufferings of Prahlad.
  • There is importance of fasting, worship and charity in the days of Holashtak. By donating in Holashtak, we get freedom from sufferings and the blessings of God remain on us. In these days, donate grains, clothes etc. as much as possible.

What Not To Do During Holashtak

  • Marriage is considered very auspicious in Hinduism. Marriage is forbidden during the days of Holashtak as a new chapter of life begins. Therefore, auspicious work like marriage should not be done during these days.
  • According to mythology, the time of Holashtak is considered to be full of negativity. Because in these 8 days a lot of sufferings were given to the devotee Prahlad ji. No auspicious work should be done during these days.
  • If you want to join any new business or new job then do not do it in these 8 days. Do these tasks after Holashtak, so that you will start new work with positive energy and achieve success.
  • During the days of Holashtak, no one should buy or sell property, otherwise there will be pain and suffering.
  • Do not start the education of your children during the days of Holashtak because education is the basis of a child’s life.
  • Naamkaran ceremony should also not be done on the days of Holashtak because the name affects our life. So it should be done in auspicious time.
  • In these days the newlyweds are asked to stay in the maternal home.
  • Building a new house and entering the house should not be done.
  • All kinds of rites are prohibited on these days.

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